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Best places for digital nomads in NJ

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    Living life as a digital nomad has many perks. Besides choosing your working hours, there is also the freedom of choosing a perfect location for your home. When the world is your oyster and you don’t have to settle in one city, why not look for some of the most attractive places in New Jersey you could live in? Before choosing one of the best places for digital nomads in NJ, don’t forget to plan your moving process. Whether you are moving from a small apartment or relocating a house, there are many reliable movers available to assist. You could even find car shipping companies in New Jersey and let them transport your vehicle with ease. After a smooth moving day, you’ll be able to enjoy a new city or a town while handling your work online. 

    The best places for digital nomads in NJ – what to look for?

    Living in a digital nomad is almost becoming a trend with millennials and young professionals. The perks of working from home and being able to live wherever you want are attractive to many. With the freedom to choose their home location, many freelancers decide to move often, looking for chances to change the environment and meet new people. If you are searching for the best places for digital nomads in NJ, here’s what you should consider first:

    Jersey City
    Like to travel on weekends and visit the surrounding cities? Look for a place with a good location.

    One of the perks of working from home is having way more time to organize a relocation. However, handling the packing process and organizing life in a new city can also be overwhelming. If you are moving within New Jersey, and want to save some time, you might want to consider hiring some of the best movers Jersey City NJ has to offer. Whether you are moving on a tight budget or moving last-minute, professional movers can handle all the hard work in your stead.

    • The cost of living. Not every city in New Jersey is affordable, so you should do your research.
    • The location. If you like to travel and visit the surrounding cities, make sure to choose a place with a convenient location.
    • Housing options. Are you looking for a house to share with roommates or do you need an apartment for yourself?
    • Job opportunities. While you are handling your work online, you might find additional job offers is one of the best places for digital nomads in NJ.

    Jersey City

    When talking about the best places for digital nomads in NJ, we should definitely mention Jersey City. This place is on our list for more than one reason. First, it became one of the most popular cities for millennials in 2020. With its great location and affordable lifestyle, it’s no wonder so many freelancers choose to live here.

    young women socializing
    Depending on your lifestyle, you could choose any place in New Jersey for a new home.

    Since Jersey City is so close to NYC, living a life full of culture and entertainment is expected. Besides affordable housing and a great location, Jersey City has many other upsides. Great nightlife, friendly people, and lots of job opportunities are just some of the upsides of living in this city.

    New Brunswick

    Another city on our list is New Brunswick. It might be a place less popular than Jersey City, but it sure has a lot to offer to young professionals. As one of the best places for digital nomads in NJ, New Brunswick is thriving with culture and nightlife. If you love socializing and making new business connections, this is the best place to be. This city is also home to many local festivals, live concerts, and other cultural events. 


    Montclair is technically not a city, but a township. This place is perfect for those who prefer to escape the big city’s crowds. After moving to Montclair, you might feel like you are free to enjoy a lifestyle away from urban, busy streets. For those who prefer a slower pace in life, Montclair is one of the best places to live in NJ. Besides, this township is a perfect place to save money on living costs, since it is way more affordable than surrounding areas. If you are moving from NY to NJ, your relocation will be a short-distance one. Moreover, the Montclaire’s location is also a big upside – visiting New York City on weekends is definitely a convenience.

    How to plan a New Jersey relocation?

    Planning a relocation while working from home can have its upsides. However, this process can also be costly, especially if you plan to hire a professional moving company. In case you are moving on a tight budget, you can always search for some affordable movers NJ locals recommend. If you book your movers ahead of time, you might even get a better moving quote and a discount on the services.

    a bar
    Montclair, Jersey City, or some other place? There are many places where you could save money on living costs and enjoy your digital nomad lifestyle.

    New Jersey is known to be one of the best states for young professionals and freelancers, therefore, one of the best places for digital nomads in NJ. With so many great cities and towns in the state, all you have to do is choose the one you like. Hopefully, our list of the best places for digital nomads in NJ gave you some ideas. If you want to find more places in New Jersey where you could find an affordable home, consider asking a real estate agent for assistance. A professional could help you choose a city that suits your lifestyle and offer you affordable housing options. Besides, if you are a digital nomad, the internet has all the information sources you might need.

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