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Guide to merging two offices into one

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    If you are running a business, there is no need to explain to you how exponentially complicated things get. The more successful you are, the more challenges you have to face. It is almost never “smooth sailing”. Every challenge you overcome brings new ones. However, the price of success is not the only effort but consistency. And so, if you are striving forward, you will face many new challenges you might not have expected when you started your business. One of those might be the issue of merging two offices into one.

    Listen to your employees when merging two offices into one

    There are a plethora of reasons why you would want to merge two offices. Most likely it is the issue of circumstances. With rent prices spiking you might feel the need to have less space. It might also be that you are downsizing the size of a certain section of your business, and with fewer people comes less need for space. Whatever it is, there is more to it than just calling your commercial movers of choice. You have to plan and act.

    People brainstorming.
    Communication is key.

    The most important to cover when planning for merging two offices into one? Employees! Whatever is the reason for opting for this merging, you need to recognize that it is not only a strain on your planning. More than just logistics, it could also turn out to be problematic for your staff. Be sure to talk to them thoroughly. Ask managers about what they think the optimal space they need is. Are there any special needs among your workers? Etc… All of these things ought to be addressed. If you cant, and you probably won’t be able to, meet all the demands, it is still good to know what those are and for workers to feel listened to…

    Working spaces

    Second of all, think about merging two offices into one in the context of working spaces. Professional movers can move anything into any position you want to, but you need to plan out the move first. When you are moving two offices into one space, there will be a lot more things and a lot less space. Be sure to optimize the working area.


    Finally, we have to face the unpleasant truth. There will most likely be layoffs. Talk to your managers about this. It is essential to minimize layoffs and to deal with those that are getting fired as gently as possible.

    A business meeting.
    How will you deal with layoffs?

    When you organize your office, it might just happen that layoffs are absolutely necessary, however, this is not the fault of your workers. Therefore, be sure to treat them the best way possible and to consult the HR department about the best ways to approach the said worker.

    To sum it up

    When you are merging two offices into one, you need to be mindful of your workers and mindful of the space they need to do their job effectively. That is all there is to it. Good luck, and remember to get packing services in order not to have your things damaged or, worse, lost.

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