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Best places for winter lovers in Bergen County

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    When you have to choose between spending time at your home or being out and doing something fun during the winter days, most of us will choose to stay warm. This is only because we haven’t experienced the best things in Bergen County. For all the residents of this place and those of you who will become one, you should know that there are tons of places and things to do here. It’s one of the most popular destinations for winter lovers. That’s why you should consider moving here and staying through the holidays. By checking all of these best places for winter lovers in Bergen County, you will make a decision soon. Moving here will be the only thing you’ll think about. And when you do, make sure you hire one of the best movers NJ has and let them deal with the relocation process. Focus on having fun.

    Best places for winter lovers in Bergen County

    Bergen County has so much to offer you. From small and unfamiliar places only locals know about to some of the most popular places that everyone is coming to visit. You can find outdoor sports, family fun, and everything winter and the holiday season is all about. That is why if you are thinking f moving here, you can always check with local movers NJ has and find out where are the best places you can have fun and enjoy the winter. They will give you a piece of inside information about all the things you can do that not many tourists know about.

    1. Nicest diners and delicious food is always an option,
    2. Go skiing and spa,
    3. Take a winter hike in the Watchung Reservation,
    4. Visit The Liberty Science Center,
    5. Visit the Tenafly Nature Center,
    6. Explore The Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey,
    7. Take The Polar Bear Plunge, and
    8. Watch the ice boaters speed along the Navesink in Red Bank.
    Forest in winter
    There are plenty of places where you can have fun in Bergen County during the winter

    The family meal is one of the most famous restaurants. Who will refuse that?

    You should know that Bergen County is the most iconic place in New Jersey where you will find the most delicious food. There are over 10 top diners that have some of the most amazing views. You will be able to enjoy food and the view at the same time. Some of the best places you should visit and taste the most delicious food:

    • Suburban Diner
    • Dumont Crystal Diner
    • Abbie’s Diner
    • Chit Chat Diner
    • State Line Diner
    • Hiram’s Road stand

    However, even if those are the best ones, you should not miss a chance to go to Rutherford’s most famous restaurant. Rutherford placed in Bergen County is considered to be the number one place for meat lovers. Get a table at Jim Dandy’s and taste some of the most delicious hamburgers. The only thing you need to worry about is making a reservation on time. Even though this place has an option for home delivery, you should not miss a chance to be served by the most polite people. That is why you should think about making a reservation before you relocate. So, after you have booked reputable moving companies Rutherford NJ and you know your date of the relocation, call Jim Dandy’ and book a table or two for you and your family.

    Have lunch while your kid is outside making a snowman

    Best places for winter lovers in Bergen County to go skiing

    What is winter without ice skating and asking? If you have just relocated to Bergen County with one of the best long distance moving companies NJ has, you are in for a treat. There are numerous places where you and your family can have fun skiing and ice skating. Winter lovers will have a blast here. And of course, we cannot but mention snowboarding. So, the first thing you need to do is go to the slopes of Mahwah’s Campgaw Mountain. Here you will find lessons and easy trails that will introduce you to ice skating and skiing. This is maybe one of the best places for kids to learn how to deal with slopes and slides during the winter.

    Do not forget about Mountain Creek. This is one of the best places where you will spend time ice skating and skiing. Plus, there are some competitions for kids in snowballing and making the biggest snowman. There are lessons for beginners and you will enjoy every minute you spend here. And the plus side of this is that there are some nice bars and restaurants where you can have short tea or some other hot beverage. After all, the day spent outside you will need a place where you can get warm.

    And if you are more of an ice skating person…

    Grab your skater and get to the Ice House in Hackensack. You will find figure skating displays and ice hockey matches. You will even be able to get some lessons if you are an amateur. And if you want to spend all the outdoors, you should visit Samuel Nelkin County Park and make sure you have a good time with your friends and family. It is tucked against a hillside, so you will have fun. However, during the holidays, this place knows to be full of tourists and people. That is why you should consider going here in hours when there are not a lot of tourists. And if you move here with some of the best movers in North Arlington NJ, you will be able to choose the time that suits you the most.

    woman in the snow in one of the best places for winter lovers in Bergen County
    In any of these best places for winter lovers in Bergen County, you will find a way to spend your day

    Winter hike in the Watchung Reservation

    This reservation has over 2000 acres of lush forest. There are streams, lakes, and foliage. You will find some of the most exciting horse rides and places for hiking. All you need is a great outfit and you are ready. Make sure you have a lot of layers of clothes and that they are comfortable. Hiking during the winter is a little harder than doing it when the snow does not fall. That is why being prepared for this to of adventure is important. How ready you are will determine how much fun you will have here. It is suitable for kids also. Just make sure you have enough water and good boots and you are all ready to go.

