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Best places in Essex County for singles

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    With nearly 800,000 residents, Essex County is an appealing community located in the northeastern part of New Jersey. This area offers a great atmosphere, many attractions, and landmarks. Also, this county is popular for its convenient position. Residents can conveniently commute to New York City, abundant parks, and desirable local perks. So, if you decide to move to this county, the first thing you need to do is to hire one of the reliable moving companies NJ has. Then, read this article and find out the most desirable places in Essex County for singles.

    The cost of living in the best places in Essex County for singles

    If you are seriously thinking about settling in Essex County as a single, you surely want to know the cost first. And that’s the next step, right after you hire the best Essex County movers. So, if we take a scale where the average cost of living in the US is 100, Essex County scores just over 135. But fear not as this number isn’t that high for East Coast communities. Especially the cities best for singles close to New York City. Then, as for the cost of housing, Essex County scores 172 on the same scale. And that includes expenses such as healthcare, groceries, transportation, and utilities.

    As for the housing costs in some of the best places in Essex County for singles, it varies hugely.  For instance, condos and townhomes in Newark cost around $100,000. On the other hand, more luxury homes can cost more than $5 million.

    A model of a house next to a key
    If you are looking for a home in one of the best places for singles in Essex County, you have to set up a budget first.

    Let’s break down some of the best places in Essex County for singles

    Essex County has many things to offer, which is why this area has experienced more than 10 % population growth. And this county is appealing for many singles, as well, due to its special style and personality. So, right after you hire the best movers in the county, it’s time to get to know the details.

    Montclair – one of the best places for singles in Essex County

    If you’re thinking about moving from Cedar Grove NJ with the help of movers Cedar Grove NJ, this might be your place. Montclair is ideal for singles wanting to live in Essex County due to its various amenities. But also, this place is ideal for Essex County Commuters. We can freely say that this township is a commuter suburb of New York City. Also, one of the things that makes it a convenient place for singles is that it has a great public transportation system. But not only Montclair is convenient for residents who use public transportation, but it’s convenient for those who drive, as well. It is close to several major roadways and it has easy access to the Essex Freeway and Garden State Parkway.

    Aerial view of NYC and Central Park
    If you choose Montclair for your residence, you’ll be quite close to New York City.

    Montclair amenities singles can enjoy

    For those who would like to settle in Montclair, it’s good to know that you have many cultural contents at your disposal. So, for instance, you can enjoy the Whole Theatre, and Montclair Art Museum. But furthermore, you can also enjoy Presby Memorial Iris Garden and Yantacaw Brook Park. You see, Essex County offers many different contents for singles who want to live here. Also, let’s not forget to mention commercial districts within Montclair such as Walnut-Grove and the South End. These places have many art galleries, restaurants, bakeries, and unique shops that delight their residents. So, after moving there with the best movers in Caldwell NJ, you can enjoy all these amenities and perks.

    Real estate price in Montclair, Essex County

    Logically, the proximity of Montclair to New York City has driven up real estate prices. However, if you are looking for condos, you can expect the pricing to range from $100,000 to $350,000. And these prices make Montclair one of the most affordable cities in Essex County for singles. With the amenities listed above, we are sure that living in Montclair saves its residents from trekking into NYC every weekend.

    Maplewood – a great place for singles that offers fun attractions

    Even though the population of Maplewood sits at just around 25,000  people, this place is convenient for living. The reason that this number has increased by over 10 % from the last census is its closeness to plenty of amenities. But also its playful atmosphere and numerous attractions appealing for singles. Amongst the amenities are:

    Also, let’s not forget to mention that this township is a massive supporter of the performing arts. Every year, Maplewood hosts Maplewoodstock, a free annual concert that brings together local and nationally-known musicians. Also, Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts is a theatre in Maplewood that hosts events such as visual storytelling and arts and crafts nights. All of this makes Maplewood one of the most appealing places in Essex County for singles.

    Pictures exposed in an art gallery
    Maplewood offers you access to great art galleries and other cultural content.

    Commuting to NYC and housing prices in Maplewood

    As for commuting, you can drive to New York City in under forty-five minutes. And that makes it a perfect area for commuting into the city. Also, the residents have easy access to the Garden State Parkway and Interstate 78, which altogether makes commuting a breeze.

    As for the prices of condos and townhomes in Maplewood, their range is between $100,000 and $300,000. And most of those units have luxury amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and in-unit washer dryers.

    Best Essex County places for singles are waiting for you

    As you could see, municipalities in this area are just a short commute from New York City. And they boast plenty of conveniences and amenities. All these things make these places in Essex County great for singles. Also, the picturesque scenery and gorgeous parks and green spaces give a special feel to this area. So, without a doubt, these excellent communities present unbeatable options to choose from when looking for places in Essex County for singles.




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