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Finding reliable art movers when moving to Union City

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    Moving your entire household is a hard thing to do. You need to make sure that your items will reach your new address in perfect shape. This is not as easy as it sounds because many items can be heavy, odd-shaped, extremely expensive, valuable, and so on. It is easy to replace everyday household items if they get damaged or lost during transport. However, what happens to your art collection? It is not easy or cheap to replace pieces from your art collection. For this reason, you need to find reliable art movers when moving to Union City such as All Season Movers NJ. Here are all the things to pay attention to. 

    Find reliable art movers when moving to Union City by asking your friends and family 

    First of all, when you’re searching for reliable movers, you should ask your friends and family. This is the best choice you have. The reason is quite simple. Your friends and family would to only recommend reliable movers Union City NJ. If you know that someone from your family has moved before, you should definitely ask them for suggestions.

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    Ask your friends for recommendations

    Both positive and negative experiences with movers are more than welcome. If your friends or family members are satisfied with the moving services received, then, you can be sure your art collection will not suffer. On the other hand, if they are extremely dissatisfied with the services used, then, you will know which moving company you should avoid. Therefore, you should not hesitate to ask your friends and family members for some recommendations. You can even ask your colleagues if you are close enough. 

    Look on the Internet 

    If your friends and family members cannot offer any recommendations, then, you should search on the Internet. It is quite easy and convenient to use google or any other search engine that you are familiar with. However, you should not just type in moving companies and press search. You should be more specific when looking for moving companies.

    For example, since you want to move to Union City, then you should add a location when searching for moving companies. Your keyword should be moving companies in Union City. In addition to this, you can also add your old city and the new one. For example, movers NJ to NYC. This is important since some moving companies might not work in the city where you wish to move to. If you search for moving companies this way, you will receive better results. 

    Find reliable art movers when moving to Union City by being specific 

    As mentioned before, you need to be specific when searching for a moving company. However, adding only a location might not be enough. Since you are moving your expensive art collection, you will need movers that have proper moving and packing equipment and supplies for your art collection.

    Not every moving company offers specific moving services NJ. For this reason, if you happen to find a couple of moving companies that you like, make sure to visit their official website. See if they offer special moving services such as moving art collections. Even if it isn’t written on the website, they still might want to move the art collection. In this case, you should definitely contact the moving company ask them personally. Make sure that your future moving company knows how to move art collection otherwise you will be wasting your time and money. 

    person using the laptop
    Be specific when searching for a moving company

    Make sure to read moving reviews 

    If you are hiring a moving company by searching on the Internet, you will have no one to vouch for their credibility. For this reason, it is important to read a couple of moving reviews. You can easily search for moving companies on Yelp or any other similar website. You should see what other people before have to say about this moving company. However, you should be careful when reading moving reviews. They can easily be falsely written by someone from the moving company. It is easy to tell if a moving review is fake or not. You should only search for the following things. 

    • You see the same moving reviews repeating again and again 
    • The reviews are generic 
    • Overly positive 
    • Language seems unnatural 

    It would be best if you can find a moving review that focuses both on the negative and positive sides. 

    Find reliable art movers when moving to Union City by checking their licenses 

    After you see that three to five moving companies are reliable enough according to the moving reviews, it is time to contact those moving companies. The first thing you should ask would be whether they are moving art collections.

    Then, you should ask for a license. It is extremely important to check moving licenses. As you might know, fraudulent movers cannot get a license since they are not operating properly. For this reason, you should ask to check their license. Reliable moving companies will not hesitate to show their license or to give you their DOT number so you can check on the FMCSA website. Only long-distance movers will have this number. For local movers, they will have licenses issued by their local government. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask to see their licenses before officially hiring them. 

    two people talking
    Have a meeting with your movers

    Ask all the important questions 

    Lastly, when you contact your moving company, make sure to ask all the necessary questions. First of all, you should ask for an in-house estimate. This way, movers will come to your house and see the art collection so they can make an estimate based on this. Then, you should ask about moving and packing supplies they will use for your moving equipment. In addition to this, make sure to ask what will happen in case your items either get damaged or lost during transport. After you know all the details, you can ask to see a moving contract. Make sure that your moving contact has all the necessary details before you sign with art movers when moving to Union City. 

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