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Charming NJ places for your second house

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    Choosing the perfect place to buy a house can sometimes be challenging. Depending on your free time to research, your needs, and your budget, it gets overwhelming. We offer a view of a few charming NJ places for your second house. You can consider these, or maybe this can help you discover what kind of a place you want. Either way, this can be helpful. And once you make your decision, you have affordable movers NJ at your disposal to make your relocation stress-free. There really is no need for you to get overwhelmed by moving tasks when professionals can do everything for you.

    How to find charming NJ places for your second house?

    This question is probably constantly in your head now. Choosing where you want to buy a property comes with a responsibility. But, you can make your decision-making easier simply by asking yourself more questions. Instead of trying to figure this one out on your feet while running around doing your everyday stuff, sit down. Take some time for this, and you will see that it gets easier. Start by asking yourself what can be the perfect setting for this house. Is your second home gonna be a summer house, in which you can spend sunny and beachy days with your family? Or do you want to be somewhere up the mountain to see the snow and enjoy the winter? Decide on the function of your second home, and the perfect environment will come up naturally.

    NJ has charming places for your second house no matter what you will be using her for. From small towns with peaceful life and close neighbors to bustling cities filled with opportunities. You can search for a college town, or the best neighborhoods to retire in. And you will have all the help from residential moving companies NJ offers to make the move a great experience. There will be no need for you to stress and make your life complicated during this time. A team of professionals will be there with you every step of the way, so you can focus your time on other things you need.

    the view of the city
    New Jersey has a lot of amazing towns, so choosing the best one for you shouldn’t be hard

    Look for charming NJ places in Hudson county

    This county is the most populated county in New Jersey. It is located west of the river Hudson, and is looked at as the “Gateway to New York”. Lincoln and Holland tunnels are connecting this county to the Big Apple. Because of this great location moving companies Hudson county NJ are often busy. But that is not the only thing that is attracting people to move here. More and more people are moving from big cities to nearby towns to save money, but also get a better deal on houses. In a town, you can get a bigger house for less, and it might not be as competitive as trying to get an apartment in New York City. And if you are close to the big city, you can keep your job there and simply commute.

    Since Hudson has great connections to New York but also an amazing range of cities and towns, it is quite popular amongst people. Jersey City is the capital city of this region and is the second most populated city in New Jersey. It is mostly famous for its historical points of interest and is a great city to live in. Some smaller cities and towns you can find here are Hoboken, Harrison, Guttenberg, East Newark, and many more.

    view of a cathedral
    Hudson county has a great location and offers good communication between towns

    Bayonne has everything a small town needs and is close to the city

    This town can be the perfect place if you want to have a house in a smaller town that is close to the city. It is located on a peninsula very close to New York City, making it a great option for a lot of people. And there has been a trend of increase in home values, meaning that is getting recognized as such. No matter where you need your things moved from, you have movers in Bayonne NJ ready to help you out.

    It is a peaceful nice town, with a good range of great restaurants and coffee shops you can spend your time in. Also, Bayonne has good schools, so if that is something your family needs, it can be a great place for you. It also offers a good connection with all the necessary amenities. Plus, it is amongst the most walkable places in the entire United States. But, you should also know that the price of living is higher than the national average. If this is something that affects your decision, make sure you do proper research on it.

    Guttenberg is perfect if you want great views

    Being this close to New York City also means sometimes getting an amazing view of it from the comfort of your own home. Gutenberg is a small town of around 11 000 residents. Buying a house here will ensure that you get to know many of those people, and possibly meet new friends. Small communities are often welcoming, so it can be a great benefit. Town also has a diverse population. Offering a lot cheaper housing than in big cities, it can be a great option to look for houses. There are a lot of green spaces and a riverbank where you can go for a walk, a run, or simply enjoy the views.

