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Best places in Bergen County for couples

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    Picking a new place to live isn’t easy. You have to think about many different aspects of your life. Ask yourself if the new place can satisfy all your needs and what are your priorities. Can you live in a place where you can’t practice your hobby? Or maybe you don’t want to live somewhere too crowded. It’s a pretty complex subject and it becomes even more difficult when you have to search for a home with your significant one. That’s why we are here to help you find the best places in Bergen County for couples.

    Think about the priorities

    While a lot of people think one guide can give all the answers to their questions, that’s not exactly true. While we can give some great recommendations, you need to have properly set priorities. What’s the most important thing about a place to you and your husband or wife? What makes something one of the best places in Bergen County for couples in your opinion?

    Some people find the cost of living to be the most important thing. Other people would say it’s the nightlife. There are those who just want to live a peaceful lifestyle and don’t care about the cost. All in all, before you schedule a move with one of the best moving companies Bergen County NJ has to offer, you also need to know what you’re looking for. Your search and eventual choice will depend on that. So, let us give you some examples of great places for you and your significant other.

    one of the best places in Bergen County for couples.
    We will introduce you to some of the best places in Bergen County for couples but you need to know your priorities so you can make the right choice.

    Things to pay attention to

    While people can spend months doing their research before they set a date with movers NJ, they often don’t do it properly. You should look for some important info about each place before you decide which one is among the best places in Bergen County for couples. Here are some stats you should specifically look for:

    • Compare the cost of living in different areas
    • Look for the life standard on the national scale
    • Find out what’s the crime rate in that specific neighborhood
    • If you plan a family, make sure it’s kid-friendly
    • Find out how many people live in an area

    All of these stats help you create a better picture and find out what you’re supposed to be looking for. If the place you want to move to checks all of these criteria, you really have found one of the best places in Bergen County for couples.

    North Bergen is definitely among the best places in Bergen County for couples

    To be honest, North Bergen is quite attractive to everyone. If you were a bachelor or a big family of six, you would still want to live here. It has a nice living standard, and the cost of living is a little bit below the national average. That’s why it’s a great place no matter where you come from. It’s also pretty diverse. The majority of people are of Hispanic origin and the rest are either white or African American. When it comes to religion and culture, there is also great diversity in Noth Bergen. People hire movers North Bergen NJ and come here because they want to experience a new way of lifestyle.

    While it’s not very dynamic in the meaning of nightlife, Northern Bergen is still very lively. You will constantly be meeting new people. Also, there are many young people. Unfortunately, it is one of the cities with the highest density in the state. However, people are so nice that most of the time newcomers don’t even have a problem with that. You will find many opportunities for work in this part of NJ. People love to come here and test their luck and most of the time they get a job quite easily. So, it is definitely one of the best places in Bergen County for couples.

    There are a few cons

    The main con of moving to North Bergen is its quick pace. While it is what attracts a lot of people, there are those who just don’t like that kind of lifestyle. Some people like everything around them to be tranquil and peaceful. Those people should look for a more suburban type of neighborhood, but if they can get over the fact that North Bergen can get a bit too fast sometimes, they can have a beautiful life.

    a football field in one of the best places in Bergen County for couples
    North Bergen has many lovely facilities where you can enjoy sports and other activities.

    North Bergen tries to fight the lack of nature

    While there are many cities that are basically seas of concrete, North Bergen isn’t among them. These guys have maybe the best Parks and recreation department in the country. They are constantly working on bringing more green areas to the neighborhood. These guys are planning, opening, and expanding parks. They are also maintaining them and they are doing whatever they can to fight noise and light pollution. That type of pollution is especially common when you have 60 000 people living on a relatively small piece of land. They open new facilities where people can exercise and try out new sports. It’s a really great project that aims to improve public health and if there’s one great place for couples who are into fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it’s this place.

    If you share a love for tranquility, Lyndhurst is the place for you

    While the last place we mentioned had 60 000 people living there, Lyndhurst has three times fewer people and they are roughly around the same size. It really puts things into perspective and you can see why Lyndhurst is so attractive to people. Many couples call it one of the best places in Bergen County for couples. If you are newlyweds and want your peace, this is the place for you. You can stay here for as long as you want and every night will be a blessing without noise. You can go for long walks and enjoy the fresh air every morning without a single tall building in sight. So, if you are into living a life of peace, without going to nightclubs or traffic jams, you should schedule your date with Lyndhurst NJ movers now.

    There are a few cons to Lyndhurst

    While it’s a lovely town, there are some people who would find certain details about it a deal breaker. So, let us dive in and make sure you have the right picture of the situation.

