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Downsides of summertime moving

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    Four different seasons bring different sets of advantages and challenges. This is why it is very important to think carefully about the season in which you are moving, and how you can best prepare for it. Usually, you can do this with the help of your moving services NJ based providers – but there are also other ways to inform yourself! Take this article, for example! Today, we take a look at some of the major downsides of summertime moving. Since this is the most popular moving season – you will want to read up and learn as much as you can! So strap in and let’s go!

    Why is summer the peak moving season?

    The first thing we need to address is the advantages of moving during the summer. Since we will be examining the downsides of summertime moving, it’s important that you realize that there are many, many good sides of the summer move too! After all, the period from May 15 to the end of August is actually the most popular among all people looking to move home. This is when long-distance moving companies NJ residents often hire have the most work. So, remember, it can sometimes be hard to schedule a moving date!

    clear sky
    Almost everyone will agree that summer has the best moving weather!

    Why does this happen? Well, one of the biggest reasons is the weather. Summer weather is not as unpredictable as it would be in other seasons. Usually, you know that it will be warm and nice wherever you are in the country. This means that you need to wear light clothes and some sun protection. Meanwhile, spring and fall bring rain and winter brings snow, which can be tough to defend against. They are also nasty to move in – as well as unpredictable – and will require special packing materials to protect your items.

    You will also have more free time during the summer since this is usually when people take a vacation and schools are out. The real estate market is also moving quickly during summer. All of these make the move very pleasant – but you will have to prepare for some disadvantages!

    The busy movers’ schedule is one of the main downsides of summertime moving

    We already mentioned just how popular it is to move over the summer. Most of the people choose to do it between May and August – thus creating the peak moving season. This, however, created a big problem – there are way too many people moving, and professional NJ movers do not have the time.

    a calendar
    Calendars might be full during the summer – and this can cause a lot of problems!

    First, finding the moving date can be a nightmare. With so many people wanting to move, the movers will not be able to be flexible and offer you a huge variety of dates. When you compare this to a winter move, the difference is quite dramatic! During winter (and even some of spring and fall), there aren’t too many people moving, so you have more options to choose from. During summer, this will not be the case. So, if you want high-quality movers, you might need to change your other chores around the date they can give you.

    This can also mean that you will receive your items at a later date. Sometimes, especially on long-distance relocations, moving companies might use one truck for multiple households. This means that you will get your items before or after other people – depending on the schedule. If this might be a problem for you, then you might want to push your move a little later.

    Moving over summer can be a bit more costly

    Another one of the biggest downsides of summertime moving is that the moving rates will be higher. The reason for this is simple – the more people want to move, the higher the rates go. When there are no clients, movers will gladly negotiate their costs with you because they want to win you over. During the summer, due to the number of people moving, there is no need for this.

    What’s more, you are less prone to get discounts and coupons during the summer months. This means that you will need to worry about the budget more! If you run out of money, then you might not be able to transport all your things, or will need to cut out some of the special moving services. Make sure you understand all of this when you ask for your free estimate!

    the money is one of the downsides of summertime moving
    Moving during the summer is not the most cost-efficient thing in the world!

    Again, if this is something you are uncomfortable with, you might want to consider a later move. During slower months, you will be able to negotiate with your movers and get some discounts! This is always great if you have a limited moving budget – so do consider it!

    Get a good moving company to fight the downsides of summertime moving

    The issues we talked about in this article are pretty real – and you will need to figure out how to deal with them. However, all of this can be easy with a professional and experienced group of people helping you with it. If you are thinking between hiring movers and moving by yourself, then the moving company is always the smart choice.

    We are people with a lot of knowledge, and we will gladly help you with all downsides of summertime moving! The best of all – getting our services is easy! All you need to pick up your phone and give us a call! Whether you need help with transporting your items or any of our moving services caught your eye – we will be there to help! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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