    The view of New York City
    Guttenberg will provide you with an amazing view of NYC

    Essex county offers delightful small towns

    Here you can find many great and charming NJ places for your second house. Caldwell, Nutley, City of Orange, and Montclair can all be good choices. Essex county has plenty to offer, and you most certainly are not going to regret getting a house here. Its location is in the northeastern part of New Jersey, and the county seat is Newark. Essex is a county that has a lot of historical value and offers a lot of diversity and cultural attractions. Through its many school districts, it offers a great education, both public and private. Also, you can find plenty of job opportunities and great connections between towns. Of course, depending on your needs and wishes, you can find plenty of places here to fit into your plan.

    A couple walking in the park and talking about charming NJ places for your second house
    When looking for charming NJ places for your second house, don’t skip Essex County

    Maplewood is on the list of most charming NJ places for your second house

    A township in Essex county with a population of around 25 000 residents. It can be a great place to buy a second home in. This town offers a suburban feel, with more than enough amenities and things to do. With a great range of restaurants, parks, and museums, you would never be bored. There are a lot of green spaces here that you can enjoy in, and there are also protected nature reserves, so it can be a place where you come to relax. Plus, in 2019 Maplewood was ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States, and that means something.

    But it is still most popular because of its proximity to New York City. Also, it has been compared to Brooklyn so many times, that people started to go visit and see for themselves. Residents say that is even better than Brooklyn, but that is something you can see if you buy a house there. Should you decide to get a home here, all you need to do is call movers Maplewood NJ offers and start your relocation. It is a great place with a lot of cultural and art events, plenty of amazing streets to walk through, and beautiful parks to relax in.

    Cedar Grove is great if you are looking for a tight-knit community

    What if you want to stay in Essex County, but you really want a peaceful life in a small town? If this is the case, you definitely need to look into Cedar Grove. It is a township with around 12 000 residents and can be a good choice for anyone looking to set their house in a quiet little setting. It is also recommended as one of the best places to live in New Jersey, based on a few different things. Most of the people here own their homes and talk highly of this town. Since there is a small number of residents here, the community is really friendly and you can easily get to know people. It can be a good thing to have that in mind when buying a home.

    Owning a home will also give you the opportunity to visit municipalities that border Cedar Grove and its attractions. There is Verona in the south part, where you can visit the beautiful Kip’s Castle. On the east side is Montclair, with its Presby Iris Gardens, which will make you fall in love. Cedar Grove has also good communication with New York City and is located only 15 miles away, and 10 miles from Newark. So, you will have bigger cities near if you want to visit them. Moving here shouldn’t be a problem, as movers Cedar Grove NJ companies offer are at your disposal.

    People smiling for the camera
    Finding a new community is not easy, but you can make some great friends

    After you choose the best of charming NJ places for your second house, start planning

    Once you are done with choosing the place you want your new house to be in, you need to start planning everything else. You can look into what remodeling you want, what kind of vibe the interior will have, and which moving services NJ will help you the most. The best thing you can do to help yourself with all this is to take some time to make a detailed plan. It is always talked about making plans when moving, but it is really a great thing. You can put everything you need to do, which times it must be done, and all the rest on paper instead of keeping it in your mind. This will allow you to have some rest and not be overwhelmed during all this. So, make a plan and make it easier for yourself.

    Making a plan can also ease your communication with the rest of the family and your moving company, as you will know exactly what needs to be done and when. And good communication is half of the work as they say. It is also something you should be looking for in your movers, as a good moving company will make sure to talk you through everything. Meaning that you will understand the whole process and that maybe they can recommend you something that didn’t cross your mind. For example, they might recommend you get storage services NJ to ease your packing and not make a mess out of your place. All in all, good planning and communication will do a lot for you during moving.

    woman writing about charming NJ places for your second house
    Making a plan is one of the best things to do when facing a move

    Get excited about buying a house in a new place

    We know that there is plenty of charming NJ places for your second house. Also, we know you will find the best one for you. But, after you buy a house, how do you really get into the whole new place? The best thing that anyone can recommend is to explore and learn about your new city or town. Feeling at home in a place means that you have found beauty in it. And in order to do that you need to see the different little things that the town offers. And mostly, you need to see and try the things that only locals and residents know because they are the ones that give the special something to a place. For example, in Maplewood, there is a transportation services jitney, where you can form a lot of connections with your neighbors. Finding these will make you feel at home in a new place!


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