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Benefits of moving over the summer holiday

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    Although it can be hard to pinpoint just the perfect time to move, we believe there is a reason why peak moving usually begins in April and ends in September. More than 40 million people move each year in the United States, and 80% of them choose summer as their ideal relocation time. Let’s see what the reasoning behind this decision may be, and should you yourself call Bergen County movers and schedule your moving over the summer holiday.

    Moving over the summer holiday is particularly great if you have kids

    We know that this subtitle does not seem as enticing to those of you that are not parents of school kids. However, if you do have offspring of school-age, we advise that you keep on reading. Namely, relocations are hectic enough as it is. Moving a whole household will not come with a lack of obligations and tasks. Not only will you have to sort packing and storing everything you own, but you will also have to see to it that those items reach their destination safely. A great way to spare yourself this hassle is to hire movers in North Arlington NJ. Still, what remains are the tasks only you can tackle:

    • Sorting things at work
    • Finding your new home in a neighborhood that suits your whole family
    • Making sure your family is all set and ready to move
    A family of five posing for a photo while sitting in grass and preparing for moving over the summer holiday
    Having a family means being mindful of everyone’s needs. When relocating, this can prove to be quite the challenge.

    Speaking of the latter, it will be immensely easier to handle this task if your kids don’t have to focus on school. Depending on where you are going to move, changing schools might be necessary. And that is a venture of its own accord. Summertime is the perfect time to make this big move, as it will allow your kids to finalize the chapter of the school year. They will also be able to put their efforts into the moving tasks, further helping you where necessary.

    The weather works in your favor

    When you look at other seasons, you can hardly bet on any of them being calm and predictable weather-wise. And the weather is one of the greatest benefits of moving over the summer holiday. You won’t have to worry about snow or rain meddling with transportation and handling of big and bulky furniture. You will also be spared the worry of floods and hurricanes that often take place during autumn. Even living is challenging during these periods, let alone moving.

    Relocating over the summer holiday allows you to wear comfortable clothes, which is great, considering all the things you will have to take care of. Just make sure not to wear flip flops come moving day. You still want to protect yourself from any possible injuries or accidents. Try to pick the time of day when the sun is not at its highest, and do all the heavy lifting then.

    A small toy van with bags on top out on a sunny day
    Moving over the summer holiday gives you plenty of time. And you can always use the extra house during relocation.

    The day is longer, leaving you with more time to work

    While this may seem like a trivial factor, it is actually a big benefit of moving during the summer holiday. As days are getting longer, you are left with more time to go about your business, whether it is relocation related or not. Still, whenever you plan on moving, your whole day and habits will start revolving around it.

    For comparison sake, imagine having to get up at 6 am on a cold winter day when the sun has not made its way to the sky yet. So, not only is it freezing outside, but it is also dark. And you have to sort papers for your change of address, only to move that bulky couch afterward. Before you know it, it will be dark outside, and you won’t be able to take care of other tasks that require daylight. Therefore, be smart about this, and, if you are able, wait for summer to tackle your relocation.

    You will be able to wake up at 5 am if the obligations require so, and still get to be welcomed by sunshine. With more time during the day, you have more hours ahead of you. This will relieve the pressure of deadlines, and that is a great benefit on its own accord. You will get to complete all of your daily tasks before the sun sets, and still enjoy that fine drink on your front porch.

    Real estate market plays a big role in popularity for moving during the summer holiday

    Summer not only signifies the time when sunscreen purchases are at their highest, but also a period when most homes are being bought, sold, and rented. And, as the vast majority of people like to make the biggest bang for their buck when changing homes, summer stands out as the best time to do so. When the prices go down, buyers tend to get more interested, and relocations start to take place more frequently. So, if you plan on buying a home, make sure to consider doing so during the summertime. This is a big purchase, and there is no reason not to wait for the perfect opportunity. You can start looking for a home even earlier, but wait for the price to drop when the weather gets hotter.

    A clock, some coins and a wooden model of a house
    The timing of the purchase will affect the price. Keep this in mind when thinking about buying a home to move into.

    What it comes down to

    As you can see, the benefits of moving over the summer holiday are not to be underestimated. Not only will you be able to save more time and energy, but money as well. Considering that relocations are complicated enough as it is, making them easier is always a smart move. And why not enjoy your relocation process if you can?

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