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Essex County neighborhoods for youth

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    Perfect Essex County neighborhoods for youth would have to include a perfect combination of affordability, job opportunities, and great amenities. No matter the type of person you are, we are sure that you will find a place to call your home in this list our team at NJ movers and packers made for you. Since Essex County was ranked the most diverse county in New Jersey, we are sure that you will fit right in.

    Why move to Essex County

    Essex County is not only the most diverse county in Garden State. It is also the 5th most diverse county in the entire United States. That significant achievement undoubtedly reflects what it’s like to live there. If you are considering moving to one of Essex County neighborhoods for youth, you are not the only one. With all their experience in the relocation business, Essex county movers shared what makes this county so popular, especially among young people. From the real estate market to job opportunities and attractions, today we will give you a whole picture of this famous county.

    Real estate market

    Before we talk more about the best Essex County neighborhoods for youth, it does bear mentioning one of the most important aspects of living here. That, of course, is housing. If you are moving from another one of Essex County neighborhoods and are trying to find one that is more youth-friendly, looking at the housing market might be the deciding factor on whether you will need local movers NJ or not. While Essex County certainly isn’t one of the biggest counties you can find, housing costs do vary significantly from place to place.

    A bird's eye view of Essex County neighborhoods for youth
    Housing affordability is among the most important factors when choosing the best Essex County neighborhoods for youth.

    If you are renting, you can expect to pay roughly the same rent in all Essex County neighborhoods. For a studio apartment, the average rent is around $1000. That is slightly over the US average. If you want to buy a home, that’s an entirely different story. While you can buy a condo or a townhouse in Newark for as low as $100 thousand, the median home price is $487,200.

    Essex County job prospects

    Unless you are financially well and taken care of, you have a job. And because of that, the second most important criterion when choosing the best Essex County neighborhood when it comes to youth is job prospects. The younger generations are considered one of the most educated in America. Because of that, it’s easier for them to find a job, especially in this New Jersey County. Because of the fact that most people are moving to Essex County because of job prospects, interstate movers NJ are one of the busiest companies there.

    A woman driving a truck in one of the Essex County neighborhoods for youth
    The biggest employers in this county are in the field of transportation

    If you want to move to this county, there are a few job market details you’ll be interested to know. For all the reasons we will mention, Essex County has been the best county for young people to move to by hiring long distance movers NJ. Firstly, almost 10% of the entire county population is employed in transportation. This county is home to Newark Liberty International Airport and Port Newark, so this fun fact is not a tiny bit surprising. Secondly, jobs in healthcare, especially education, are very much sought after in Essex county. Lastly, the average salary in this county is $32,000, and the unemployment rate is well below 10%.

    A couple of details about living in Essex County

    Choosing the best living place isn’t all about affordability, job prospects, or housing costs. You choose to live somewhere by including a plethora of factors intended to make your decision easier on you. These include lifestyle, different amenities, a sense of community, an art scene, and nature. All these give a full picture of what it feels like living in one place. So let’s look at the full Essex County picture. Some of the biggest pros of living in Essex County are arts and culture and education. This is at least in part to it being so close to major cities – Jersey City and New York City.

    But again, what is it like living in Essex County? The weather there is mild, with around 20 days having temperatures higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The transportation is evenly developed across the county, making commuting to the major cities we mentioned a breeze. Healthcare is also one of the great upsides of living in Essex County. Not only is it more affordable than the rest of the country, but the number of physicians to patients suggests a higher quality of service. All of this makes this county one of the best places to live in New Jersey.

    List of Essex County neighborhoods for youth

    When our team was compiling the list of the best Essex County neighborhoods for the youth, we wanted to capture everything. Even though it’s hard to lump in all young people into a monolith, we gave it our best to find something for anyone. So if you are a young professional, a person who appreciates the good quality of life and amenities, or someone looking to start a family, there is a perfect neighborhood for you in Essex County. Since Essex County is so diverse, that task wasn’t at all difficult.

    A man sitting in a chair thinking about Essex County neighborhoods for youth
    This list is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is supposed to give you a food for thought when choosing the best place in Essex County to live in

    To properly form this list, we tried to find the single best city for all young people, depending on what matters to them most. Here is our list of Essex County neighborhoods for youth

    • Newark
    • Bloomfield
    • West Orange
    • Livingston
    • Montclair

    Newark – the city with the most job opportunities in Essex County

    Named the best place in Essex County to live, Newark is one of the best neighborhoods for youth. As we mentioned before, this list contains a perfect mix of everything near and dear to young people, and no place in this county fits the description like Newark. Because it’s proximity to New York City and great public transportation make it a perfect place for an NYC commute. It is much more affordable to live in than in NYC and offers great amenities.

