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Breaking the News: How to Let Family and Friends Know You Are Moving

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    Moving can be the most stressful thing you have to do in life. You have to plan well and do so many things that the last few weeks can be chaotic. Otherwise, you might make a mistake. Even transporting a simple item, like a vehicle with car shipping companies in New Jersey, is not easy. Yet during that time, do not forget to tell the closest people you are leaving. It is not easy to move away from family, friends, and coworkers. However, it is not only hard for you but for them as well. You are a big part of their lives, and it will not be easy to see you go. So to help you, here are a few tips on how best to let family and friends know you are moving.

    Tell your family and closest friends in person that you are moving

    For some people, it might be hard to tell their loved ones that they are leaving. And they might opt for not doing it at all. This might be ok for your acquaintances and coworkers, but it would be the worst thing to do to a family. So when you decide that you are moving from NY to NJ, take some time in your busy schedule and tell your family and friends in person. Understandably they will need some time to process the information, so be patient if there are some emotional outbursts. Yet, for this reason, it is best to do it in private. Avoid public places if you are expecting some tears to happen. Therefore everybody should be feeling safe in the comfortable atmosphere of their homes.

    Group of people sitting around the table drinking
    Inform your family and friends that you will be moving in the warm atmosphere of a home.

    Let family and friends know you are moving via a Facebook announcement

    In today’s digital age, there are numerous ways to share information. And they can be imaginative so that you can spend a whole day making a perfect one. Therefore use this great tool and let family and friends know you are moving by making a Facebook announcement. Even before you hire movers Jersey City NJ to help you relocate, start thinking of a perfect way to make it public. One of the options is to create an event page and invite everybody to join it. Mark the date and all the new information about your new home. However, do not make a mistake by putting your new address. Facebook is a very public platform, and there is no real guaranty of privacy.

    Send cards to all your family and friends informing them about the move

    The most classical way of letting your family and friends know that you are moving is by card. You can not make a mistake with this one. It has class, and it is always fun to design and make them. Besides, unlike social media, with a beautiful card, you can share all your personal information. Just make sure not to send it in a shape of a postcard. Always seal it in an envelope. And if you are trying to save money with affordable movers NJ, cards are not expensive and will fit your budget perfectly. Therefore make sure to write your new address and all the contact information like email and phone number. Additionally, do not forget to mention if you are moving permanently or just for a certain period.

    a postcard with an old camera on it
    Let family and friends know you are moving with creative cards.

    Before you relocate have a farewell party and invite all your family and friends

    Break the news that you are moving to your family and friend by organizing a going-away party. You can have an overnight festivity with awesome music. Or you can use it to save some money. So before residential moving companies NJ come to relocate you, organize a get-together where your loved ones will come and help you pack. Make sure to provide all the packing material, like boxes, duct tape, and bubble wraps. Ask everybody to pack at least one box. But make sure you buy snacks and drinks for everybody. This is the best way to have some fun while getting ready and spend some quality time with loved ones. As well as save some time and money on packing.

    After the move, stay in touch with all your loved ones

    After you tell all of your friends and family that you will be moving, you need to make sure you can all stay in touch. Because you will be moving to a new and unfamiliar place, it is healthy to stay in touch. Especially in the coming weeks after your relocation. It will help you mentally and emotionally to hear from and talk to loved ones. Therefore ensure that everybody has your new contact information. From Facebook account to phone number and Skype id, all of these are a great way to stay updated. And you never know you might need some advice that only a friend back home knows. Besides, you will have an easier time moving if you know that your family and friends will stay in your life.

    hand holding a phone and a video of a man on the screen
    Make sure you do not lose contact with loved ones once you move.

    It is never easy to tell your family and friend that you are going away

    It is not easy to say goodbye when you are moving, but if you do not do it, you might end up regretting it forever. Especially if you lived in Jersey City for a long time. Because that means to have a lot of people that are an important part of your life. So let family and friends know you are moving so that they have time to get emotionally ready. Like you, they will have a hard time saying goodbye. Therefore use some of the fun ways to announce your relocation. Send creative cards, or make a Facebook announcement. But whatever you decide, once you move, make sure to stay in touch.

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