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Cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods

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    New Jersey is a state in the east of the country that offers a lot, but it is quite expensive to live in. Some places are cheaper, but there are also places that are above the average. We’ve created a cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods and we hope that this will make you decide where to relocate in NJ. Before we jump to that, first of all we need to mention that if you want to save some money on moving, the best option is to hire the best movers NJ provides. Only with the best you will have a safe and fast relocation. There are a lot of people that change urban for suburban or rural life to get their peace and live without any financial problems in the future.

    New Jersey’s way of life

    Life in New Jersey is fast. But, there are some places where people live differently and they respect their privacy, they want a quiet life and good neighbors. Before you decide on where you want to live, you need to ask yourself what you want from your life and what your family wants. Maybe New Jersey can’t offer anything for you. Maybe it is all you ever wanted. Who knows? Bigger cities offer greater opportunities to earn money, but they are more expensive than rural areas. There is also anxiety, noise, and a lot of people. For some people this is great. People who are in pursuit of their careers like this. What if there is a way to live in a healthy environment and at the same time have a good career? In NJ, that is possible!

    Housing corporation in New Jersey

    Living in Summit

    The city is located in northern-central New Jersey. 22,719 people live here to statistics in 2020. That is an increase of 1,262 since 2010. People recognized this place as a good opportunity to earn money and live happily. Is this something that you are looking for? The city of Summit is ranked as the 70th highest-income place in 2017 in the USA.

    Cost of living and housing

    When we talk about the cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods, we should mention that there are a lot of different variables that influence the cost of living and they change over time. Inflation around the world and in the USA is affecting prices and they tend to go up. The cost of living in New Jersey is 15% higher than the average in the country. Almost everything is more expensive in this state. Housing is 38% higher than the average. If you want to rent or buy, they are higher than in other states. In rural areas the situation is different, the prices are not so big, but still higher. 

    Summit is a whole different thing. Housing is 308% higher. Most Americans can’t afford to live here. The percentage is just too much. Summit’s cost of living is 73% higher than the national average. When you compare that to the state average, the difference is 58%.

    Cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods when it comes to housing are high
    Housing in Summit, New Jersey is expensive

    Food and groceries in Summit

    When you calculate and compare food and groceries prices with the rest of the state, the data shows that Summit is 5% more expensive than the national average. If you calculate and compare everything you can also see that moving companies in Summit are cheaper and better than other movers. Moving with them will easily spare you some money.


    This place in NJ is good when you want to conduct a cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods because it is a great place and people should know what to expect. Livingston is located in Essex County. It is bigger than Summit and here live 30,000 people. The number of people that are living here has been rising since the last decade. Let’s compare prices. If you want to relocate here after reading the next comparison, we highly recommend that you use the services of movers Livingston NJ.


    For measurements, we are going to use the index of 100. That index is the USA average. Everything below is less and everything above is more expensive. Overall the index for Livingston is 156.4. That means that Livingston is 56.4% more expensive than the USA average. That is a huge number.


    If you want to rent or buy a house in this place, that can be very hard. Despite all the taxes and fees that you need to pay when buying and also the fact that you need 20% in cash so you could start negotiating with a bank, houses are very expensive. The average price is more than $700,000. The index for housing is 240. That is a big difference from the national average. Consider this when you decide to move here.


    Another city that is located is Essex County. 38,000 people live in this place. It offers suburban living within easy commuter distance to the Big Apple. Because it is not so far away from NYC, it is perfect for people who are chasing good careers. That is something that most people want. Live peacefully and work hard to earn money. When it comes to cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods, this is maybe the most expensive.

    Is it cheaper than other cities?

    Overall the index is 172.4. This is the most expensive city so far. For most people, it is really hard to live here. Only the ones with good salaries and incomes. Let’s divide this into smaller pieces.

    This is not the cheapest city in New Jersey for sure. But, it offers great opportunities to earn money. People who live here have a feeling of living in a suburban area. This is also a great environment to raise children, A lot of great schools and kindergartens. But, kindergartens come with a price. They could be quite expensive in this area.

    The thing that can be quite cheaper than all these prices are movers Montclair NJ, who are professionals at moving. Despite the costs in this city, their prices remain the same.


