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Best places in Essex County for ex-New Yorkers

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    It’s simply a fact, that when you live many years at one certain place, you don’t only get used to it, but you get emotionally attached. Yes, people don’t get attached to other humans, but to things, and places as well. That is one of the main reasons, why it is very difficult to leave a place where you have lived almost your entire life. Now, because of this problem, many people try to find some similar places, where they can actually feel at home. Or at least feel a little bit better. This is also helping with adapting faster to the place. You need to find only the best places in Essex County for ex-New Yorkers. Don’t expect to find something the same. But something with a similar filing instead. After that, you only need to hire some of the moving companies NJ and you are good to go.

    Discover the best places in Essex County for ex-New Yorkers

    Quite a large number of people believes that finding a similar place to the one where you’ve lived when you are moving is not important. Which is a mistake. Of course, not everyone gets attached to a place. But, if you live many years in one city, and you spend the best time there, of course, you will miss it. And that can easily lead people to be depressed. You want to avoid that. No one is saying you will find a place that is exactly like New York. That is even impossible to do. But there are some places that might have the same or at least similar vibe.

    View of Central Park and buildings behind it in NYC.
    Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

    This will for sure make you feel more comfortable. And you will be for sure able to adapt quite faster than you thought. These things are very important for your state of mind. And your mental health. That is why finding the best places in Essex County for ex-New Yorkers is important. And only after you have found the right place, you can contact Essex County movers and start with the relocation.

    Newark is one of the places that can be a perfect fit for you

    Of course that the number of inhabitants can’t be even compared, but living with 281,054 people can give you a nice urban-suburban mix of area feelings. Also, quite the majority of the people here are renters. Even 78% of them. And it is reasonable because the median rent price is $1,085. While median home value is $245,200 and only 22% of people own their own homes. If you are moving with your kids, it’s great to know that Newark has high-quality schools. And there is no mistake there.

    In the end, if you really decide to go with Newark, and have already hired movers Verona NJ to relocate you there, you will need to know what are the best neighborhoods there. So, in the first place, there is Downtown, with Upper Vailsburg following, North Ironbound, Seventh Avenue, and South Ironbound. If you are looking for the best neighborhoods, then these are for you. Although it is a perfect city to live in, crime and safety are not the best rated. But still, it is quite alright for living. A good fact to know is that the median household income is $35,199. Here you can find quite a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. And you should know that in this city inhabitants live liberal.

    View of Newark, New Jersey.
    Newark is one of the places in Essex County for ex-New Yorkers, so give it a try.

    You can consider Nutley as one of the best places in Essex County for ex-New Yorkers

    Nutley is a township that is also located in Essex County. And same as Newark, this place can be a good one for ex-New Yorkers. Even though there are only 28,478 inhabitants. Maybe, the change will actually be a good thing. There are also a lot of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks here. And also, living in a place with many young professionals that tend to be liberal can be quite comforting and amazing. It might even motivate you. Here, you can get a mix of the urban and suburban area feel. And also, what is important to know is that the median home value is $387,600 and there are 65% of owners. Now, you understand that there are 35% of renters, and the median rent price is $1,348. These facts are important before you call movers Caldwell NJ can provide you with.

    That is not all you have to know. This place is actually very highly rated when it comes to crime and safety. So, this basically means that safety is high, and the crime rate is low. Which is amazing when you have children. And speaking of children, you will be glad to know that all of the schools are rated with A’s and that there is a huge choice of public schools and even two private ones. You won’t have to worry about your kid getting a proper education. On the other hand, getting a job here is also quite easy. You won’t have to worry about this thing either. And the advantages have people working in the medical sector. Also, important to know before you hire the best moving companies Nutley NJ has, is that the median household income is $99,276. Which is quite amazing, isn’t it?

    Feel free to add Bloomfield to your list

    Another city that also has charmed inhabitants with the urban-suburban mix area feel, is Bloomfield. Here, here, the population is 49,260 inhabitants that love to be liberal, and they are majority quite young adults, seeking perfection. Here, most of the residents own their homes, rather than renting them. Even though the median home value is $329,900, and the median rent is just $1,379. For sure, the crime and safety are not that high as it is in Nutley, but it is quite alright still. The median household income is $78,034 which can be quite satisfying if you know where to look for a job. The schooling program is very good here, and your kids will have a proper and high-quality education. Don’t wait much longer before you call your movers Cedar Grove NJ has. Simply decide today, and start working on your relocation plan.

    Aerial view of a city in New Jersey, one of the best places in Essex County for ex-New Yorkers
    After living in New York, New Jersey is a great place to settle down.

    Last, but not least, we have Belleville

    Belleville is actually a suburb of New York City. It is still a part of New Jersey, and it is in Essex County. But this is the closest you can get to NYC. Anyways, it is a place with 36,181 inhabitants that tend to be liberal and seek professions and perfections. Same as it is for Bloomfield, here, the majority of the inhabitants own their own homes. Nightlife here is quite amazing, so prepare yourself to still live in a city that barely sleeps. This is an amazing place for families, and for people who accept diversity.


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