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Guide to moving a TV without damages

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    The security of all your belongings is of utmost importance during the moving process. Nobody wants to find an ugly surprise when they open the boxes after a tough and strenuous moving experience. This is especially true when this ugly surprise includes an expensive and often-used item in your home – like your TV. This is why your TV set needs special care. You will need to prepare for this step and proceed with caution. Luckily, All Season Movers NJ based are on your side and can help you with moving a TV. With years of experience, we know exactly how to protect all of your items and ensure their safety throughout the moving process. In this article, we share some secrets on how to keep your TV damage-free during the move.

    When moving a TV, start with the preparation

    In order to move your TV, you cannot simply toss it into the moving truck and hope for the best. This is, after all, pretty obvious. Instead, you will want to pack it and properly secure it. But even before you start with that, there are some things you need to do. First, remove all accessories and cords you might have lying around your TV. Never try to pack your TV while it is still plugged into the cords. So, if you can, remove the power cord from it before proceeding. The same goes for any accessories and devices you might have, like DVD players or streaming devices. Instead, coil these together and put them in Ziploc bags near the TV set, so you do not lose them.

    A PlayStation 4 you will also pack when moving a TV.
    Pack each accessory separately when moving a TV.

    The reasoning behind this is simple. When you are moving a TV, you can damage the attachment points – or even the cords. This can lead to the set malfunctioning after the move – even with good movers Bloomfield NJ. So, you will better protect yourself against the damages by keeping these separate. However, if there are too many cords, you might want to label them before packing. Then, tape the bag to the device – or write clearly which device each cable belongs to in its bag. You might also want to take some photos of the whole setup so assembling it in your new home will be easier. Of course, if you cannot detach the cords from the TV, you will want to wrap them as much as you can.

    Then, take some time to clean your TV thoroughly. Use a microfiber cloth to remove any dust or debris. This is to protect your TV – dirt and dust can scratch the screen and damage your TV during the move.

    Moving a TV with the original packaging

    If you have the original packaging of your TV, then movers NJ to NYC would prefer to use that. The boxes are specifically made to protect your TV set during the transport, and it is quite easy to pack it up in the box. It might be the easiest and the most effective way to transport your device to your new NYC home.

    Usually, the boxes come with a protective cushioning. So, you will simply pull it out of the inside of the box and put it back on the TV. Most of the time, these are little corner (and sometimes edge) pieces that will fit snugly onto your TV screen. There might even be some foam or cardboard to protect your screen, so ensure you use that as well after cleaning it up thoroughly. Ensure you place everything correctly and slide your device into its box. Again, ensure that it fits in there well – sometimes, these boxes are pretty snug to better keep your TV stable during the trip. Try to move it around and see for yourself – it should not have too much moving room.

    Some moving tapes.
    A moving tape can help you secure any box.

    Then, close the box and seal it. Depending on the box, there are multiple ways to do this. Sometimes, boxes will have tabs that help you close the box and keep it secure. Most of the time, though, you will want to secure the box with the packing tape. It is strong and durable and it will make sure the box doesn’t open during the trip. Our packing services NJ even use the packing tape to secure the tabs further.

    What to do if you do not have the original box?

    If you do not have the original packaging, then you will need to secure your TV for the move yourself. First, you will want to get some padding and wrapping materials. This can be anything from bubble packs to newspapers and even moving blankets. There are many reasons why you should use furniture padding when you move, but the biggest one is to protect your items. The padding will “absorb” any vibrations from bumps, thus not allowing your furniture to break or chip off.

    Some bubble wrap that is used when packing items.
    Almost anything can be padding – but we recommend professional supplies.

    Sometimes, you can even use the materials around your home for the packing. Things like blankets, clothes, and linens are often enough, but if you really want to secure your TV, you might want to invest in some professional packing materials. Then, all you need to do is carefully wrap your TV from all the sides. Once again, secure everything together with some tape. You should also consider using something to protect your screen even further. Often a thicker layer of cardboard will be enough. Just place it over the TV, and then secure it again with some tape.

    If you have any extra moving boxes lying around, you might want to put your TV in them. If not, then this is how you will put it on the moving truck. However, if you are moving a TV without a box, you need to be extra carefulso consider spending some time researching different boxes and how you can utilize them for your TV’s safety. All in all, do not forget that it is always best to contact professionals and ask for assistance.

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