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Best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business

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    Downsizing is one of the most stressful tasks that any business owner has to face. During the business downsizing, a lot is at stake. Most companies consider downsizing only when the long-term viability of the business is questionable. Also, they usually need to downsize the manpower. They have to cut many costs. So, they have to downsize the space too. In many cases, this means changing the business location. For example, some NYC businesses will look for neighboring areas, where rents are lower. In case you are considering the Best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business, you’ll need a reliable mover too. If so, NJ movers and packers could be a great choice for you. In such an undertaking as business moving, you will need the assistance of professionals.

    Downsizing the business, you will have a lot of responsibilities

    The main goal of downsizing is to ensure the continuation of the company’s operations. You also have to consider the possible revitalization of the business after some time. Therefore, causing the least harm during the downsizing is very important. In case of expanding your business again, you may ask some people to come back. Having their feelings hurt, they surely will not. Also, you will have to stay in good relations with renters. And with many suppliers and buyers, regardless of having to break contracts with them. You will have to pay special attention to that. If your case recovers, being on good terms with all those people will help you a lot.

    Fired businessman packing his belongings - Best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business.
    Strategic downsizing also implies decreasing the number of employees.

    Strategic downsizing and shifting to a smaller place

    Shifting to a smaller place, you will actually make the strategic downsizing. Since the place is much smaller, you will have to restructure your business. And, it also implies the optimization of work systems by decreasing the number of employees. At the same time, you are trying to stay competitive in the market. Although your share in market operations will be much smaller. But, in the business world, things can change. Sometimes more quickly than expected. In case you have decided about moving from NY to NJ, you will need to find the right city to relocate your business. Depending on the nature of your business, you will have to find the right premises. In case you have a production or warehousing business, you will need:

    • building of the right size
    • good infrastructure (road, railroad, river) for transporting goods
    • easy access for employees
    • stable electricity supplies
    • good internet connectivity

    In case you have an office, it is much easier to find the best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business

    In such a case, you will need just an office of the appropriate size. And the possibility for employees to have easy commuting possibilities. You also have to keep in mind that some of your employees will follow you. Commuting from NYC to Essex County takes about an hour one way. Of course, if you are on the right side of NYC. Also, you will need some affordable movers, as you will have to cut the costs in all segments. By hiring Essex County movers, you will find that they are skilled and professional and that they are offering very affordable services.

    Still, many of your employees will have to look for other jobs. As we already noted, keeping in good relation with them can show as a wise decision. Therefore, give them good recommendations. And, in case you know some business owners, you can even recommend them directly. That way, they will accept the situation much easier.

    Candidate having an Interview - Best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business.
    Many of your employees will have to look for other jobs.

    What is the usual cause of business downsizing?

    The most common reason is the economic downturn. Namely, in certain periods, the general public has less cash to spare. Such situations from 2008 and 2020 are still fresh in our memory. So, such situations are causing less demand for the products and services.

    Due to that, businesses are forced to cut costs. And, the easiest way to achieve that is to reduce the number of employees. This way the business will stay operational. At least on the reduced scale. Once the economic storm is over, they hope to come back to normal operational conditions. In case of a company decides to sell assets or patents, it will be able to keep employees for just a while. At least, until the business fails and shuts down completely. In the end, the employees of such a short-lived company will find themselves jobless.

    One of the best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business could be Montclair NJ

    What makes Montclair NJ so special when it comes to downsizing your business? Well, as it is relatively close to New York City, you may talk to some of your key employees to follow you there. Even if they can’t commute, New Jersey is enough close for them to spend weekends with their families. Although you are applying strategic downsizing to reduce the number of employees, some of them are too important for you. Such, you will try to keep. You will be probably ready to cover a part of their costs. Or to give them a raise, just to keep them. You may even hire the movers Montclair NJ to move them to New Jersey.

    More reasons to move to Essex County when downsizing your NYC business

    Moving your business to Essex County will have its benefits. As it is not so far from New York, you can hope to keep some of your suppliers and buyers. Naturally, not all of them will remain with you. Some will not be needed since your production will decrease. And some buyers will also find other producers. However, you will try to keep those who were your best. Or the most profitable.

    Or, in case you are offering services, such as legal, accounting, etc., it won’t be hard for your customers to visit you. In case they appreciated your work, and you’ve gained their trust, the chances are that they will continue using your services. Also, if they need you to visit their office in New York, it can be easily organized. 

    Movers Carrying The Empty White Shelf On The Staircase.
    Hiring reliable NJ movers, your things will safely reach Essex County.

    Maplewood NJ could be another good place in Essex County to downsize your NYC business

    Maplewood NJ is another town that is enough close to NYC. So, choosing to move there, you will still have the same benefits as relocating to Montclair NJ. It is also well connected with NYC, so you can easily have some of your old employees commuting for work. Also, you will be still well-connected with the NYC market. And with your old clients.