    If you cannot wait to come here after the relocation, make sure that these winter clothes are packed the last. You will need to know where they are placed in your home. So you can pick them up easily. That is why when you hire residential moving companies NJ is offering, you need to make sure that the boxes with winter clothes are labeled and secured. Pack them last, load them last and you will have no trouble finding them after the relocation. You can get dressed and go hiking the moment you relocate. After all, winter lovers will not spend a minute in their new home when they have these magical places to visit.

    Get inside when it is cold and you will find the most attractive things to see

    By getting inside, we mean go visit The Liberty Science Center. It is an interactive science museum with some of the best state of art attractions. There is an aquarium and live animal sections. Here you will be able to meet strange sea creatures and reptiles. You will find live animal shows that are usually twice a day. So get this chance to learn something new about rare creatures and be warm. It is one of the top picks for kids living here. If your kid knows about this place, you will not have much to do than to make a reservation the moment you relocate with Bergen County movers. But once you attend these shows, you will see that this way a good choice.

    coffee in the snow in one of the best places for wire lovers in Bergen County
    You will always find a place to have a warm cup of tea or coffee

    One of the best places for winter lovers in Bergen County is the Tenafly Nature Center

    It is a nature reserve and environmental education center. Also, it is considered to be the most beautiful biodiversity in the whole of New Jersey. You can find so many activities that include hiking and bird watching. And for the true winter lovers, and the kids, of course, you can enjoy sledding and snowshoeing. But one of the most favorite things people live doing here is learning to make maple syrup. It is once in a lifetime opportunity, so you should not miss it.

    There are days in the week when this syrup is being made. So make sure that you find out on time when you can participate in this event. Do not lose your time unpacking and organizing everything. There will be time to do it. Especially if you have hired furniture movers NJ is offering. They will pack and protect your furniture, so there is not so much you can do after the relocation. Leave the unpacking process for later and go with your loved ones to enjoy this magical place together.

    The Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey

    If you are looking to spend a day inside and get out from the cold for a little while, you should visit the Adventure Aquarium. It is located on the Delaware River and it has an impressive collection of over 8000 aquatic species. But one of the favorite animals people love to come and see are the penguins. They are very well-trained and there are always people who take good care of them. You kids will love this place. And so will you.

    woman dancing outside with jacket in one of the best places for winter lovers in Bergen County
    Places you will adore are also suitable for kids too and they are some of the best places for winter lovers in Bergen County

    It is always a good time for charity

    In Bergen County, you will find an annual sponsored charity event called Polar Bear Plunge. Here you will find over a thousand people braving the ice water of the Atlantic. The atmosphere is fantastic and a lot of swimmers hope to raise a lot of money for good causes. You do not have to participate in this event to give to someone in need. You can always search for some other charities and give what you have to people in need. There will be a lot of people who have no place to spend the winter at. So make sure you do some good dead.

    One of the best things for winter lovers in Bergen County is the last one – watching the ice boaters speed along the Navesink in Red Bank

    We all know how cold and snowy winter here can be. A lot of us will have layers and layers of clothes on and you will have something for your pet to wear. However, there is a group of people that are waited for seven or eight years for the river to be frozen. They spend days and weeks near the Navesink and hope for the theater to be frozen enough to speed along. You can sit and watch them from some of the most comfortable places with good food on the menu. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so don’t miss it. Visit Navesink as one of the best places for winter lovers in Bergen County.

    kid having fun on the snow
    Find a place where your kid can make snowballs and throw them

    By choosing any of these things, you will have the best time in Bergen County. All of these best places for winter lovers in Bergen County are unique. And in the end, you might not even have to choose one. You will have plenty of time to visit and explore every single one of them. So if you are a winter lover and you are looking for a place where you can relax and spend some time doing everything you love, consider moving here. And do it before the winter comes. When the snow falls and the winter comes, you will have plenty of time to do everything for this list. We are sure you will adore it.

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