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How to add value to your Bloomfield home

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    To add value to your Bloomfield home, you have to make some adjustments. Moving is stressful enough by itself. It requires a lot of planning and organizing. The movers Bloomfield NJ are making it easier for you if you don’t have the time to deal with that. To do it on your own.  After the relocation to your new home, you have to adjust to your new life. At a certain period, you will have to renovate or upgrade your home. And this will give your home not just the beautiful appeal, but it will also add up to the value. No matter if you wish to sell it one day or continue to live in it. Several projects can add value to your Bloomfield home. For which you don’t need a big budget to do it! And here are some tips and tricks on how to do it.

    Projects that will add value to your Bloomfield home

    Here is a list of projects that you might consider taking on to add value to your Bloomfield home:

    • New heating system – Considering the temperature can drop to 19 F in winter, improving your heating system will surely add value to your Bloomfield home. It should be also done together with improving the general energy efficiency of the building. And this will include sealing any drafts around doors and windows, replacing windows that are beyond repair with double glazing, and adding insulation into the loft space.
    • Updating your electrics – This might be essential. In case you have an old fuse box get rid of it. Install a modern consumer unit with an RCD (residual circuit device) for safety. Adding extra sockets is also recommended.
    • New plumbing systems – Old pipes can lead to poor hot and cold flow. Or even burst pipes. You should consider upgrading to a pressurized plumbing system. That way you won’t need a header tank, and you will ensure good pressure on both hot and cold water.
    • Update kitchen appliances – If your appliances are more than 3,4 years old, you should consider updating them. You should consider stainless steel and a professional series line.
    • Kitchen cabinetry –  Cabinetry is at the top of the percentage of kitchen costs, but also shows the most return. Always choose wood instead of laminate.
    • Countertops – Plastic laminate countertops are the lower end grade and granite is the higher end grade.

    Even if you don’t plan on selling your house any time soon, it pays to know how to add value to your home. Unpacking your belongings and putting them in the right place. Reorganizing and settling down, getting to know the city, neighborhood.

    A beautiful house.
    When you come to your new home, you can get some new ideas on how to redecorate it and add value.

    Basement conversion

    There are a lot of ways you can use your basement space to enhance your home. With the right designs, your basement can be anything you want it to be! Our ideas in this article are the following:

    • Cinema room
    • Bedroom
    • Man Cave

    If your family is into movies, then a basement home cinema theater is a perfect idea! Considering that this is a space with less or almost no natural light. Which makes it a perfect space for creating an environment for watching films or sports events without distractions. Also, it will create more options for your family members, as a separate room where they want to hang out with their friends. And have dedicated movie nights.

    A beautiful image of a home that shows you how you can add value to your home.
    Use the kitchen to transform it into a home cinema or a man cave if you prefer that.

    Turning your basement into an extra bedroom or a guestroom is always a good idea. Since this will also add value to your Bloomfield home. This however does come with its own specific challenges. There are certain things you need to take into consideration. Such as lighting, ventilation, and waterproofing products. These elements are crucial, as a sleeping space without windows or little natural light is more likely to suffer from moisture.

    add value to your Bloomfield home by turning your basement into a man cave

    A basement man cave can be whatever you want it to be – the most important thing is that it’s a dedicated space to indulge in personal hobbies, games, or simply relax. Common uses of man caves are bars, darts, pool, or table tennis rooms, gyms recording studios/band practice room. Whatever the purpose is, the most important thing is that your man cave is a space away from the rest of the home. Where you can enjoy a bit of “me time”.

    Just keep in mind that you don’t need to accumulate clutter in your home. Let your movers relocate only the items you will be needing in your new home and the items that will add value to it.

    Turn your loft into anything you want

    One of the best ways to add value to your Bloomfield home is to renovate your loft! Consider changing windows. If your budget allows you to put larger ones! Roof windows are also a great option. Because they will allow more light to come in. Temperature isolation is the most common and only issue, people have with their lofts.

    If you choose to convert your loft into a bedroom, let your bed be in the center. This will make more of a visual impact. Otherwise, you should carefully plan the layout of things. Should you choose your loft to convert into a kitchen, consider sticking to an open-plan kitchen layout. So you can max out space. You will probably need help from professional movers but that can easily be arranged.

    A window.
    Use the space you have in the loft.

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most people are working from their homes. A home office should be also a great idea that you can turn your loft into. It will provide your office natural light, due to the larger roof windows. You may also choose your loft to be a dressing room. Opt for an open wardrobe or clothes rack. This will reduce the amount of space required.

    If you are a bookworm, you can convert your loft into a home library. You can create custom plywood bookshelves that will fit the dimensions of your loft. With a study space at the end by the window, it should bring you joy while reading your favorite book! All the things mentioned above will add value to your Bloomfield home. You always have an option to choose from, so plan everything accordingly to your budget and needs!

    Interior design trends to help add value to your Bloomfield home

    In Bloomfield, current interior design trends lean towards comfort, functionality, and personal expression. Homeowners are embracing styles that reflect their unique tastes while ensuring spaces remain versatile and practical.One key trend is the use of natural materials and earthy tones. Incorporating elements like wooden furniture, stone accents, and plants brings a sense of calm and connection to nature. For instance, a wooden coffee table or stone countertops can add warmth and texture to a room. Our household movers NJ trusts could prove invaluable in providing useful tips that can help you.

    a man painting walls
    Incorporate Bloomfield’s latest interior design trends into your home to create a space that’s both stylish and functional, perfectly suited for today’s living and working needs.

