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Disassembling furniture for a move: Tips & Tricks

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    Deciding to tackle all the tasks of relocation by yourself will bring forth challenges you may not expect. While some are easy to deal with, others may not be all to simple to handle. Luckily, you can avoid this hassle altogether by hiring Bergen County movers. However, if you are adamant about taking up the moving process on your own, you will find the following article quite useful, as it will guide you through disassembling furniture for a move with fair ease.

    Disassembling furniture for a move is easier with proper tools

    In order to disassemble furniture for the upcoming ease correctly, you will have to use the right tools. Apart from your regular toolbox, you will have to come by a flat head screwdriver or an appropriate size for small furniture screws, and a small hex wretch (or ideally a whole set of these tiny metal wrenches). In addition, having that you are going to physically move these furniture pieces, you will need moving straps and a dolly. The latter is of exceptional importance if you have some items that will remain bulky and heavy even after the disassembly.

    A toolbox with tools inside for disassembling furniture for a move
    Disassembling furniture for a move will be much easier with a toolbox and its contents.

    It is essential that you prepare correctly before you begin

    Apart from the necessary tools, you are going to have to ensure you have:

    • unobstructed space around the furniture pieces you plan on disassembling
    • instructions that will lead you through the process (you can find the lot of them on the internet)
    • assistance from your strong pals, unless you call professional furniture movers
    • sealable bags

    Having help from your friends is important in order to avoid injuries. What’s more, it will also be great for maintaining productivity when addressing this task. So, make sure that you ask your friends for help in advance, so that they can plan for it.

    Many furniture pieces need special tools in order to be disassembled. With this in mind, you want to check that you have all of them before you delve into the process itself. If you find some of them missing, consider ordering them from the manufacturer. Once you have all of the listed items and prerequisites, you can start with disassembling furniture for a move.

    The right way to disassemble furniture for relocation

    Start with accessing the situation at hand. As is with any big project, you want to plan before you act. In this particular case, you want to evaluate the furniture piece before you start disassembling it. Take a good look at it and study the piece’s installations. See if there will need to be some structural work employed in order to carry out the disassembly right. Pieces like desks, beds, and sofas are bulky, so make sure that you have assistance with handling them. One thing you certainly do not want to do is start randomly taking the pieces out.

    A big orange couch
    This is no time to prove your strength and independence. Big furniture is heavy – get help.

    Measure twice, cut once

    Mind you, there will be no cutting. However, the proverb still holds water for this particular case. After you have inspected the furniture pieces, you want to make sure that you measure them as well. Now, don’t get angry at us just yet for adding tasks to an already complicated process. The reasoning behind this advice is that you probably won’t have to disassemble every piece of furniture. You see, if the item fits through the doors and hallways, your affordable movers NJ based will be perfectly capable of loading them onto the moving truck in their original state, and further delivering them to your new place.

    Dismantle the furniture pieces

    Get your toolbox, and start unscrewing and detaching sofa legs, bookcase shelves, beds, and anything else that is deserving of this treatment. Be mindful though, as some pieces have upholstery that covers those points. So, after you locate the desired point, use your tools and your strong pals to take each piece apart. As is with solving a jigsaw puzzle, you don’t want to rush this process, nor force anything to fit (or to come out in this case). You most certainly do not want to risk hurting yourself, nor damaging your property. Take breaks whenever you feel like you need to. Doing this when you are tired can lead to mistakes, and that has a bad outcome written all over it.

    Keep small parts together

    While disassembling furniture for a move is your present, reassembling it will be your future. With that being said, you should think about yourself when the time for the unpacking after the move arrives. Be careful with small parts like screws and other fasteners, and try not to lose them. After you are done with disassembly, make sure to place them all in sealable bags, and tape them to the furniture piece they are suitable with. You should also label the bag with the name of the furniture piece it belongs to, just in case it gets misplaces.

    A bunch of screws
    Screws have a tendency of getting themselves lost. Make sure to stop them at their tracks with all the right methods.

    If you find yourself struggling, do not restrain from asking for help

    People who turn to professionals for disassembling furniture for a move have good reasoning behind them. It is perfectly understandable and even expected that you find this task to be too complicated, or time-consuming. After all, this is why moving companies offer their services – for the sake of sparing you the hassle of tedious moving tasks. So, if you feel like you already have enough on your plate, do not waste a second more, and give professional NJ movers a call. They will make sure it is all taken care of in the best possible way. Apart from saving you precious time and energy before the move, they will also help you unpack and settle in your new home with greater ease and speed.

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