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Guide to cleaning out residential junk with ease

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    Moving is altogether complicated and tiresome. Some stages more than others but we can agree that no one likes cleaning and decluttering. But it is a necessary step in each relocation and once you do it you will start fresh in your new home. Therefore, get ready for a few tips and tricks on cleaning out residential junk. Let’s get rid of unwanted items together.

    Inspect your belongings before you start cleaning out residential junk

    Before you contact your movers NJ to NYC and begin negotiating prices and services, you must know how much stuff you have. To obtain this info, you must inspect everything and figure out what is for packing and what to get rid of. It is a tiresome process but a necessary one. Not only that you’ll make a designated pile with all items you are removing, but you’ll be able to calculate moving costs more precisely. So, start moving through your home and inspect your clothing, furniture, appliances, and random household items.

    Hundreds of coins on the table
    Serious decluttering can save you a lot of money and keep your moving budget healthy.

    You can do it gradually and keep the pace you are comfortable with. No one expects this to be done in a day. Therefore, take a few days and inspect everything and figure out which way to go from there. And you should do it all while packing at the same time and keep the whole process more time-efficient.

    Sorting your clothing will take some time

    Clothing will take the most of your time while cleaning out residential junk. Simply because you will spend more time recollecting thoughts and great memories than packing. And you will try some of it out to figure out if it’s still usable or you should get rid of it. Also, you shouldn’t forget about all the clothes your kids outgrew. As well as all the seasonal clothing you are rarely using. Once you inspect everything you will realize that you have a whole wardrobe ready to be donated or thrown away. What is hard about this part, I that you should do this process for each member of the family. Hopefully, you’ll have some help with this one.

    Now check the appliances around the house

    We all have a lamp, fridge, and a broken-down washing machine sitting in the basement waiting for a fix. Maybe this is the time to get rid of it all. Let’s face it, it has been sitting like that for months or even years. This is a moment to either fix it or scrap. Now, note that appliances and electronics are easily replaced. It is a far better option than fixing it. Of course, if it’s an old piece or an antique, then go for it. Also, when packing electronics for moving, you should inspect it all and sort it out. You surely have four keyboards lying around the house, just in case if your main one breaks down.

    An old fashioned tv you should get rid of when cleaning out residential junk.
    Maybe this is the time to get rid of the old stuff you never used.

    It is understandable to hoard items this way, especially electronics. Those pieces are expensive and usually, some parts can be reused. But some of us lack the knowledge to repair and use it well. Without it, your items are just a pile of garbage sitting around and cluttering your space. Therefore, inspect everything and get rid of it. Or if you have enough space, bring it all with you and decide later. Moreover, if you can’t be bothered with the whole packing process, you should contact your movers Bloomfield NJ and let them do it instead. It is the affordable and the safest way of relocating your belongings, along with the appliances we mentioned earlier.

    Cleaning out residential junk includes furniture as well

    When cleaning out residential junk, you must remember to check all your furniture as well. Some of it is broken and outdated and some simply can’t fit in your new home. Whatever the reason might be, you should take a long look at it and figure out the best solution. Furniture can be easily sold online if it’s in good shape. Not to mention if it’s an antique or a vintage piece. Although, if you have plastic furniture that is out of shape, simply throw it away. You should replace plastic pieces once in a couple of years anyway. So, don’t drag it with you, recycle it and buy a few new pieces once you settle in.

    Be mindful of hazardous waste

    While decluttering your garage, attic, basement, yard, or shed, you’ll probably find items that require special care. You should be careful and dispose of hazardous waste appropriately. Depending on the nature of the item in question, you should contact your local recycling center or garbage depot and figure out the best way to dispose of it. So, if you have flammable objects, hazardous materials, volatile liquids, and similar waste, you should get rid of it as soon as you can. Do not transport or store it. Simply replace it and stay on the safe side.

    Hazardous objects.
    Be mindful of hazardous waste, flammable objects, and liquids.

    What would be the best way to get rid of everything?

    You are probably asking yourself, what would be the best way to get rid of it all. It can be sad when you think about simply throwing everything away. To be fair, some items are still usable, but to someone else. Therefore, let’s browse a few options where you can make your items useful yet. Consider the following:

    • Storage – Rent a storage unit and keep it all. Later you can figure out what to do with it. Check your local storage services NJ and find the best option for you.
    • Donate – You can donate to a local charity organization or to a homeless shelter. Either way, you are helping immensely.
    • Sell – You can sell some of the better pieces online or via a garage sale.
    • Gift – Simply give items away. Check if any of your friends, coworkers, or relatives need any of it.

    Ok, that was it. A simple guide on cleaning out residential junk. Now you know how to organize your decluttering process and be successful at it. It won’t be easy, but we are sure that now it is ten times easier. Good luck and stay safe.

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