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Charming NJ places for a quiet family life

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    So, you are planning on moving with your family to one of the NJ places for a quiet family life. If this is the case, then you are also probably searching for some of the most charming NJ places in this area. Well, you are in luck. In this article, we are going to show you a few interesting and charming places for family life in NJ. Additionally, we will discuss why it is so important to hire reliable and professional movers, such as All Season Movers NJ, to help you relocate safely to your desired location.

    The best NJ places for a quiet family life

    Bayonne, NJ

    Bayonne is a smaller suburb with a population of around 65.000 residents. This suburb is located in Hudson County. Most residents in this suburb rent their homes and the overall feeling is an urban-suburban mix. One of the biggest advantages of moving to Bayonne, NJ is the fact that you can easily get to your desired location without too much trouble or traffic. If you plan on commuting you will definitely be satisfied with the Bayonne Flyer Light Rail. Additionally, since you will be moving with your family, one of the biggest advantages of Bayonne is the fact that it is very family-friendly. The community in this suburb is great and you can truly feel it. Of course, the location of Bayonne is also excellent. Although it has all of the advantages of being a small-town place, it is also located very close to NYC. Therefore, you have easy and fast access to “the big city”. Moving here is easy when you have the assistance of reliable movers in Bayonne NJ so make sure you contact them.

    Family walking.
    One of the best places for moving with your family in Hudson County, NJ is Bayonne.

    Mountain Lakes, NJ

    Mountain Lakes is a suburb with a population of around 4.000. This suburb is located in Morris County and is definitely one of the best places to live in NJ. Most residents own their homes here and the overall feeling of the suburb is rural. The Mountain Lakes, NJ has excellent safety ratings which makes it a perfect place for a quite family life. The suburb is also very small, and due to the overall rural feeling of it, you can expect both peace and privacy. In addition to this, Mountain Lakes, NJ has excellent schools that are all highly rated. While it is lacking in the nightlife department, it really does not lack in any department related to raising a family.

    North Bergen, NJ

    North Bergen Township is a suburb of NYC and has around 61.000 people living in it. It is located in Hudson County. While the place gives off an urban vibe, most residents own their homes. The place is quite diverse. This area is also very affordable. However, the biggest downside is the sometimes urban atmosphere. The location of North Bergen is also excellent as it is very close to the city. If you plan on moving here, be sure to contact professional movers North Bergen NJ.

    Short Hills, NJ

    Short Hills NJ offers residents a sparse suburban feel. This location has a population of around 13.000 and is located in Essex County. The schools and the education system in Short Hills are excellent. Short Hills is undeniably a great place to live with your family as it has an excellent, quiet community as well. The place also has a very convenient location. This area is also very safe which makes it perfect for raising a family.

    A family looking for NJ places for a quiet family life
    Short Hills is one of the best NJ places for a quiet family life.

    How to perform a safe and stress-free move with your family to NJ

    Plan everything on time

    Organizing a family relocation will require both a lot of time and energy. However, it is critical that you plan everything on time. Give yourself at least a couple of months before your moving date to form a good plan for the move and complete the packing process. Organizing your packing process is also crucial. There are lots of moving-related tasks that you have to complete when moving. One of them is going to be the packing process. Make sure your kids are not involved in the chaos that can sometimes ensue during the packing. Pack room by room and use a packing checklist to avoid this. Furthermore, you can set up a garage sale to declutter some of your inventory before packing as your entire family can participate in this process and it can be a lot of fun.

    Get in touch with reliable moving professionals for your relocation

    While you need to tackle all of your moving tasks, you also have to make time for your family and your work. Managing both sides on your own can be extremely difficult especially if your kids are very young. Therefore, it is best to contact reliable moving professionals to help you relocate with your family to NJ safely. Moving professionals can help you with lots of different moving services. For example, you can count on moving professionals to:

    • Secure safe transportation for your items,
    • Provide quality moving services including packing and storage services,
    • Deliver your items on time,
    • Give you a free moving quote for your relocation.

    Get in touch with reliable moving companies Hudson County if you plan on moving to this area.

    Packing together.
    Moving is easy and stress-free when you are accompanied by reliable moving professionals.


    To sum up, there are quite a few NJ places for a quiet family life. Take a look at all of the important factors related to the lifestyles of these areas and choose the one that suits your needs the best. Remember to always hire reliable movers to help you move and you will relocate to your new home successfully and efficiently!


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