    Another trend is the blend of vintage and modern decor. Mixing older, classic pieces with contemporary designs creates a balanced, inviting atmosphere. A vintage lamp on a modern desk, or antique dining chairs around a sleek table, can achieve this look. Creating multi-functional spaces is also essential, especially with the rise of remote work and homeschooling. Designing areas that can easily transition from a home office to a living area is a practical solution. For example, a fold-down desk in the living room or a dining table that doubles as a workspace helps maximize the use of space. Additionally, smart storage services NJ trusts are becoming increasingly popular. Built-in shelves, hidden storage units, and multi-use furniture pieces help keep spaces organized and clutter-free, which is vital in multi-purpose areas.

    Enhancing curb appeal specific to Bloomfield’s architectural style

    Bloomfield, NJ, is renowned for its diverse architectural styles, which range from quaint Victorians to modern townhomes. Experienced moving companies in Essex County suggest that enhancing curb appeal requires a keen eye for details that complement these styles:

    Victorian homes:

    • Paint Colors: Opt for rich, period-appropriate hues like deep burgundy, navy blue, or forest green.
    • Front Door Designs: Consider ornate wood doors with stained glass insets.
    • Porch Decor: Add vintage-style porch furniture and classic planters.

    Cape Cod houses:

    • Paint Colors: Light, neutral shades such as whites, light grays, or pale blues work well.
    • Front Door Designs: Simple, elegant doors in bold colors like red or black.
    • Porch Decor: Nautical-themed decorations and simple, clean-lined outdoor furniture.
    house keys
    Elevate your home’s first impression by tailoring exterior enhancements to Bloomfield’s diverse architectural styles, and take the first step towards a more attractive and valuable property.

    Colonial homes:

    • Paint Colors: Traditional colors like whites, beiges, and deep greens.
    • Front Door Designs: Colonial doors often feature transoms and sidelights.
    • Porch Decor: Symmetrical arrangements of planters and a welcoming bench or rocking chairs.

    Modern townhomes:

    • Paint Colors: Contemporary palette with monochromatic or contrasting colors.
    • Front Door Designs: Modern doors with sleek hardware and minimalist design.
    • Porch Decor: Modern, minimalist furniture with geometric patterns and bold colors.

    Maintaining sidewalks and driveways is crucial, especially considering Bloomfield’s varying weather conditions. Regular maintenance can prevent damage from seasonal freeze-thaw cycles and keep these areas safe and visually appealing. For example:

    • Regularly check and repair cracks in concrete or asphalt.
    • Consider weather-resistant materials or sealants for longevity.
    • In winter, ensure prompt snow and ice removal to prevent surface damage.

    Energy-Efficient Landscaping and Gardening

    In Bloomfield, NJ, adopting eco-friendly landscaping practices is vital. The area’s varying climate makes it essential to choose landscaping elements wisely. Drought-tolerant plants, for example, can thrive in drier conditions while conserving water. These plants, such as lavender, sage, and ornamental grasses, add beauty to your garden without needing frequent watering. In addition, consider installing water-efficient irrigation systems. These systems, like drip irrigation, target plant roots directly, minimizing water waste. This approach not only keeps your garden lush but also reduces your water bill. Choose movers NJ to NYC to help you relocate safely! Certain projects are guaranteed to boost not only the appeal of a house but also its value. And they should not cost a fortune to do it.

    a man trying to add value to your Bloomfield home
    Tackle common household issues in Bloomfield with targeted solutions; seek expert advice to keep your home in top condition.

    Moreover, incorporating a vegetable garden or fruit trees into your landscape brings multiple benefits. Besides providing fresh, home-grown produce, these elements can enhance your property’s appeal. Vegetable gardens, whether in raised beds or designated plots, can be both functional and visually attractive. Fruit trees like apple or pear not only yield produce but also add aesthetic value with their blossoms in spring. Furthermore, these green additions can become a focal point in your garden, creating a natural, serene ambiance. They invite local wildlife, like birds and beneficial insects, further contributing to the ecological balance of your Bloomfield home’s surroundings. By implementing these energy-efficient and eco-friendly landscaping ideas, you not only contribute to a healthier environment but also add significant value to your home in Bloomfield.

    Add value to your Bloomfield home with our help!

    Enhancing your home’s interior with current trends not only adds comfort but also increases its functionality, especially important for those adapting to remote work or homeschooling. In Bloomfield, a town rich in history and culture, embracing a mix of natural materials and a balance of vintage and modern decor can significantly add value to your Bloomfield home. This approach creates a welcoming atmosphere that reflects personal style while ensuring practicality. For homeowners considering a move to this vibrant community, professional movers offer a seamless transition, allowing you to focus on turning your new house into a cherished home. Look into the moving quotes NJ companies offer! Remember, the right interior choices not only make your home more enjoyable but also enhance its overall value in this dynamic and beloved New Jersey town.

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