    First of all, you should have a guaranteed job before you move. This is pretty much the case with most neighborhoods if they are small. There are no tech giants, financial corporations, or similar companies that are just waiting to give you a job. So, if you can find a job you can do remotely, it would be just great. If you can’t and want to live in Lyndhurst, find a job before the move. That way you’ll be safe in case you have to start working immediately. So, in addition to the time, you’ll spend searching for a good relocation company, you’ll also have to spend time searching for a job.

    Another detail about Lyndhurst that might change your mind is its diversity. While the city is known as a very open-minded one, people are still mostly white, with around 80%. That makes some people change their plans and move elsewhere only because they want to raise their kids in an environment where they can see and feel many different races and cultures. Lyndhurst is known as a place where you can freely practice your freedoms but there still isn’t a significant number of people of a different race.

     Culture and charity make Lyndhurst one of the best places in Bergen County for couples

    People of Lyndhurst don’t invest their time and money into the economy, opening a new big business and bringing other businesses into town. They actually spend money on charity and organize a lot of displays in the museum. Every once in a while you can go and see some wonderful cars in the museum and once a month there will be some event calling you to donate. Charities really help Lyndherst improve the life standard of their citizens.

    If you’re into history, literature, and Americana, you’ll love Lyndhurst. It really resonates with people who seek to have a healthy, peaceful life without the pressure that comes from living in big cities or crowded skyscrapers.

    A very well kept park during a sunny day.
    A lot of green areas make Lyndhurst one of the best places in Bergen County for couples.

    Rutherford is a place that won’t cease to amaze you

    If you know a bit about New Jersey, you probably aren’t surprised to find Rutherford on the list of best places in Bergen County for couples. It might be smaller than the two boroughs mentioned before, but it has just as much to offer, if not more. That’s why couples move to Rutherford with household movers NJ much more often than people think.

    This is a small and cute town that has everything in moderation

    Rutherford has around 18000 residents living in an area of around 7 square kilometers. That means that everyone has enough room, but it’s still pretty small. That’s why the Rutherford government and urban planners did their best to create a town that will have everything. Once you arrive in this city you will notice that it’s very peaceful. However, it’s not too peaceful. For those who like dynamics, there is always some event happening at the farmer’s market. If it’s not happening at the farmer’s market, it’s happening in the city center. There are festivals every few months, memorials, and games. People can spend their free time socializing in this charming town and don’t worry about feeling alone.

    The same goes for young couples. If you have trouble finding people you can hang out with and make new friends, call moving companies Rutherford NJ has to offer and schedule a relocation. The moment you relocate your chances to find decent people who just love meeting other young couples improve greatly.

    A lot of people are enjoying the sunset in a park.
    Rutherford has some wonderful parks you can visit and spend time there relaxing and thinking.

    You’ll enjoy history and green

    Another name for Rutherford is the Borough of trees. There’s a good reason for that name. Even though the name dates back to the nineteenth century, there is still a strong reason to call Rutherford the same way. That’s because the Rutherford government decided to make a really big part of the city’s pedestrian area. They planted beautiful trees in that area and surrounded the town with some really nice trees. So, if you and your significant other love green and like to spend time in nature, this is one of the best places in Bergen County for couples, especially for you.

    The people of Rutherford take their history seriously. That’s why they have quite a few historical places you can visit if you ever decide to get to know the town better. Here are a few of them:

    • Ivisvold is a house that looks almost like a castle and has great significance
    • Kip Homestead is another great jewel of old architecture
    • Rutherford station gives you a perspective of 19th century
    • William Carlos Williams House is a really interesting place to visit
    • Yereance-Berry House is a great reason to spend a day researching Rutherford

    If you’re into architecture and love to see places you’ve never seen before, you should book the moving services NJ has to offer right now. Once you start looking around and finding new places you won’t be able to stop.

    An old villa behind a river.
    Rutherford has some great examples of American architecture.

    Do background checks on movers before choosing between some of the best places in Bergen County for couples

    There are many long distance moving companies NJ has to offer. That’s only natural since New Jersey is a big place. However, many of those companies can easily turn out to be scammers. You don’t want to deal with that kind of people. Try to avoid that. For example, you can ask your friends for a recommendation. They are trustworthy and will probably be more than willing to help you out. In case they don’t have experience with relocation, there are other ways to check if a company is legit. Look up their website. If they have reviews published on it, that’s a huge green flag. Take your time, do your research, and your relocation to one of these best places in Bergen County for couples will be perfect.


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