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Challenges of organizing an interstate move with a pet

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    Relocation is a complex process that requires a lot of planning and good organizational skills. Behind every relocation that was successful, there was a good plan. Every relocation is different. There are no two same relocations. You are the one responsible for planning it and it will happen in the way how you imagined it. Planning is important, especially when you have those little furry friends. There are quite a few challenges of organizing an interstate move with a pet. It is not the same process as it would be if you were moving without one. Even though it might seem impossible and very hard, it is not. Especially when you have help from the best movers NJ has. They play quite a big role in this as well. Now, it is time to prepare yourself, and your pet for something like this. Be ready, it will be quite interesting.

    One of the most common challenges when organizing an interstate move with a pet is the possibility of quarantine

    Even though your pet is for sure completely healthy, and you have all the needed documentation for them, quarantine can happen. First of all, this is not always the case. Of course, it depends on the country you are going to move to. You need to check all the regulations and rules regarding pets. This will spear you the shock when you try to enter and all the mess it can happen. No one would like to leave their pet in quarantine, right? Normally, they give you a quarantine if all the extra pre-export paperwork, vet visits, and vaccines are not in order. This process generally takes a lot of time to plan. At least six months in most cases.

    Dog driving in the car on front seat.
    No matter how you are traveling, there might be some challenges when you try organizing an interstate move with a pet.

    There is no need to rush to your vet and trying to speed up the process. It is not possible. The procedure works the way it works, and you won’t be able to change anything. But, while you wait for your documents, you should definitely contact the interstate movers NJ has so you can plan this relocation together. Not to lose time on waiting. And also, check if they have some regulations for pets as well. It is very important to do that, so there are no surprises on a moving day.

    Make sure that breed of your pet is allowed in the country you are going to relocate to

    First of all, you need to know that not every breed is allowed everywhere. Some states don’t allow specific breeds to enter their country. If you don’t check this on time, it will only disturb you once you try to enter the country. So it is definitely better to be prepared on time, and avoid challenges. Movers North Bergen NJ that you will hire are not responsible for this part. If you don’t check up on the possible challenges that can occur when you are organizing an interstate move with a pet, it is your mistake. Not theirs.

    Also, this challenge does not only apply to entrance into countries. But, since you are moving interstate, there is a huge possibility you planned on traveling by plane, right? It is more convenient, faster, and easier. Well, be aware that for instance, snub-nosed breeds such as bulldogs or pugs are often restricted from some airlines. Also, if your pet is a large one, you need to check out if they will need custom travel crates. Make sure you contact your airline company and find all the needed information to avoid challenges, and be prepared.

    Green chameleon on a hand.
    If your pet is one of the exotic pets, you need to fill in a lot of paperwork, so be prepared.

    Let’s not forget other species of pets, such as exotic ones

    Normally when we say the word pet, we all think about dogs and cats. But, let’s face it, not everyone has one of these two kinds. There are other animals that people love, and they have them as their pets. Especially some exotic animals that are either beautiful or rare and interesting. Well, in case that your pet is a snake, bird, fish, or some type of a lizard, you need to be even more prepared. It is definitely more challenging to relocate a snake than it is for dogs. And relocating your pet, might not be one of the moving services NJ has. So don’t make any statements, until you check out everything first.

    Once again, if you plan on going to an aircraft with a snake, you must see the regulations, laws, and rules. There is a lot of additional important paperwork that you will need to fill in. And definitely don’t forget specialized crates for traveling by plane. Don’t even be surprised if it is hard to find proper regulations about this. Because of that, you should call your friends, and find someone who did this sort of thing before.

    Also, one of the challenges you can run into when you are organizing an interstate move with a pet is related to the age of your pet

    Believe it or not, the age of your pet plays a big role when it comes to relocating. Sometimes, even people are not able to cope with their emotions while they are relocating. Can you even imagine how everything is affecting your pet? They need a lot of love and care before, during, and especially after your move. It is for sure a stressful situation for them. And if you have a pet that is quite old, it can be very challenging.

    Before you start making any sort of plans, you need to visit your vet. Let them check your pet, and they will tell you if your pet is in a good shape and position to deal with an interstate relocation. Don’t be shocked if an answer is negative. So, to still hold on to your plans, first explore all the options and things, before making any decisions.

    People in the train traveling with a dog.
    Check if you need custom crates for your pet while traveling.

    Make it easy on your pet

    Sometimes, we don’t realize that our pets need more attention than we are giving. If you can’t find enough time for them, they get very sad. And you need to work on that. Don’t let these things happen. Especially not when you are relocating. They don’t understand your language, and they will be completely disoriented. Ease it up for them as much as possible but try to create a daily routine and stick to it. Buy them a new comforting pet toy, play with them, pet them, and prepare for anything when organizing an interstate move with a pet.


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