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Best places for expats in New Jersey

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    New Jersey is one of the smallest states in the United States. However, it is also one of the most densely populated states, too. One can find a plethora of cities and towns in New Jersey to move to. In addition, the state is nested closely to Philadephia and New York City, making traveling to those cities very convenient. This is why New Jersey is an amazing state to live in and why so many expats have already hired the All Season Movers NJ and moved here. If you are interested in relocating to this amazing state, you probably want to find out more about its locations. With so many great and characteristic towns and cities in NJ, it can get a bit overwhelming. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the best places for expats in New Jersey. 

    About the New Jersey territory

    A big part of New Jersey is actually an extension of the outer suburban areas of the two gargantuan cities that New Jersey neighbors: New York City and Philadelphia. The suburban areas belonging to New York City spread west across the Hudson river and cover the northern area of New Jersey. Meanwhile, the suburban areas of Philadelphia, although much smaller compared to the former, expand over the Delaware river and into the southern part of the state. These areas are then further segmented into smaller towns and locations. 

    A map of USA
    New Jersey’s territory has a lot of places to explore.

    New Jersey is split into twenty-one counties. However, most locals prefer referring to being in North Jersey, Central Jersey, or South Jersey. The three-part naming system is much more convenient. Those who work in New York City and commute there every day generally live in North Jersey while the Philadelphia commuters inhabit South Jersey. This may sound overwhelming at first, especially when trying to find your way to your new home when moving to New Jersey. Luckily, experienced residential moving companies NJ know their way around the counties and can help you move without any issues. 

    North Arlington

    With a population of over fifteen thousand, North Arlington is the most densely populated suburb in New Jersey. According to TIME magazine, in 2017, North Arlington has been named one of the best places to live in the United States. This already speaks for itself, but let’s get into details about why this suburb is one of the best places for expats in New Jersey. The perfect combination of a small-town atmosphere and its proximity to the concrete jungle that is New York City is what attracts many people to move here. 

    As a bonus, there is something for you if you’re a sports fan, too! The Meadows Sports Complex and MetLife Stadium can be found nearby. Whether you like to watch or do sports, North Arlington can cover both. Its great school district and low crime rate make North Arlington an amazing place for families. 


    Edison is a town located in Middlesex County. Named after the famous inventor Thomas Edison who used to live and work here, the city houses around a hundred thousand people. Edison is a town rich with history. First settled in the 1600s, this wonderful city was once known as Raritan Township.  Here you can find Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park laboratory, where the incandescent light bulb was developed. It is also where the sound was first recorded. Many archeological finds dating back to the Stone Age were found in this area, too. 

    Home welcome rug
    There are great places in NJ to call your new home

    However, history is not all this town has to offer. Edison has one of the lowest living costs in the state. In addition, it is great for families with children due to its excellent school system. Finally, there are plenty of job opportunities to find due to the presence of major businesses, such as Johnson & Johnson and John F. Kenedy Medical Center. Our long distance movers NJ are there to help with any questions you might have about the move itself if you decide to make Edison your new home.


    The city where legendary Frank Sinatra was born. Located in Hudson County, USA, the city of Hoboken is one of the most densely populated cities in New Jersey, with over fifty thousand residents. The city itself sits next to the Hudson river and is a part of the Hudson waterfront. This made the city an industrial hub throughout most of the last century.

    Today, however, the city has modernized its feeling. Its old industrial port which played a key part in trade and industry is now home to many beautiful parks. There are plenty of green spaces around the city, too. The city has been named one of the best places to live in Hudson County on Niche’s list in 2019. If you want to live in a city with a modern urban feeling, yet plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods, then Hoboken is a perfect choice. Make sure to contact Hoboken movers for a smooth relocation.

    Three people with moving boxes
    Find the right movers to relocate you to Hoboken

    White Meadow Lake

    One of the main reasons expats are relocating from their home countries is in search ex-pacesetter and happier life. White Meadow Lake provides just that. This area is located within the Rockaway township in Morris County, but it is an unincorporated community. White Meadow Lake is quite frequently found on lists of the places with the happiest citizens in the United States.

    With its population of only around nine thousand, you can have a peaceful life away from the hustle and the bustle of the more urban areas. The unemployment rate here is quite low and so are the crime rates. The schools are great and the salaries are high, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable living. What more could you want? As a bonus, the town is surrounded by plenty of beautiful meadows all around, and, as the name suggests, it also has a lake!


