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Downsizing after a divorce – The ultimate guide

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    No one thinks about divorce when getting married. However, life happens and sometimes divorce is the only solution. It’s certainly better to be happy as a divorcee than sad in married life. Of course, divorce shouldn’t be the first option for marriage troubles. It should happen when all other options didn’t work before. Divorce presents a great change in your life and some things won’t be the same as before. As you now need to divide your property with your ex-spouse, you should think about downsizing. If you move out from your current bigger home and don’t have a place where to keep your belongings, you can store them at moving and storage NJ until you find a permanent solution. Additionally, you should consider downsizing after a divorce. As you will be starting a new chapter in your life, maybe you should start with fewer items and more optimism.   

    Why is downsizing after a divorce a good choice?  

    Divorce doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You tried your best but it didn’t work and that happens. Sometimes is better to leave bad memories and people in past and go on with your life without pressure and obligations. Additionally, moving to another place is a good idea after divorce. If you live in a small city where divorce is seen as a shame, then you should move to some big city. This way, you can meet new people, find a better job, and feel more relaxed. For this reason, if you are going to plan a relocation, you should find interstate movers NJ. Also, finding a new home can be challenging as your budget is certainly smaller now after divorce. This is why you should downsize and declutter things such as  

    • Items  
    • Obligation  
    • Living space  
    • Negative emotions  
    couple talking about downsizing after a divorce
    Divorce might be unpleasant but it doesn’t have to always be a bad thing

    You should declutter your belongings after divorce  

    The first things to declutter after divorce would be belongings, especially your ex’s items. If you end your marriage as enemies then you certainly don’t want to keep your ex’s belongings. If your ex took all their belongings when leaving home, then you should declutter items that remind you about them. Additionally, you can also declutter your items that you won’t be taking in your new home with movers North Bergen NJ. You should declutter everything that you don’t plan to use or items that you didn’t use for a long time. If you don’t know where to start, then a wardrobe would be a great idea. You should separate your clothes into piles of three: clothes that you are wearing, clothes for donating, and clothes for garbage.  

    Downsizing after a divorce is connected with finding a smaller place  

    There are many reasons why you have to find a smaller living place after divorce. Maybe your ex-spouse got the house after divorce and you have to find a new place. However, as divorcing is not cheap if lawyers were involved, maybe you don’t have enough funds to get a big place currently. Also, there are cases where the current home is sold and funds are equally divided between partners. For this reason, you must find a new and often smaller home. Downsizing is not always under duress, but rather a personal choice. You just don’t need a huge place at the moment and that’s totally fine. Whatever is the reason for moving to a new home might be, you should use moving services NJ for your relocation. You still have belongings to move and it will be too hard to do it alone without help.  

    a living room
    Downsizing after a divorce usually means moving to a smaller home

    Downsizing shouldn’t be only focused on material items  

    Right after your divorce, your emotions will probably be in turmoil. You will feel sadness and anger at first, and that is completely normal. You should learn how to cope with divorce and move forward. Don’t put all the blame on your shoulders and don’t view marriage as a failure. If you can’t deal with your emotions alone, you should consult with a specialist. It’s important not to bottle up your negative emotions since this will only make the situation worse. Additionally, you should talk with your family or friends and hang out more with people that you love. Now it’s the time to do things you always wanted to do but couldn’t because of family obligations. Go on a trip to some city or spend your day laying on the beach and sipping a martini.  

     Good aspects of downsizing after a divorce  

    You shouldn’t consider downsizing or divorce only as a failure. Downsizing will bring a lot of advantages that might surprise you. When you are living in a smaller home, you will have fewer bills to pay and a lower mortgage as well. Also, a smaller place is much easier to maintain than a large one. You will have more time to do things you like instead of spending all your free time cleaning your house. You can learn a new language, read books, learn to play a new musical instrument. As you can see, the options are endless. Also, downsizing will give you an opportunity to start fresh without much burden. You don’t need that many belongings in your home, especially if you are preparing to move. Just imagine how much packing supplies and time you will need to pack all your belongings.  

    gray couch in living room
    Smaller space is easier to maintain

    Why you should downsize after your divorce?  

    Divorce will bring changes in your current life. You know that things won’t be the same anymore. However, this doesn’t mean they are going to be bad as in fact, your life can become even better. For this reason, downsizing after a divorce can be just a thing that you need. You should learn to find happiness in small things. Also, if you have kids, you can teach them how to live a happier life in a smaller living space without a lot of items. Instead, you can save money and travel to interesting places all around the world. A new beginning is never easy. But, you will soon adapt to the new situation and live an even better life than before. 


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