    This township offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel and most people that are living here own their houses. Nutley is a family-friendly place. A great location to start a family and even retire when the time comes. People here are friendly and they like to help each other. When it comes to prices, you will need a well-paid job to support living here. The best way to see how much money you are going to need is by comparing the prices.

    And now a little more about incomes. The monthly salary after tax is $3841. That is $46,092 a year after taxes. When you compare income with the costs, you see that you can support your life here. And you can also get support from moving companies Nutley NJ when you need a relocation.

    When you do the cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods and statistics, Nutley is the real deal
    Nutley offers a great opportunities to earn money

    Choosing the Nutley

    Nutley is a perfect place for young families for many reasons. Newark is close and it is the biggest city in New Jersey. We will talk about Newark later. You can live in Nutley and use the perks of Newark to get a good job. They are not far away. Nutley has a lot of parks, it is a city that has everything, and it is beautiful in many ways. It is the best option to visit Nutley before you conclude moving here.


    This is a bigger city than others. More residents live here. Almost 69,300 people live here. It offers residents an urban-suburban mixed feel. This is an excellent place for young parents and their kids. Schools are above the average. There are also a lot of bars, restaurants with amazing food, parks, and coffee shops. Nightlife is also great here. And now let’s talk about numbers.

    Food and bills

    The worst thing about Bayonne is the housing. Almost 60% more than average. That is why it is a good option to have a good real estate agent on your side. They could help a lot with this. if you need real estate agents that are legit, you can ask movers in Bayonne NJ for help. They are well-connected with professionals in this area.

    A hamburger that illustrates the cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods
    Bayonne hamburgers are expensive!

    The biggest in the state – Newark

    Newark is the biggest city in this state. It offers a lot of opportunities! And it is not the most expensive in the state! It is somewhere in the middle. It offers a balanced life between jobs and fun and it is not as expensive as others. Before you make a decision it is the best option to think about visiting this place first. The best jobs in the state are here. Moving here doesn’t have to be a problem. But, you need to take into consideration that traffic jams can cause problems when moving and you need to respect people’s privacy and the time when they are resting. Using the moving services NJ that movers provide, you will get fast relocation which for a bigger city is crucial.

    Houses that reflect the cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods
    You need a good real estate agent when choosing a home

    Cost of living comparison in smaller NJ neighborhoods

    If you want to escape from big cities and you want some smaller places or villages here are some cost of living comparisons in NJ neighborhoods that are smaller and where communities are smaller.

    West Cape May

    Here you will notice that most residents prefer to drive a bicycle than to drive a car. This is one of the oldest resort destinations in this part of the USA. The coast is not far away, so you can enjoy swimming and relaxing when the summer comes. The overall index for this place is 147.5. When you compare that with the national index of 100, you can see that this place is almost 50% more expensive. But, life here is phenomenal.

    Walking path in the city near the coast
    Cities near the coast are more expensive


    Haddonfield is a charming small town with a surprising number of historic attractions and plenty of things to do. The most popular tourist attraction is the Indian King Tavern Museum. The building was constructed in 1750. It was the first historic site to be owned by the state. It is full of fascinating exhibits. If you ever decide to relocate here, the best way possible to make everything easier is to use the packing services NJ that movers provide. Packing is a delicate thing and why bother with that when you can use the time to explore and learn about Haddonfield. The score is 133.1.


    Princeton is known worldwide. This is thanks to its ivy-league university. This institution made some of the world’s best thinkers. One of the most important landmarks in Princeton is the university’s, Nassau Hall. This place has a great history. The revolutionary war battle or Battle of Princeton happened here in 1777. This is truly an amazing small place. The index of prices is 148.1

    Red Bank

    It is best known for its arts community. This is a top summer destination. The best-known venue is the Count Basie Center for the Arts. If you don’t want to live here, we still recommend that you come in summer and feel the amazing vibe that is coming from people that are living here. Red Bank’s housing expenses are 34% higher than the USA average and the utility prices are 10% higher. The overall index is 126.1.

    New Jersey is awesome in every way possible

    We mentioned some cost of living comparison in NJ neighborhoods. There are a lot more because NJ is full of amazing places. These are some of the most visited and in the opinion of many the best places to live in NJ. It is on you what you want. If you can, visit these places and decide.

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