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Best cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ

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    Do you feel like you had enough of New York and you are ready for a more quiet life? Then it is a perfect time to move. But the question is, what are the perfect cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ. For you do not have to relocate far, and New Jersey is closest to New York. It is a genius solution if you are looking to escape the rush hours, the constant noise, and the crowded streets. By moving, you will be able to work in NY and live in a peaceful and calm environment that is perfect for raising kids. So if you are not sure which cities in NJ would suit you best, All Season Global Solutions has a few to offer. They have all the positive sides of an urban setting and no negative ones.

    Caldwell is one of the best cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ

    Among all the cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ, Caldwell is at the moment one of the best places to live. Firstly, if you are looking for a city close to the New York, Caldwell is perfect as it is only 17 miles away. Secondly, if you do not want to make a too big change in your life, this is a perfect solution because it has the right mix of a suburban and urban feel. Also, lately, a lot of young people are hiring movers Caldwell NJ relies on. There is a considerable influx of young working professionals. One of the reasons is that it has a vibrant nightlife. Additionally, the residents of Caldwell are relaxed and liberal people. If you are planning to move with a family, their schools are one of the best in the state.

    a house with a yard
    A lot of ex-New Yorkers move to Caldwell, NJ because they can work in NY but live in a spacious home

    Montclair is a city in NJ where a lot of ex-New Yorkers move

    Montclair is one of the wealthiest and premium locations in the state of New Jersey. It holds a perfect livability score of 86 out of 100. But one of the attributes that attract so many people to move here is that it takes only 30 minutes to arrive at Penn Station. It has a beautiful suburban feel that is perfect for raising a family. When the time comes for you to move, take advantage of one of many moving services NJ trusts. Professional movers who are familiar with this area will know best what neighborhood will suit you best. There are several well-maintained parks, where you can spend a whole day with a family. Additionally, among this suburban feel, it also has a pretty good nightlife. Lovers of arts and culture will never feel bored here. A number of galleries and a Wellmont Theater have quality programs all year round.

    Ex-New Yorkers love living in Princeton NJ

    A lot of people from Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Jersey City are moving to Princeton. It has a perfect balance of urban and suburban feel. And recently, it has earned a spot on the list of top ten cities to live in New Jersey. It is why residential moving companies NJ provides have seen a rise in recent months of people looking to relocate here. From young families to professional singles, it caters to all their needs. However, this is not what you would call a small city, as it has more than 30 thousand residents. Mixed with the urban style are several parks, among them the most famous Princeton Battlefield State Park. However, one feature that makes Princeton so well known is that it is the home of Ivy League universities.

    a building with towers
    Of all the cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ, Princeton has the best university

    A lot of former New Yorkers are moving to Madison NJ

    For all the people who are still much in love with New York and are not ready to say goodbye to it, Madison is perfect. It is located just one hour away from Manhattan. So if you wish to move but continue working in NY, there is no better place. Also, with movers NJ to NYC, you can always return to the Big Apple if you regret your decision to relocate. It is one of a kind place that feels like it came straight out of a fairy tale. However, besides its beauty, there are a few practical reasons that make people fall in love with it.  For example, the crime rate is almost nonexistent. Also, the taxes are resalable, and the schools keep the highest quality of education.

    Ridgewood is perfect for New Yorkers

    New Yorkers looking to completely escape the busy urban lifestyle, but remain close to the big city will love Ridgewood. This town offers the real suburban dream. It is easily seen through its tight-knit community. Therefore once you move here expect that you will quickly make new friends with your neighbors. Also, the crime rate here is pretty low, and there is a high standard for education. Unfortunately, there are some negative sides to a town of this kind. As you can imagine, there is no nightlife. Additionally, the number of restaurants is quite limited. However, if you are a nature lover, you will not be disappointed. There are a few parks where you can spend a whole day with family.

    park with trees
    Ridgewood does not have an urban feel, but the nature is perfect

    Enjoy festivals, food, and easy NYC commutes in Bloomfield

    Bloomfield hosts several cultural festivals each year, like the annual Harvest Fest, that celebrate its diverse community. If you’re a foodie, Bloomfield offers a growing food scene with eateries ranging from cozy cafes to ethnic restaurants. For outdoor activities, Watsessing Park is a local favorite with 69 acres of green space, walking trails, and sports facilities. The community spirit is strong, supported by regular farmers’ markets and community events. And if you need to commute to NYC, you’ll find convenient options. The Bloomfield train station offers a direct line to Penn Station in around 30 minutes. Movers Bloomfield NJ relies on are here to help you relocate there with ease!

