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Common at-home storage mistakes to avoid

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    You decided to resort to DIY storage at your home where your belongings will wait until the relocation ends. However, it’s not enough to simply dump a bunch of items in a spare room or basement and call it a day. To keep stored items in one piece, it’s useful to know what common at-home storage mistakes to avoid. Also, you must make sure the items don’t require special conditions, such as a climate-controlled space. In that case, your best solution is an indoor self-storage you can rent at some of the most affordable movers NJ. We at All Season Movers NJ provide top-notch yet cost-effective storage solutions, as well as excellent moving services. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our offer.

    a woman resting on the box and thinking
    Learn about common at-home storage mistakes to avoid before you pack and store your belongings.

    We strive to maintain the highest service quality so you can have a blissful, stress-free moving experience. As one of the reputable and trustworthy Essex county movers, we put our customers’ needs and wishes first. With us at your disposal, a moving endeavor is a piece of cake.

    Not taking care of your items results is common at-home storage mistakes

    Once you opt for at-home storage solutions, you must be aware that your items will need your attention every now and then. In addition, you must know how to set up a spare room, garage, or basement before putting the items inside. So pay attention to what you shouldn’t do when storing your possessions at home.

    Even with DIY at-home storage, you will require other additional moving services NJ has on the market. Professional packers may do the packing for you, while you focus on other duties. Furthermore, you can find quality and at the same time affordable moving supplies at professional moving companies.

    #1 Putting dirty items inside the boxes or containers is the first at-home storage mistake to avoid

    You won’t do any service to your clothes, shoes and other items if you don’t clean them first. The longer you keep your items in the dirt, the greater the chance for possible damage will be. Therefore, schedule a dry cleaner, clean the shoes, dust the souvenirs and prepare for other common at-home storage mistakes to avoid.

    #2 Packing the items together in a few huge boxes or containers

    Even clothes and shoes don’t go together when packing for the move, let alone numerous other items. By stuffing the box with a bunch of different items, you risk collision and damage if the box falls for some reason. Furthermore, stuffed big cardboard boxes are too heavy to load. Rather get many boxes different in size and pack as many items as you can separately. However, if you’re unsure how to pack the boxes properly, check some of the best residential moving companies NJ has. Pick your chosen company and let its crew do the packing job for you.

    #3 Keeping the boxes in a dirty environment

    Just because your belongings are packed in sealed boxes, doesn’t mean they are safe to keep whenever you want to. Take time to clean the garage, room, or any place in your home where you intend to put the boxes. Don’t forget to sanitize the space. You will want to keep bugs away from your stuff.

    #4 Not paying attention to the room temperature

    The temperature will affect the condition of your stored items. So do your best to keep the room cool or warm, depending on the season. Check your belongings from time to time. Make sure there isn’t any moisture in the room.

    #5 Using low quality moving boxes or containers

    Sturdy and durable cardboard boxes, as well as quality plastic containers, will keep your belongings in one place. Therefore, spend some extra money on decent moving supplies. Check with your chosen moving company if they offer moving supplies at reasonable prices. 

    a man and a bunch of boxes lying on the floor
    Make sure to obtain enough quality boxes.

    #6 Not labeling the boxes

    Once you put the boxes with items into a designated at-home storage, it will be difficult to manage them later if you don’t label them on time. So use multi-color markers and write what’s inside each box. You never know if you will have to search for something among the towers of sealed boxes. Plus, post-move unpacking comes easier when you know the content of the boxes.

    #7 Forgetting to declutter your home

    Since you want to use your home as a storage solution, then ask yourself several questions:

    • Do I need all of these items?
    • Should I make more space in the room/garage/basement?

    By decluttering your home before the move, you will have fewer items to store. This is a good way to avoid excess clutter in your chosen at-home storage space. Moreover, you can earn extra dollars and allocate that money to some other moving services you might need.

    Avoid at-home storage mistakes by renting an on-site portable container

    If you don’t feel like following any of the tips ago, then simply invest in a quality portable on-site storage. While DIY at-home storage solutions require regular maintenance, portables can solve your worries around storage in one go. Just make some room for a container in your backyard. Then, browse the storage services NJ companies provide. Rest assured that you can find affordable yet decent storage solutions without difficulties.

    water drops on a glass
    Portable containers will protect your items from moisture and other outside factors.

    The benefits of portable units are worth the coin

    Portable storage containers protect all your items from external factors. Steel construction is weatherproof enough to keep heavy rain and rodents away from your belongings. In addition, portables are spacious enough for your items, and yourself as well. It’s easy to organize the boxes inside the portables or change the order if necessary.

    Having a portable storage container is useful while you are decluttering your home. After that, store the items you want to take with you and keep them there until the move is over. Plus, common at-home storage mistakes to avoid won’t be a problem.


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