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Checking your inventory after an interstate move – simple guide

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    Although relocation can be exciting, it can also be quite an exhausting process, especially when moving interstate. As if moving interstate is not already stressful enough, you have to worry about whether you have packed everything you need. Knowing and understanding all the challenges and obstacles you may come across, might give you a slight advantage in deciding where to start from first. Checking your inventory after an interstate move is the number one thing you should do. Since moving to another country is definitely one of the most overwhelming experiences, you should consider hiring professional movers. All Seasons Movers NJ can help you move without having to worry about anything. Follow this guide and find out more about how to go through checking your inventory.

    Professional movers provide “Household Goods Descriptive Inventory Form”

    Personal documents, moving contracts, insurance papers, are only a part of the most essential documents you’ll need when you move interstate. However, there’s one important document you’ll also need – Household Goods Descriptive Inventory Form. This document will completely simplify your relocation and, what’s most important it ensures you nothing is missing or damaged. But, what is it? This document acts as a checklist of all your belongings from furniture to the smallest things. The purpose of this form is to document what items are being moved, their condition before and after moving. It consists of several columns such as:

    • Item number
    • Item name
    • Origin/destination condition
    • The exact location of the damage
    • Descriptive symbols – “C” (color TV), “PBO” (packed by owner), etc.
    • Exception symbols – “SC” (scratched), “BR” (broken), “ST” (stained), etc.
    • Location symbols – “side, “top”, “edge”, etc.
    • Four signatures – contractor, carrier, authorized agent (driver), owner.

    Every single article is marked by colored inventory tag stickers which sort out and describe your stuff. When the moving company delivers your inventory, you should check the condition of your stuff and compare it to the descriptive inventory form. This way you can make a complaint if something was damaged during the transport.

    Inventory tag sticker
    Professional movers use colored tag stickers to sort out your things

    Moving is a high service industry

    When moving interstate everybody wants to get a high-quality moving service. Nobody wants to get stressed more than it really is. With the help of our, Movers Cedar Grove NJ interstate relocation has never been easier. All Season Movers offers fast, effective, and punctual moving services.

    Check personal documents

    Yes, The Inventory Form is really important.  However, it’s essential to check personal documents since you’ll have to deal with relocation paperwork. Sort original documents in a file. Keep the file at hand since you will be dealing with unpacking and all the mess it follows. Even though you have already gone through checking your documents before an interstate move, it wouldn’t be bad to check them one more time in case you have to request additional documents from your country’s authorities.  You need to check:

    • Personal IDs
    • Birth certificates
    • School diplomas
    • Insurance papers
    • Marriage certificate
    • Rental agreement
    • Moving contracts
    • Medical records
    • Kid’s school records

    Check your belongings based on the inventory list you made

    Relocation is very stressful itself especially when the moment of unpacking arrives. After you went through checking the most important thing – your documentation, it’s time to switch to checking your inventory list. Presumably, you have made the list, now you can move on to unpacking and organizing your home. In case you haven’t made it, use the House Hold Goods Descriptive Inventory instead. This will save you time organizing your home. The Inventory list is the step for a successful unpacking.

    Checking your inventory after an interstate move
    Checking your inventory after an interstate move helps you stay organized

    Tips on: Checking your inventory after an interstate move

    Don’t know where to start from checking? Don’t worry. It’s completely normal to feel lost at first. Whether you are highly organized or not, a simple guide on how to check your inventory after an interstate move can solve your dilemma. Read on to find out how to easily check your belongings.

    • Check your essentials: The first thing you do when you move to a new house is unpacking your essentials. You probably feel tired after a long-distance move and you need to rest and make yourself comfortable. Well, you will need your essentials at hand, so check them out and put them in the visible place.
    • Check fragile items: Knowing that your favorite vase or mirror could be broken during transport is terrible. So hurry up to check fragile items and move them to a safe place before you arrange them.
    • Check your valuables: Items such as jewelry are very important so put them in a safe place.
    • Check kitchen appliances: Kitchen items are usually the first to get broken during the move. So plug them in and check whether they are working.
    • Check your library: walk through your book list and scan book boxes

    Check what you need to de-clutter

    You had probably thrown away some things before you moved, but it is always good to get rid of more. Most of the things you have saved were because you thought you may need them in the future. However, you are starting a new chapter in your life, so why don’t you make some space for new things. Purge away everything that brings you bad memories or makes you feel nostalgic. Whether you are minimalist-oriented or you enjoy collecting things, it is always good to get rid of the surplusage. Donate. Make a garage sale and get to know your neighbors. Feels good, right?

    Discard unnecessary things and donate
    It is always good to downsize and donate your things

    A stress-free move is a key to starting a new life abroad

    Moving doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. Whether you have moved before or not, relocation is one of the most stressful events one can experience in life. To make relocation less difficult, consider hiring professional movers. With our movers NJ to NYC move like a pro.

    Keep your belongings safe

    Don’t worry about checking your inventory after an interstate move. With our moving service NJ, you can be sure that your belongings are kept safe.  Contact All Season Movers NJ and let us provide you with a smooth, reliable, and enjoyable move. It is said that moving is like a divorce, so do it quickly and painlessly and “get married” to your new life thus embracing all the beauties of this new life chapter.

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