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Childproof your new home after moving to Montclair, NJ

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    Moving alone or with a partner, and moving with kids is pretty much different. Depending on your kids’ age you need to make sure their daily routine is not disrupted too much.  In this whole moving process, you will need to depend on the help of your friends and family. Also, you will need to hire some of the best moving companies Montclair NJ has to offer so you can be at least a bit relaxed. One of the first things you need to do is childproof your new home after moving. It will take time, probably. The space you moved into is new to both you and your children. Little kids are adventurous explorers and they can end up with unwanted items in their hands or mouth. Therefore, let us see what you should do.

    Why you need to childproof your home after moving

    When your kids are little, somewhere between one and four, you need to watch them closely all the time. At that age they still cannot understand the dangers around them, so you need to warn them all the time. Doing that 24/7 is quite exhausting. This is where the childproofing system comes into the picture, and makes life easier for both you and your children.

    At this age, children are very susceptible to traumas and injuries. They are prone to burn themselves, fall into the water, fall, or even choke on some toys or small objects. For this particular reason, you need to be alert all the time. If you plan on having more than one child then you can always store childproofing items until the next occasion. This is why it is smart to choose the services of both moving and storage NJ movers can offer.

    Baby crawling next to a puppy.
    Kids are explorers and like to crawl and grab stuff. This is why it is so important to childproof your new home after moving. Be careful about what they can reach.

    The best ways to childproof your home

    In order to safely childproof your new home after moving, you need to try and walk in your child’s shoes. This process will involve the identification of all potential dangers and their elimination. It may sound ridiculous, but what you should do if this is your first time setting up childproof measures, is start crawling on all fours. That way you’ll better see all the sharp edges and all hazardous stuff that are at your toddler’s reach. Even with all the safety measures, you might not always be able to protect your child. It can knock something over or cause a small fire. So make sure to keep a working fire extinguisher at your hand’s reach and also keep close the first aid kit, in case you might need it. The concept of childproofing is to prevent, first and foremost.

    The fire extinguisher you will put up when you childproof your new home after moving.
    Even with all the childproofing items, keep the first aid kit and fire extinguisher at hand.

    Room by room method proves to be the best

    As we already stated, if you already have the childproofing items at your old home, you can just move them and fit in your new one. Of course, it cannot be the same as your new home will probably be very different, but the same rules will apply. Removing childproofing items and securely packing them should also be included in the moving quotes NJ movers will provide to you. Since they are experts, better leave the disassembling of these to them.

    Also, once you move into your new home, if you have agreed on full service with movers, they will be able to install all the gates and protection you need. On the other hand, if you opted for unpacking and assembling everything on your own, plan for babyproofing of your new home to be the first thing you do. After you finish, you can start unpacking the rest.

    Childproofing the nursery

    The nursery room is a very important room in the house, as your child spends a lot of time there. Therefore, make sure you protect each corner of this room. The cot baby sleeps in should be emptied of any unnecessary toys, pillows, and blankets, to prevent accidental suffocating. Toys that are welcome are those that are usually used for newborns. Those that hang above the crib, playing music, or making sounds. The changing table needs to be firmly attached to the surface, so there is no room for falling over. If the windows are near the crib, put some window guards, just in case. If your kid plays on the floor of the nursery room, watch out for the sharp edges.

    Kitchen and bathroom babyproofing

    The room-by-room guidelines for packing you have used when moving can and should be applied during unpacking. You can try and combine unpacking and childproofing your new home after moving. When it comes to the kitchen, make sure to put some protection on the knobs of the cupboards. Especially if you are one of those people who keep cleaning products and detergents under the sink.

    While cooking, try and use the furthest hot plates, so your child cannot knock over pans of hot food on itself. When it comes to the bathroom, this is where you need to be extra careful. As you know bathtubs are super slippery, so never ever leave your child alone in the bath, not even for a second. If you keep the medicine cabinets at your baby’s reach, put protection on them to avoid your child swallowing anything unwanted.

    A child trying to reach something that is on the counter.
    Keep hot and sharp things out of reach as you normally would.

    Additional tips on how to childproof your new home after moving in

    Basically, you need to foresee if there is a chance for your baby to swallow something, burn itself or something around it, and knock over hot or heavy items on itself. The remote control compartment with batteries should always be secured, as very often toddlers tend to swallow them, which can be very dangerous. Secure your home TV on the wall or if on a shelf, out of the reach.

    The same goes for bookshelves. Either install them on the walls high enough or do not leave any large and heavy books that can fall on your baby’s head. Install electrical outlet protectors everywhere in the house. If you have stairs, install the gate at the top and at the bottom, just in case. Since babies are the most valuable members of your home, we hope our advice on how to childproof your new home after moving in was insightful.

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