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Family relocation to Bergen County

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    Are you moving with your family to Bergen County? This process can often be exhausting but also exciting. You will need good Bergen County movers, some careful planning, and a lot of work! But do not worry, the more you learn about the process, the easier it will become for you! This is why today we will take a look at the most important things you need to keep in mind during your family relocation to Bergen County. After reading this guide, you will be ready to move with ease and hassle-free!

    Plan your family relocation to Bergen County carefully

    The first thing you need to keep in mind is that moving from NY to NJ will require a lot of planning. There is just no way to avoid this! All relocations are tough – and a family relocation to Bergen County doesn’t include only you, but your family too. This is why you will need to think about all the members of your family and their happiness as well.

    However, this can also be a useful thing! When you are moving with a family – then everyone can get included in the moving process. This way, you can allocate the chores between each other, and make everything much faster. Or, conversely, you can dedicate more time to each task, thus ensuring you are giving your best to every chore. Nevertheless, this can lead to a less stressful moving experience, unless you contact professional movers in North Arlington NJ.

    A checklist.
    Create a moving checklist and you will see how helpful that actually is!

    However, to make that happen, you will need to plan everything carefully. So, before you start, sit down and create a moving checklist. Simply put on paper everything that you can think about – your chores, tasks, even the packing list! Forgetting things can sadly often happen because of how much work there is! So, you will save yourself a lot of stress. Research movers in your area. If you’re moving to Alpine, for example, then Alpine NJ movers are the ones to call.

    What’s more, with a thorough moving checklist, you can divide and conquer better. You can prioritize tasks, set up to-do lists for each member, and so on! As you plan your move, remember the importance of efficient and reliable NJ movers and packers.

    You will have to talk to your children about the move

    The tough part of the move, though, might be telling your children about it. Now, we want to preface this by saying that everyone’s child is different. You know your kids the best – as well as the way they might react – so plan for this accordingly. However, local movers NJ are here to give you some general tips and most common issues that might arise when talking to your kids about your family relocation to Bergen County.

    happy chlidren
    Planning a family relocation to Bergen County? Talk to your children on time!

    Kids, more so than adults, are very sensitive to changes in their environment. They have a closely-knit support system which is made of their friends, teachers, even neighbors – everyone in their surrounding. This applies to the kids of all ages – as well as adults too. And when you are removing someone from this support, the usual reaction is stress. However, children and teenagers aren’t as used to dealing with stress as adults, and so they might act out. Some kids can respond with tantrums to the news, some might cause trouble or arguments.

    What’s important is that you and your partner (if there is one) present a united front. Do not argue with kids – calmly tell them the news and discuss it with them. It’s important that your children (if they are old enough) realize that you still love them and that you are there for them. It is true that you will be changing the environment (like school, neighborhood, and so on), but it’s also important for them to know that they will have the support they are apparently losing.

    Try to get your children excited for the family relocation to Bergen County

    If you can, you should also get them excited about the move. For example, let them plan out their new room – or try to make it look identical to their old one if that will help them cope. This way, you can help your kids adjust to a new home more easily!

    Kids reading a book together.
    Research with your kids to get them excited about the family relocation to Bergen County.

    What’s more, it’s a smart idea to get your kids involved in the moving process as much as you can. For example, they can pack up their own room. This way, they can decide what they want to keep and what will stay back. However, it’s important to note that you still control the process here! Some kids might be tempted to try and “smuggle” some more toys or items than they really need. Always keep an eye on what they are doing and whether it is staying within the confines of your budget. You can also explore Bergen County together and come up with fun activities to do after the move. This way, you are shifting their focus away from the stress and towards excitement about the move.

    However, when the time for your family relocation to Bergen County comes, your kids should not be around. This is just too stressful for them! There will be a lot of new people around, taking away their boxes and putting them on a truck. What’s more, kids can even get in the way or get hurt – which is a thing no one wants to happen! So, when planning your moving day, try to plan a babysitter. Conversely, call a friend and ask them to keep an eye on your kids. Everyone will be much happier with that arrangement in the long run!

