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Halloween events in NJ to explore

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    Moving is stressful and exciting too. If you are planning to move to New Jersey in October, there are a lot of Halloween events in NJ to explore. It will make your visit interesting and you will love this city for sure.

    Halloween events in NJ to explore

    There are a lot of Halloween events in New Jersey. They have “Very scary” and “Not so scary”  frightful shows, events, attractions, and parades that you can enjoy with the whole family. If you are not sure yet whether to relocate to New Jersey or not, make sure you visit some of the Halloween events and you will immediately decide to hire some of the movers Montclair NJ has to offer so you can enjoy here with your family. Pick the costumes for you and your family members, and go have fun. Here are some of the events during Halloween:

    Some of the Very Scary Halloween Events in NJ: Brighton Asylum, Casola Farms – Haunted Attractions, Farm Of Horrors, Field Of Terror, HallowFest, The Haunting at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, etc. Some of the Not so scary events: 1830s All Hallow’s Eve Celebration, Edison’s “Halloween Costume Parade”, Asbury Park Trick or Treat, Somerville Spooktacular, and many others.

    A little girl enjoying Halloween events in NJ.
    Visit the Halloween events in NJ and you will immediately decide to move here. Choose your costume and visit some of the events.

    Pick some of the events that you find interesting, or just spend a few days in NJ so you can visit many different events. Have in mind that some of the events are really scary and it is not recommended to take there the kids under 8. But once you see some of these interesting events you will not wait to call your movers. Contact the interstate movers NJ to NYC or vice versa to book your move to NJ. You will not regret it.

    Prepare for the move

    It can’t just be fun all the time. When you decide to relocate, you should prepare for the move. Start by decluttering your home. Make sure you get rid of the stuff you do not need and that can’t be used. The other items, that are in good condition but you do not need anymore, you can give to your friends or family, you can sell them or donate to some charity organization. And there you have the third group of the items, and those are the items that you will pack and take with you.

    If you do not have enough space for all of your items you can rent a storage unit and place them there. You can contact some of the reliable moving companies to check their offer of the storage units. Measure your items, so you can choose the right storage unit.

    So, it is time for packing. When you have sorted your belongings, make sure you provide enough packing supplies and pack properly your items. The next step is to find a moving truck to relocate your belongings. If you choose the movers that suit your needs and budget, they will be able to provide you with the full service, including packing and unpacking, loading and unloading the moving truck, the safe relocation of your stuff, and a storage unit. You will be offered the insurance, so in case your belongings get damaged, lost, or stolen your money will be reimbursed. So, why spend your time packing and relocation? Let your movers conduct your relocation so you can enjoy some of the Halloween events with your family.

    NJ during the day.
    Visit New Jersey and you will love the city.

    Halloween events

    You’ve had a lot of tasks about your move, you had to make an important decision but now it is time to visit some of the Halloween events  Check what they can offer and choose some of the most interesting for you.

    Very scary events:

    Casola Farms – Haunted Attractions

    This is one of the Very scary events. It begins on September 25 and ends on the 1st of November. In its offers, there are 3 Terrifying Attractions such are: The Haunted Hayride of Terror, 3d Haunted Barn, and the Marlboro Zombie Breakout.

    Farm Of Horrors

    It starts on October 3 and ending Saturday, October 31. You can enjoy the 45-minute scary hayride. There is Mass-Acre Maize – a casual run for your life. Then there is Carnival of Chaos – A walk through the nightmare. It is very scary so it is not recommended for children.

    Field Of Terror

    Starting on September 25 and ending on November 1. You can choose from 4 terror-filled events and one non-scary Family Friendly flashlight corn maze for those who are not really brave.


    The park will operate from 2 to 10 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, from September 15 to November 1. The park is family-friendly by day, but they turn up into the horror by night. By day, families can experience Hallowfest Thrills. And Chills by Night will start at 6 p.m. There will be four scare zones, three shows, and three haunted mazes.

    A home about to be decorated.
    When you have decided to move to NJ, you need to prepare your belongings for the move.

    Not so scary events:

    The 1830s All Hallow’s Eve Celebration

    Happening on October 24, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. You can step back in time and celebrate Halloween with our villagers as they would have in the 19th century! This is how you can learn about Halloween’s rich history and the origin of the traditions we know of today.

    Somerville Spooktacular

    On October 31, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. You can enjoy music, different activities, and entertainment on Division Street, Main Street, and Borough Hall.

    Asbury Park Trick or Treat

    It is scheduled for October 31, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Adults must accompany children to get a Halloween Goodie Bag.

    Edison’s “Halloween Costume Parade”

    On Saturday, October 24. The parade begins at James Elder Park Soccer Field. Have in mind that participants must wear a costume to march in the parade.

    So, here are the tips for the relocation but also some of the Halloween events in NJ. Once you visit some of them you will have no second thoughts about moving there. Just remember to hire movers and packers in NJ to help you. 

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