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Decluttering tips for seniors in Nutley, NJ

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    Decluttering is one of those rare activities that can be defined as beneficial, whichever scenario you place it in. Whether it is before or after the move, or even without a relocation in sight, decluttering your home will do good for you. Your moving companies Nutley, NJ will charge you a smaller fee, being that you have fewer items to transport. And, your life will be less cluttered and hectic when you are surrounded by useful belongings. So, with this in mind, here are some decluttering tips for seniors you will find more than useful.

    Decluttering tips for seniors that plan on moving

    As your household movers NJ based have probably informed you, the price of your move will vary depending on the size of your shipment. With this in mind, you really ought to sit down and start wondering what are the items you can truly live without. However complicated this may sound, it really isn’t.

    An older gentelman in a suit counting some money
    Decluttering tips for seniors can do more than save you money.

    Here are some tips you can go by:

    • go room to room and take everything out in the open. Leave no drawer, cabinet, nook, or cranny unturned.
    • separate the belongings you use on a daily or monthly basis from the ones you haven’t even seen in over a year.
    • classify the latter bunch into three groups: keep, toss, donate.

    Now, regarding the last step, we have some clarifying to do. What you need to keep are items that you will have use of. But not that potential use ‘Oh, I will most definitely wear that on the 4th July four years from now’. That is not going to happen, and you know that. Be honest with yourself, and do not be afraid to make those cuts. Of course, memorabilia is something that you can decide to keep or toss, regardless of its use. Items that you either toss or donate are the ones you no longer need. Whether you opt for former or latter depends on their usefulness.

    Decluttering tips for seniors that have already relocated

    If you have already relocated locally or moved to another state, decluttering may help you make that new place more comfortable for everyday living. Whilst packing for your move, you have certainly come across certain items you haven’t seen in ages. These could be your kids’ old notebooks, some clothes you wore 20 years and 10 pounds ago, or even your parents’ belongings. It goes without saying that if any of these hold any emotional value, they deserve a place in your new home. However, if these items do no more than collect dust an occupy space, you can really do better without them.

    An older gentelman looking at some books about decluttering tips for seniors
    Perhaps not all of those books deserve a place on your shelf.

    This new home that you moved into is just the perfect chance to get rid of all the redundancies. Especially when you consider that the reason behind your relocation was downsizing, proven that the kids have moved out. With this in mind, we invite you to take this opportunity and fill the home with belongings you will need, and that are easy to clean and maintain.

    So, here is what you need to do

    • Go through those boxes that you haven’t already unpacked after your relocation. Chances are they are filled with items you truly do not need.
    • Check the backs and tops of your wardrobe, as well as under your bed, and up in the attic. These places are reserved for the items you have no intention of using any time soon. Ask yourself whether their time will indeed come. If this is not the case, consider donating or tossing them.
    • Go back to those items you were reluctant to move in the first place, and try to figure out if you made a mistake for bringing them with you. It can often happen that your instinct was the one to follow, rather than the fear of maybe needing those items after all.

    Decluttering tips for seniors that are staying put

    Some of you are wondering what all of this relocation mentioning is all about. If you find yourself nodding to the previous sentence, we have but one sentence for you: decluttering will make your life easier nonetheless. You are staying in your big family home and have no intention of going anywhere. Your kids may have moved out, but you like your house just as it is, and do not like one letter of the word ‘downsizing’. That is perfectly fine.

    However, decluttering does not necessarily mean downsizing. While it does indicate that you will remove some clutter from your home, this action will also free up a lot of space. Space you can use for new, more appropriate items. Who knows what the future holds. Your kids might be coming back, or they might extend your family with a few small members that still need plenty of space.

    Grandparents holding their grandkids.
    You might end up needing more room than you already have. Be prepared on time.

    With this in mind, consider the following tips

    • Visit the rooms that haven’t seen your face since your kids moved out. Locate the items that no longer serve any purpose to anyone, and set them aside. If these belong to your offspring, consult them before tossing or donating these things.
    • Check your attic, backyard, and garage for all those boxes that haven’t been opened in years. Inspect the items inside, and decide whether they deserve the place that they occupy. If not, straight to the bin they go.
    • Go through the rooms you use on a daily basis, and have a peek at every drawer and cabinet. You might get surprised at what you find. Things that haven’t seen the light of day in over a year are probably things you can give to someone else. Plus, you will make room for all of those items you planned on treating yourself with.

    What it comes down to

    While all of these decluttering tips for seniors differ, they all have a core purpose in common. Removing all the redundant items from your home will make the space more breathable, and thus more livable for you and every other roommate you might have. Not only will you be able to fill the place with new items you actually need, but you will also find your place to be simpler for upkeep.

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