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How Long Does It Take To Move From NY to NJ?

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    New York is a place that offers you many opportunities to realize your dreams. On the other hand, life in Big Apple is quite expensive. That’s why New Jersey, across the river, has so much to offer at a much lower cost. Although much smaller, New Jersey has many other advantages. In addition to beautiful beaches and scenery, there are also excellent schools and an affordable cultural and entertainment life. If you’re about to move to New Jersey, be prepared for a less hectic life and more affordable utility prices. Moving comes with many challenges, but you can always hire a moving company that offers moving and storage NJ. One of the questions you’ll need to answer is: how long does it take to move from NY to NJ? We are going to share with you some answers on how to get organized and move as quickly as possible.

    Pros and Cons of Living in New Jersey

    If you’ve decided to move from New York to New Jersey, get ready for a lot of changes that can be both good and bad. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

    two houses in New Jersey
    Living in New Jersey will provide you with a more comfortable lifestyle at a lower cost.

    Cheaper Utilities

    New York is one of the most expensive cities in America to live in. Compared to it, New Jersey is a bit more favorable, although it has the two richest counties, Hudson and Somerset. Either way, your wallet will be a winner in New Jersey. The average price of a home in Jersey City is $337,000, compared to $965,000 in Manhattan.

    Additional transportation costs

    One of the advantages is the proximity to New York City. In addition, you can actually work in New York during the day, and on the other hand, you will be able to afford a comfortable and more affordable home in New Jersey. Traveling from one city to another comes with additional costs, so that’s one of the things to consider. The subway in the big apple is daily and you didn’t need a car, whereas now it can be on your list of needs. So if you buy a car, gas, insurance, and parking will be additional expenses.

    Start making preparations in time to find out how long does it take to move from NY to NJ?
    Create a detailed relocation plan and be prepared for moving day.

    How to plan a move and how long does it take to move from NY to NJ?

    During the move, there are many steps that need to be taken to ensure that everything goes as planned and on time. One of the important things to do for a safe relocation from NY to NJ is to find a reliable company like interstate movers NJ. They will help you pack and load your belongings for transport as well as unload them safely in your new home. Start preparations on time, at least two months in advance. The sooner you start planning, the more you’ll have everything you need for moving day:

    • Take the time to schedule your travel to NJ
    • Make a moving checklist
    • Make a packing plan and schedule
    • Find long distance movers that will meet all your requirements
    • Determine the time of moving (take into consideration during the summer and working days because you can also get a better offer)
    • Plan your budget

    Cost of relocation

    Keep in mind the many factors that affect the price of the move. These include the exact distance to be moved, and the weight and quantity of belongings to be transported and packed. There are additional packing and unpacking services. So contact movers North Bergen NJ at least a month in advance to meet all your requirements.

    Declutter your home before packing

    Start well in advance of the move, at least 6 weeks before, by decluttering the items you don’t use. All that you have not used for a while should be eliminated from the checklist. If you haven’t needed them by now, you probably won’t need them in your new home either. Many people don’t realize what they have until moving day, so get to work in time. Donate excess items, sell them if you can, and anything that is in poor condition should go in the trash. You don’t want to increase the weight of the things you’re moving, and that will only increase your costs. That’s certainly not your goal. Another important thing to do before packing is to get an estimate in person rather than over the phone.

    a man taping a moving box
    The answer to the question “How long does it take to move from NY to NJ” depends on how well organized you are and which professional mover will meet your requirements.

    Get packing materials

    Once you’ve gotten rid of the excess, it’s time to pack. Get the proper packing supplies so that everything is well-packed for transport. If you’re moving from a single room, you can do the job by yourself. But, if you are moving the entire house or apartment, we suggest that you hire professional packing services NJ. Packers will know how much packing material you need and what equipment you need to bring. The professionals will pack your furniture and belongings much faster and safer. This will save you unnecessary delays and additional costs for your move from New York to New Jersey.

    How to find a reliable mover?

    Start looking for professional movers when moving from NY to NJ at least a few months in advance. There are several ways to approach this question in the right way. Ask your friends, relatives, and co-workers about their experiences with movers. They could give you a good recommendation or warn you about mistakes they made when choosing a mover. On the other hand, the web is always at your disposal, and with a few clicks, you will find a bunch of moving companies. Only a company that meets all your needs earns your trust and your money. Otherwise, your belongings may be damaged and you may be left without compensation. So it’s important to choose an insured and licensed moving company by following the reviews. How long does it take to move from NY to NJ depends on you. It’s never too early to start preparations because time is money.


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