    However, many of your employees will not be able to follow you. And that is exactly the reason for moving. That way, you will make downsize without hurting the feelings of the public and ex-employees too much. And movers Maplewood NJ will provide you with all the necessary logistics to move your belonging to their town.

    Other measures to cut down the business costs and keep more employees

    Besides big downsizing, there are some other measures to keep more employees. We have already mentioned selling the business assets. The thing is that, due to downsizing, you will have some spare funds. However, that could be a short-living solution. Also, most entrepreneurs will try to save up those funds. Namely, once the economy stabilizes, they will have to purchase new assets. Otherwise, they won’t be able to expand their productivity back to normal levels.

    Yet another measure is to cut the salaries and keep some more employees on the board. This, however, is not so popular measure either. In the time of economic downturn, we are usually facing higher inflation. And cutting salaries will further prevent people from spending. The result will be lesser demand for goods and services. And, it looks like a vicious circle. Inevitably, it will make businesses less operational. Unfortunately, the higher the recession, the higher the unemployment. Or, to tell it in plain language – many people will not be able to find jobs.

    Man in Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Discussing with Man in White Long Sleeve Shirt.
    Cutting salaries is not a very popular measure, so try relocating to one of the best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business.

    Staying close to NYC is beneficial for business, even when you are forced to downsize

    The thing is that NYC with a population exceeding 8 million, is a great market. Even when the purchasing power of the population declines, people will buy. Your business will have various benefits from moving to Essex County. However, the purchasing power there is not as big as in NYC.  

    One more thing will be beneficial to your business when moving to Essex County. Namely, you can be sure that rents are much lower than in NYC. This can also help you to keep your business operational during the economic downturn. Also, the services of commercial movers NJ are very affordable. This is why you should choose one of the best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business.

    Nutley NJ is one more of the best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business

    The traveling time between Nutley NJ and Manhattan is about 50 minutes one way. Moreover, you will be able to use many public lines for commuting. And, in Nutley NJ you may find many businesses for sale. That way, you may even find it more beneficial to sell your business and assets in NYC, and purchase the same type of business in Nutley NJ. In that case, you will need some of the moving companies Nutley NJ for a simple transfer. Namely, they will help you only to transfer some items and business documentation from NYC to your new place.

    Manpowerwise, the situation will be similar to those that we already discussed. Namely, only some people will be able to follow you to Nutley NJ. All those Essex County cities are best accessible for those living in Manhattan. In the case of employees living in other NYC boroughs, commuting possibilities will not be so easy.

    Lawyers in an Office.
    When you are downsizing your business, consult with lawyers to be sure it’s legal.

    When you are downsizing your business by moving to some of the best Essex County places, keep it legal

    One of the most important issues related to downsizing is your legal position. As the owner, you can easily face a lawsuit in case of breaking some rules. Therefore, in case you are not sure about some issues, consult your legal team. Or a legal company. Make sure that you have fulfilled all legal requirements when it comes to downsizing a business.

    For sure, you will still be able to keep certain people, as they are the essential staff. That is completely legal. Also, some people will simply give up, as commuting is not an option for them. However, you will still have to deal with people holding similar positions and having similar education and achievements. Maybe you can’t relocate all of them to your downsized company. In such a case, you will have to establish the selection criteria. 

    Meeting legal requirements before you can downsize a business

    So, before you decide who is leaving, and who is staying, you have to:

    • apply standardized selection criteria
    • meet the minimum requirements for severance packages
    • provide proof that lay-offs are unavoidable
    • establish the appeals procedures
    • meet the procedural requirements

    Those criteria and proof will have to be communicated to all employees promptly. So, they will not have an excuse for not being informed, as a base for a lawsuit.

    Shallow Focus Photo of People Discussing - Best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business.
    Inform people about downsizing promptly.

    How to downsize your business strategically?

    Before making plans to downsize your business, look at all relevant factors. First, check if downsizing is necessary. In case the financial difficulties are only a short disturbance, maybe you can find some better solutions. If downsizing is necessary, check what are the best ways for downsizing. For many years, companies were applying policies known as – first in, last out. That way, they were trying to stay loyal to the oldest employees. However, in many cases, they were losing the best employees. Therefore, avoid applying these criteria.

    Once the legal issues are sorted, you can continue looking for the best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business

    Besides the towns we have already mentioned, you can find some more places that will suit your business relocation needs. When you find a place that is close to NYC and suits the other criteria, contact furniture movers NJ. Having skills, proper tools, and good moving trucks, will relocate your business efficiently. And with the minimum downtime.

    When downsizing your company, do it with respect and empathy

    That way, your remaining and leaving employees will keep a good memory of you. And, in some better times, you will be able to get back some of the employees you had to lay off. For the time being, you will find the best Essex County places for downsizing your NYC business. And to recover after this extremely hard period. Namely, most people will comment about poor people being fired. They rarely see that this is emotionally draining for the owner too. Losing your people, your assets, your dream. And through all this, you have to stay calm and find the strength to keep the company running, albeit on a reduced scale. And fight to rise it again to its previous level.

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