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Great ways to maximize space in every room of your small NJ home

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    People are moving all the time. Sometimes they are moving in spacious family homes while in other situations they are forced to relocate to smaller homes. Regardless of your situation, you must tackle all problems related to the relocation process. You should organize, pack, set a moving budget, find affordable movers NJ, and create an adaptation plan. And today, we will help you with the last one. We will show you how to make the most of the new space you got. Let us maximize space in every room of your small NJ home.

    Work on your doorway

    Let us begin this journey on your front gate, front door, and entryway. It is a hallway where you receive guests and lead them through your home. Yes, it shouldn’t be cluttered with boxes and too many items. But you can still utilize the space it has. You can put up a high vertical shelf above the door to serve as a mantelpiece. Or have a small wardrobe where you can leave coats, boots, hats, and umbrellas. It will serve well when you have quite a few people over. Moreover, you can have this wardrobe built inside the wall so no one would even notice right from the start that it is even there. Have it in white color and you will be just fine. But remember to empty it when relocating home because your residential moving companies NJ won’t do it unless you tell them to.

    two people holding a door mat
    Start with your home entrance and move through your home. You’ll find a lot of hidden storage space along the way.

    Now when we mentioned the door and the hallway, we must remind you to measure them when relocating and preparing your moving plan. Your movers will need this information before they can provide moving quotes and moving services NJ. Also, check all the robust furniture you possess so they can appoint enough people to handle this job and sizeable moving vehicle as well.

    Maximize space in every room of your small NJ home by starting with the kitchen

    The kitchen is one hectic environment or absolute heaven. It depends only on the space you have. All those skillets, pots, ceramics, glassware, and other fragile, robust, and oddly shaped pieces need a lot of storage space. Even if you have fun experience relocating them and finding optimized locations for these items, it is still a lot of work. So, your kitchen is something you should focus on. So, if you have a rather smaller kitchen, you should at least have a cupboard for your glassware and china, while you can hang your skillets and pots on the hooks and utilize the wall space.

    Your kitchen cloth and oven mittens should be hanged as well. Hopefully, you have one flat surface where you can put your coffee maker and a toaster along with a cutting board. On the other hand, if you have a larger kitchen, we advise you to do the same. Keep it organized and still keep the same tactic by hiding most of it in plain sight but out of the way at the same time. Your kitchen must be obstacle-free so you can move freely. Utilize your space smartly without cluttering it too much.

    Moving onto the bathroom

    Before you maximize space in every room of your small NJ home, you must think about your bathroom. It is a place with so many random items that no one can count them. You have towels, toiletries, and all the way to jewelry and medicine. So, the first task is to figure out if you can take some of those items and spread them into categories, and move them into other rooms. For example, jewelry can go into your bedroom and on your nightstand. If you introduce a small table with a mirror where you’ll do your make-up and keep your jewelry there, it can solve this problem.

    bathroom cabinets will help maximize space in every room of your small NJ home
    Install a wooden cabinet under the sink and maximize the dead space below.

    Then, you shouldn’t keep all your towels there as well. Especially if you have a bigger family and a very small bathroom. You can keep only the batch you are using at the moment and a few backups. The rest of your towels can be in a different closet in your living room or in any other room where you have enough space. A vertical shelving system is a great problem solver for your bathroom as well. If you install it, you can keep everything in there and utilize all the unused wall space. Also, use the hangers and hooks to use the door space as well.

    Review your bedroom and maximize space in every room of your small NJ home

    Bedrooms are organized in the same fashion. A copy-paste of a king-sized bed, a wardrobe, and two nightstands. Throw an area rug in there and you are good to go. But that kind of setup makes your bedroom for sleeping only. What if you can spice it up a bit and make it for something more than that. It can be a place where you can put on your makeup or do your morning yoga, or maybe watch your favorite TV series before you go to sleep. Utilize the wall space, reduce the size of the bed, and install shelving systems to gain more space. Or any combination of those.

    Although, if you want to keep it old-fashioned and as it was designed for sleeping, do it. Just remember to measure your new bedroom as well as the doors and hallways. Your Essex county movers will need this info when moving your king-sized bed.

    Spare room

    In most cases, family homes have a spare room. Usually, it is a guest room that in our spare time we use as an office space, studies, playroom, etc. Depending on the way you use it, it can take a lot of space or be cluttered completely. Some people use it as storage for all kinds of things. While others have just a piano in the middle of the room which takes a lot of space and leaves all other areas of the room empty. To be honest, that is a waste of space if you think for a second. Maybe you can move your piano just a bit and introduce another piece of furniture like a wardrobe that can fit more items inside.

    a room with a piano
    Put your piano against the wall rather than have it take all the space in the room.

    This is just an example but this can be done with a pool table, a king-sized bed, and all other similar furniture that occupies the entire room. Furthermore, when the time comes to relocate those robust and hard-to-handle items, talk to movers NJ to NYC and utilize their specialized moving team. Moving a piano is not an easy task and you shouldn’t let anyone do it.

    Avoid cluttering your space any further

    Lastly, the best way to maximize space in every room of your small NJ home is to do a complete decluttering. If you declutter and downsize each area of your home you will gain so much space that you won’t believe it. Over the years, people keep all kinds of clothing, memorabilia, old electronics, and miscellaneous items. Some keep them for sentimental reasons while others think they will repair and reuse them somehow. That day may never come. Therefore, gather all your unused and outdated items and do one of the following:

    • Give to friends and relatives.
    • Donate to local church or charity organization.
    • Sell online or at the garage sale.
    • Recycle or throw away.
    • Store for future days to come.

    Yes, you can rent a storage unit and keep all your excess items there. Check with your movers if they provide storage services NJ and figure out what is the best solution for you. At least you’ll be moving your clutter away from home, which is enough for the beginning.

    And now you know how to maximize space in every room of your small NJ home. As you can see there are many solutions and most of them are flexible enough to be applicable to your situation. We have no doubt you’ll find some of it useful and when you put your mind to it, you’ll make it even better. Now go out there and make more space inside your home. Good luck!

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