    Welcome to North Arlington one of the safest cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ

    North Arlington is a place where safety is a top priority. According to local reports, the town has lower crime rates compared to the national average, making it one of the safest communities in New Jersey. People here know each other, enhancing the close-knit community feel that newcomers quickly notice. The availability of spacious homes is another perk you can count on if you’re planning to hire movers in North Arlington NJ and make this place your home. You can find 3-4 bedroom homes with more square footage than you’d get in NYC. Scenic areas like Riverside County Park offer an escape into nature. Covering 85 acres, the park provides walking trails, fishing spots, and sports fields. Even with all this to offer, North Arlington maintains lower traffic and noise levels than you’d find in a bigger city.

    • Excellent Safety Ratings
    • Close-Knit Community Feel
    • Availability of Spacious Homes
    • Scenic Areas like Riverside County Park
    • Lower Traffic and Noise Levels
    a couple enjoying in one of the cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ
    Discover the beauty of Riverside County Park in North Arlington, one of the best cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ.

    Waterfront living with job opportunities and local arts in Bayonne

    Bayonne offers stunning waterfront views along the Newark Bay, ideal for a peaceful walk or fishing. The city has been attracting industries in logistics and healthcare, offering local job opportunities. Housing is more affordable compared to NYC, with the average home cost being substantially lower. Keep an eye on areas like Bergen Point, an up-and-coming neighborhood with new developments. Art lovers will enjoy the Bayonne Community Museum and various art galleries around town. The city even hosts its own annual Bayonne Bergen Point Art Walk, offering a platform for local artists. Reach out to our movers in Bayonne NJ today!

    Convenience and conservation coexist in Secaucus

    Getting around is easy in Secaucus thanks to its quick access to major highways like the New Jersey Turnpike. But the town isn’t just about cars; it’s also committed to being green. The town has various eco-friendly initiatives such as recycling programs and community gardens. Shopping is another area where Secaucus shines. With places like Secaucus Outlets, you can find everything from designer brands to household items. Nature lovers will appreciate the local wildlife and natural reserves like Mill Creek Marsh, where you can spot various bird species. Public services in Secaucus are efficient, from the police force to the sanitation department, making life easier for its residents. Services offered by movers Secaucus NJ trusts are not far behind in terms of quality!

    birds in a sky in one of the cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ
    Bird-watching is one of the favorite pass-times of the Secaucus residents.

    Livingston one of the best cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ

    Livingston takes education seriously. The public schools here consistently score above average in state rankings. Besides that, the town is becoming a hub for tech and medical industries. Companies like RWJBarnabas Health and Citigroup have operations here, providing local job opportunities. But work-life balance is achievable thanks to community sports and wellness programs.

    • High-Quality School System: Above-average state rankings
    • Growing Tech and Medical Industries: RWJBarnabas Health, Citigroup
    • Community Sports and Wellness Programs: Multiple facilities for fitness and recreation
    • Shopping Centers: Livingston Mall, The Shoppes at the Livingston Circle
    • Family-Friendly Activities and Events: Annual Summerfest, year-round community events

    Livingston Mall and The Shoppes at the Livingston Circle provide plenty of shopping options. Family-friendly activities are plentiful too, including the annual Summerfest and various year-round community events. All these factors make Livingston an excellent choice for families looking for a balanced and enriching lifestyle. Movers in Livingston NJ await your call!

    History and community come to life in West Orange

    Opt for movers West Orange NJ is proud to have if you’re a history lover! West Orange has a rich history, and you can see it in landmarks like Thomas Edison’s National Historical Park. This site lets you explore the great inventor’s home and lab. West Orange isn’t just about the past; it’s also a place where you can have fun today. The South Mountain Recreation Complex has everything from paddle boating to mini-golf. The town is well-designed with residential areas that offer a variety of home styles, from apartments to large houses. What’s more, the community programs here are inclusive, offering activities for people of all ages. If you love food, you’re in for a treat. West Orange has a wide range of dining options including Italian restaurants like Fortissimo and sushi spots like Kim’s Sushi.

    light bulbs
    West Orange is know for the Thomas Edison’s National Historical Park.

    When choosing among cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ do not rush to make a decision

    There are a lot of perfect cities for ex-New Yorkers in NJ. However, every one of them offers something different. Therefore before you choose, you should take some time to think which one would suit you best. New Jersey definitely has something for everybody. It is a diverse state that puts a lot of effort into maintaining a high quality of life. They do it through good education, job opportunities, and a love for arts and culture. So whichever city you choose you will not regret it.

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