    New York CIty rainy skyline
    Being close to NYC is one of the best aspects of living in Newark

    Newark itself is going through a whole new redevelopment, making it a perfect place to buy a starter home. Home prices are still lower than in NYC. However, they will undoubtedly increase in the following years due to the many investments that aim to make Newark a better city to live in.  All of this makes it a perfect place to start investing in real estate. And with all the fun activities this city offers, like many, many festivals, museums, and art galleries, it’s no wonder that Newark is one of the best Essex County neighborhoods for youth. For all adventurous foodies, Ironbound in Newark will be the favorite street to try one of many ethnic cuisines.

    Best affordable neighborhoods in Essex County for youth – Bloomfield

    Bloomfield isn’t exactly the best of the neighborhoods in Essex County for young families. The main reason behind this is because schools aren’t the best in Bloomfield. But to be honest, they have been improving in the past few years. Nonetheless, the township of Bloomfield is one of the most affordable places in Essex County for youth. The rents and home prices are low, especially if you compare them to neighboring cities of Montclair and Newark. The west side can be considered the nicer part of Bloomfield, and we highly recommend it.

    Since its’ affordable, many New Yorkers are hiring movers Bloomfield NJ and moving here. This has somewhat transformed this small town into more of a commuter hub. Today there are a lot of amenities in this small township. So if you are looking for an affordable place to live with a short commute to New York City, Bloomfield is your place. It is overall an affordable, walkable town with plenty of green open spaces.

    West Orange

    With a small population of over 40 000 residents, West Orange just might be one of the best Essex County neighborhoods. While it isn’t the most obvious pick, it has a lot to offer to its residents. However, it is affordable. People usually stumble upon this small city when looking to buy a home. Many start looking in the neighboring Montclair and Maplewood. According to the movers West Orange NJ, people change their minds once they realize that West Orange can offer the same lifestyle with lower home prices.

    A realtor with a family during an open house
    Home affordability is one of the biggest upsides of living in West Orange

    West Orange, just like many other neighborhoods in Essex County, has lots of open green spaces. Nature can be very healing, which is why West Orange is popular. On the topic of healing, did you know that West orange has the best healthcare in the state? Not only that, but it is incredibly kid friendly. So, if you are looking for a place to move to, West Orange might be the place for you. If so, be sure to give movers West Orange NJ, a call for the smoothest relocation possible. 

    What are the best neighborhoods in Essex County for youth looking to start a family?

    If you are a young person looking to start or have already started a family, there are some important factors to consider when choosing where to live. Affordability and job prospects are only one side of it. Things that are important to young families are the things that will improve the quality of life of their kids. Those things include safety, education, amenities, outdoor activities, and a sense of community. While Livingston is a small township, it fits all the criteria for the best Essex County neighborhood for youth.

    Livingston, NJ, is one of those townships with a great sense of community. It is a great place to set your roots in. While it isn’t the biggest township, it offers a lot of fun, family-friendly activities that will make hiring movers Livingston NJ, and moving there the best decision you will make. If your family loves animals, be sure to visit the local TurtleBack Zoo, which is home to animals from every continent. Head out to the South Mountain Reservation during the summer heat to escape it. With a great teacher-to-student ratio in Livingston, you can rest assured that your kids will be getting the best education.

    Did someone say artsy neighborhood?

    Of course, as we promised, this list contains something for everyone. And we always keep our promises. Montclair is the art hub in Essex County that you should consider moving to. While Newark may be bigger and can offer a lot more, it is needless to say that the Montclair art scene should not be underestimated in any way. Moving because of the art scene may not be for everyone, but if it’s important to you, then Montclair is the place to be. If you are interested in new upcoming artists, you can’t miss Studio Montclair. It is organized as a nonprofit that aims to promote art in a more inclusive way. In the past 20 years of its establishment, it has been an advocate and educator of equality and tolerance through art.

    Pictures floating in an art gallery
    We can’t forget art as an important aspect when choosing the perfect place

    The most important art gallery in Montclair bears the city’s name. Montclair Art Museum is a must-see for all newcomers to the city. It is one of the most popular places to visit during the weekend, so don’t be surprised if you run into a crowd. It has over 12 000 art pieces on display, and it’s especially dedicated to preserving Native American art and culture. With the vast collections, it is able to rotate the exhibitions every 18 months making it an adventure every time you go.

    And, we’ve come to the end of our list of best Essex County neighborhoods for youth. Hopefully, some of this will be the right fit for you. If not, we are sure that it has at least helped you narrow down your search for the most perfect Essex County place.


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