    The village of Ridgewood is another historically rich place in New Jersey.  Although it has around twenty-five thousand residents, Ridgewood village is for those who prefer a less urban lifestyle. It is located in New Jersey’s most populous area, Bergen County. However, the old Victorian-era houses and late 20th-century farmhouses give this place its unique atmosphere. Ridgewood is one of the best places for expats in New Jersey for people with families who don’t want to have their view obscured by giant skyscrapers. Ridgewood has to offer not only a great education but also amazing parks where you can spend a wonderful time with your family!


    You have probably heard this name before. This college town in Mercer County is where the famous Princeton university is located. The historic architecture sprawling around the town and the gorgeous Gothic-style design of the university give Princeton its unique charm. What makes this town one of the best places for expats in New Jersey is its location. Princeton is located right between Philadelphia and New York City, which is perfect for those who like to travel.

    Two girls planning relocation
    Choose one of the best places for expats in New Jersey well

    With around thirty thousand inhabitants, Princeton is not a big place. However, its central position between two major cities and its calmer lifestyle will allow you to have the best of both worlds. Looking for a job or shopping in the two major cities will be quite simple from here. This will make settling into your new home much easier. You can have our furniture movers NJ bring any new furniture you buy in the two cities conveniently delivered to your doorstep almost immediately. For golf lovers, Princeton has some of the best golf courses in all of New Jersey. 


    Kearny is another small family-focused town. It is located in Hudson county, in the northeastern part of New Jersey. This means that this is another place where commuting to and from New York City is quite convenient. The town has a growing population of over forty thousand residents. The town is bordered by two rivers. On the eastern side flows the Hackensack River, while the Passaic River lies on the western side. Kearny itself can be divided into three unique areas: The Uplands, Kearny Meadows, and South Kearny. Almost 60% of the territory is within the Kearny Meadows territory, which is located between the two rivers. Its proximity to the rivers gives it a unique ecosystem. If you have any questions about moving to this quiet little town, you can contact our movers in Kearny NJ for assistance.

    Saddle Brook

    This town is another location excellent for commuters or people who like to stay on the road. Many crucial roads pass through here and New York City is only a few minutes away. Saddle Brook is one of the smaller towns, with around fourteen-thousand residents. It is located in Bergen County and is, in fact, one of the oldest municipalities in the county. The town is very safe and comfortable to live in. Its residents are friendly and prefer living as a community where everyone knows each other. An excellent inace to move to with your family!


    The township of Maplewood is in Essex county. Its community is quite diverse with all kinds of backgrounds. Due to its very close proximity to New York City, this town is another great location for those who plan to work in the Big Apple. Commuting is quite convenient and quick. If this sounds like the place for you, call our movers Maplewood NJ to help you settle into your new home in Maplewood as soon as possible.

    A house in New Jersey
    There are great homes in Maplewood


    Considered to be one of the most colorful towns in New Jersey, this vibrant city is located on the side of the Watchung Mountains in Essex County. Montclair has a diverse population of about thirty-eight thousand inhabitants. Many British, German, French, and other expats have moved to Montclair and are very happy to call it their new home.  The city is a hub of commuting, with three railway stations located within the city: Montclair University station, Bay St station, and Walnut St station. Among the most attractive features of the city are the diverse cafes and restaurants that serve all kinds of foreign cuisine.


    The City of Bayonne is located in Hudson County and has a population of over seventy thousand. Although not among the largest cities in New Jersey, it can offer everything one would expect out of city life. The benefit, though, is that Bayonne’s living costs are not as high as those in major cities. Additionally,  the city is located very close to Manhattan. This allows you to quickly commute to your job in New York without being affected by its expensive lifestyle. Consider checking out the housing market in Bayonne if you want to find both an affordable home and enjoy an urban lifestyle. Our movers in Bayonne NJ are always ready to help you move, and this is definitely one of the best places for expats in New Jersey.

    Summary and final thoughts about the best places for expats in New Jersey

    As you can see, there is a lot of research to do if you are planning to move to New Jersey. There are dozens of places all with unique lifestyles and characteristics, and it can get difficult to pick one. With its twenty-one counties, the state of New Jersey is one of the most densely populated places in the USA.

    A person with a passport
    Find a perfect place in NJ for you

    Its convenient location between New York City and Philadelphia allows you to commute to the cities for work with ease. In addition, it also allows you to avoid the chaos of the urban lifestyle in concrete jungles while not being far away from them. This is why New Jersey has so many expats living in them. We have named some of the best places for expats in New Jersey on this list. Now it is up to you do find the right area for you. Call our local movers NJ for any assistance you might need with the move. Good luck with your house hunting, and may you call this state your new home with pride.

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