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Guide to buying a hunting lodge in NJ

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    Every hunter likes the thrill that the experience brings every time they go hunting. But not only a hunter enjoys the hunt itself, but he can enjoy nature along the way. However, when the hunting is over, everyone wants to rest and prepare for another exciting day of hunting. And what’s a better way to enjoy it than to reside in your own place during the hunting season? So, if you are contemplating having your own hunting place, read our guide to buying a hunting lodge in NJ.

    Determine your budget when buying a hunting lodge in NJ

    If you decide that it’s time to buy a hunting lodge, you should first consider moving and storage NJ services. Because you won’t be able to put all your belongings in a hunting lodge and make it too cluttered. And after you do that, it is time to decide how much you’re willing and able to spend. So, you should think about your income but about all your expenses as well. That way, you’ll make sure that buying a hunting lodge in NJ won’t cause you financial hardship. Also, the whole buying process will be easy and simple if you plan on paying cash. However, if you plan on getting a loan, start shopping lenders as soon as possible. Especially because most traditional banks don’t finance recreational property.

    Calculator, banknotes, notebook and a pen
    When you plan on buying a hunting lodge in NJ, you must prepare and plan your budget.

    Prepare a down payment for buying a hunting lodge in NJ

    It doesn’t matter if you choose to pay cash or write a check or get a loan. Reliable interstate movers NJ who can help you with this task say that you’ll have to front a down payment. As for the amount, it is typically 20 percent of the purchase price. However, it can go as up as 50 percent. And that can be a steep amount to pay all at once for buying a hunting lodge. Hence, plan on time and avoid unwanted grief in the future.

    Get a realtor that is specialized in recreational property such as a hunting lodge

    Before you hire movers North Bergen NJ to handle the relocation of your stuff to your future lodge, find a good realtor. Especially because buying a hunting lodge in NJ is far different from buying a condo or house. However, pay attention because there are many important factors to consider. And the most important thing is to find a real estate agent with experience in this type of deal. By doing this, you will get their wisdom, knowledge, and experience regarding the entire process.

    Think wisely about the location of your NJ hunting lodge

    When it comes to a hunting lodge’s location, surely you want it to be out of the city. But meanwhile, it would be great if it’s within a reasonable driving distance from your home. That way, with help from moving services NJ, you’ll be able to relocate your stuff there easily. Because logically, it’s better to spend more time hunting than traveling to and from the area. Hence, we think that setting a travel time of three hours or less is ideal. That way, you can leave early in the morning and arrive at about daybreak. So, that will leave you with a long day of hunting and allow you to travel back home before the day is over. Or you can always stay overnight at your hunting lodge and spend a pleasant night at your property.

    A hunter looking through a binocular
    It is important to choose a good and suitable location for your hunting lodge.

    The important questions regarding your hunting lodge in NJ

    Besides the factors we’ve listed before, there are many important aspects to consider before buying a hunting lodge in NJ. And those questions are:

    • The type of hunting land you plan on building your hunting lodge on.
    • Also, make inquiries about whether there are deers on the property.
    • Is there water near your future hunting lodge?
    • Consider food sources near your lodge for local wildlife before buying a particular hunting lodge.

    Think about the type of hunting land where you’re buying the hunting lodge

    We find it unnecessary to point out the importance of terrain, especially the one where your hunting lodge is settled on. So, make sure that it is a dry, level area where the accessibility is good. Also, finding a good location near the road will less likely intimidate wildlife as you enter and exit this area. Another useful thing you can do before purchasing an NJ hunting lodge is to introduce yourself to the owners of the adjacent properties. You can ask them all the questions you have and we’re sure that they’ll be happy to offer information that will be helpful to you.

    Ask around if there are deers near your property

    Another important thing to know about the location of your hunting lodge is if there are deers nearby. Meaning, do deers only pass through the hunting land where your lodge is, or do they reside there. Also, check for scat and buck scrapes, but also for deer trails. Finally, you can get permission and set up trail cameras before you buy the hunting lodge to see what you can expect.

    A deer near the water
    Think about the safety and check if there are deers near your hunting property.

    Check if there is water near your hunting lodge

    One of the things you should check before you buy a hunting lodge is if there’s water nearby. Especially because it’s ideal if there’s a convenient water feature on your property. But it is not a deal-breaker if this isn’t the case. Because if there is water on neighboring land, you could also use it. However, if there is no water available, you could think about the cost of adding a pond or well into the purchase price. So, after reading our guide to buying a hunting lodge in NJ, you are now prepared for your New Jersey hunting experience.



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