    Why a Family relocation to Bergen County is a good idea

    Bergen County stands out for its remarkable safety record and community-oriented living, making it a haven for families. In terms of safety, the county’s crime rates are impressively low. For example, in towns like Ramsey and Mahwah, the crime rates are about 60% lower than the national average. This low crime rate is a testament to the effective law enforcement and community policing efforts in the area. When it comes to community living, Bergen County’s neighborhoods are both friendly and inviting. Towns such as Paramus and Englewood Cliffs are known for their strong sense of community, with a majority residents participating in local events and organizations, as per community surveys. Reach out to your reliable movers Englewood Cliffs trusts  and become a part of its community!

    people who went through a family relocation to Bergen County
    After the hard part is done, you’ll get to enjoy everything Bergen County has to offer!

    Adding to this, Bergen County is rich in family-centric programs and resources. The county’s public libraries, for instance, organize over 500 children’s programs annually, attracting thousands of families. Recreational spaces like Saddle River County Park and Fort Lee Historic Park offer numerous facilities, including children’s play areas, which see over 100,000 visits each year, reflecting their popularity among families. For those moving with the help of moving companies in Fort Lee, that’s something to look forward to! Moreover, Bergen County places a strong emphasis on children’s development and engagement. The county offers a range of after-school programs and youth sports leagues, with participation numbers exceeding 10,000 children countywide. These programs not only provide safe and enriching activities but also encourage social and physical development.

    Choose the perfect home for your family

    Bergen County, known for its appealing blend of suburban tranquility and metropolitan accessibility, offers a diverse housing market that caters to families of various sizes and budgets. The housing options range from charming single-family homes to more spacious townhouses and apartments, providing something for every family’s needs and preferences. In terms of affordability, Bergen County presents a competitive edge, especially when compared to neighboring regions like New York City. The median home price in Bergen County hovers around $500,000, which is significantly lower than Manhattan’s median, which exceeds $1 million. Key highlights of Bergen County’s housing market include:

    • Teaneck and Fair Lawn offer a mix of affordability and community amenities, with average home prices around $400,000.
    • Paramus is known for its excellent shopping options and has an average home price of approximately $550,000.
    • Fort Lee presents a more urban living experience with diverse apartment options, average prices in this area are around $350,000 for condos.
    • Mahwah and Ramsey, with their picturesque settings and family-friendly neighborhoods, have homes averaging around $600,000.
    • Closer to nature, towns like Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes offer more upscale housing options, with averages reaching up to $700,000.
    • Bergenfield and New Milford are notable for their more modestly priced homes, often below the county’s median, suitable for first-time homebuyers.
    • Rental options are abundant, with family-friendly apartments in towns like Edgewater and Englewood offering rentals from $1,500 to $3,000 monthly.

    In comparison to nearby regions, Bergen County’s cost of living offers a balanced equation. While it is slightly higher than the national average, it is considerably more affordable than living in New York City. This affordability extends beyond housing; the county also offers reasonably priced amenities, from groceries to healthcare, making it an economically sensible choice for families.

    Decide on the right school for your kids before the move

    Bergen County boasts an impressive array of educational institutions, recognized for their excellence. Among these, Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan and Bergen County Academies in Hackensack stand out, frequently ranking high in state and national lists. These schools offer rigorous academic programs and are known for their high graduation rates and college readiness scores. In addition to traditional academic subjects, Bergen County schools offer diverse programs catering to varied interests. For instance, Bergen County Technical Schools provide specialized courses in STEM, culinary arts, and performing arts, encouraging students to explore their passions. These programs are not only academically enriching but also offer practical, hands-on experience.

    a girl who's family relocation to Bergen County is done
    Choose the right school for your kids before your family relocation to Bergen County.

    For families seeking support in special education, Bergen County is well-equipped. Schools like the Special Services School District and Paramus High School offer comprehensive services tailored to students with special needs. These range from individualized education plans to therapy and counseling services, ensuring an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Furthermore, sports programs in Bergen County are robust, with schools like Ridgewood High School and Ramapo High School excelling in various sports. These programs foster teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness, contributing to well-rounded development.

    Best of luck with your Family relocation to Bergen County!

    Embarking on your family relocation to Bergen County promises a fulfilling experience. With the rich array of amenities, excellent schools, and safe neighborhoods, this county is a top choice for families. Remember to book your movers on time! Their expertise can streamline your relocation process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home. Bergen County, with its perfect blend of suburban charm and modern conveniences, awaits you and your family. Trust in professional movers for a hassle-free journey and step into a community where your family can thrive and grow. Look forward to the new adventures and opportunities that Bergen County offers. Welcome to your new beginning!

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