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Create a Halloween costume with leftover packing supplies

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    It is the month of October and Halloween is around the corner. It is the season of candies and costumes that all kids love. So, it is time to make a costume, it can be very difficult and expensive too. But, if you have been recently moved, you can use packing supplies leftovers for the costume. You can express your creativity and it won’t be expensive. If you have hired some of the household movers NJ has to provide then you will have plenty of packing supplies that you can reuse. Now, you can create a Halloween costume that your kids will love. Not only your kids, of course. Make a costume for you and get to meet your new neighbors.

    Moving in October

    Before you get in possession of these packing supplies you need to prepare for the move. Make sure you hire some of the Hoboken moving companies to conduct your move. There will be a lot of packing supplies of good quality that you could reuse. That will be ideal for a Halloween costume.

    Kids in costumes.
    Halloween is around the corner, make sure you make a costume on time for your little ones.

    Yes, there will be a lot of packing supplies and you have a few options to choose what to do with them:

    • you can throw them away
    • let your movers take them away
    • reuse them for some moving in the future
    • or, create a Halloween costume

    The last option is the best, and it is ideal so you do not have to waste your money on some expensive costumes. You had to pay for a lot of things during the moving process but the good thing is not having to pay for the costume too. So, use whatever you have left, boxes, packing peanuts, bubble bags, etc.

    Moving can be exhausting. So, to save your time and energy, do a little research about moving and storage NJ has to offer. Contact several moving companies to get a free estimate and choose the one that suits your needs. Hire your movers but don’t let them take away the leftover packing supplies. Halloween is around the corner and there is a costume to be made. So, to help you, here are some ideas for the costumes.

    Even if you were not moving to another place if you have just relocated your office, tell your commercial movers to leave the packing supplies. There are for sure some boxes and bubble bags that can be used. 


    Paint to create a Halloween costume.
    Make sure you use some paint to decorate your costumes.

    Create a Halloween costume

    So, you have material for making a costume but now you need to figure out what to make and how. Depending on what you like, or what is easy to make, there are a lot of things that can be made of packing supplies. You can make a SpongeBob SquarePants costume, Lego, Tetris group, Minecraft characters, a robot, a ballerina, a box of popcorns, etc. It all depends on your time and creativity. Make sure you have some paint, packing tape, and scissors. 

    A robot

    This is maybe the easiest costume to make and every kid likes it. Cut one hole on each side of the box for the arms, and one bigger the bottom for the head. You and some aluminum foil or metallic spray paint, then you can draw him eyes, mouth, some buttons, etc. Decorate it as you wish. Also, it doesn’t need to be metallic, you can paint it in any color you like. It is your creation so you decide about the details.

    A ballerina

    A robot is not a really interesting costume for girls. So, you can use the packing supplies you have to make a ballerina costume. You can use packing paper, and bubble bags to make a ballerina’s tutu skirt. You can use a belt, string, or ribbon to complete your costume. Paint the paper in pink, of course. Draw different shapes or even glue to the skirt some details that will make your costume special and personalized. For the top, you can also use a stretch wrap. Add some ballet flats and the costume is ready.

    Create a Halloween costume based on Sponge Bob.
    Be creative and have fun while you cerate a Halloween costume.

    SpongeBob SquarePants

    To make a SpongeBob SquarePants costume you will be needing a box and a lot of yellow paint. Make hols for the hand and the eyes. Draw a tie and its pants and color them. You can also make some of his friends, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick. If you have more than one kid, you can make all of them so they can be one big happy group.


    To make a box of popcorns you can use cardboard boxes and packing peanuts. Cut a hole on each side of the box for the arms, and one big hole at the top for the head. Then take the packing peanuts and tape them all over the top of the box and paint them yellow. Instead of packing peanuts, you can use shredded paper or just smash some packing paper and paint it. Of course, paint and decorate the box to look like an actual popcorn box.


    If your kids or your whole family are Minecraft fans then making a costume that will represent one of the Minecraft characters is really logical. Use a pox, paint, or colored tape and make your kid’s favorite character. You can add a sword or any other accessory to complete the costume.

    Conclusion – Create a Halloween costume

    So, here are some ideas to create a Halloween costume. There are a lot of ideas for costumes, just relax and let your creativity do the work. Leave the unpacking for the moment and have some fun with your family. You can buy some candies and let your little ones play trick or treat and they will be able to meet some new friend in the neighborhood. It will also help them to adjust faster to a new environment.

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