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An Extensive Guide to Life in Hoboken

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    When people choose where they want to live, they need to think about what they want from life and what kind of life they want. There are a lot of places around the USA that are perfect for living, but not all of them are suitable for everybody. In latest years Hoboken pops out as one of the favorite places on the East Coast for people to live in. Hoboken offers a lot of possibilities. We will write an extensive guide to life in Hoboken and then you can decide if this is the place that is good for you and your family. When you decide, moving and storage NJ which will gladly help you relocate!

    Hoboken is becoming more interesting

    In Hoboken live 58,690 people. Since the 1990s the number has risen by 40%. People see this place as an opportunity to chase a good career and at the same time to have a quality life. Hoboken is located on the Hudson river. On the opposite side of the river is New York City. The city is only two square miles and it is only 5 miles from Manhattan. A good thing about living here is that you can live in Hoboken and at the same time work in New York City where everything is available. There are many jobs, many great places to see, and opportunities on every corner. To relocate here, you can always contact Hoboken moving companies and ask for the prices.

    A building
    Hoboken is a paradise to live in according to an extensive guide to life in Hoboken

    It’s the birthplace of baseball

    Elysian Fields is believed to be the site of the first organized baseball game. In 1845 the Knickerbocker Club of New York City used Elysian Fields to play baseball due to the lack of grounds in New York City. Even in that early times, NYC had a problem with space. On June 19, 1846, the first baseball game was recorded here. The field is still in service. It has been converted into a neighborhood park where you can play baseball, walk your dog, walk with your kids, and do a lot of other things. This is a place to use and visit when you come here. This is just one part of an extensive guide to life in Hoboken. Another guide that we want to mention is for moving. Always ask for at least 3 moving quotes NJ and decide.

    Visiting a baseball game is part of an extensive guide to life in Hoboken
    Visit a baseball game

    Cost of living in Hoboken

    This is a part that will interest many people. We can all see what inflation does to the world. Everything is more expensive and our money becomes worthless. That is a fact and that is the world that we are living in. It becomes harder for people to earn money and to live. Hoboken is expensive to USA average standards. Fortunately, this part of the USA is full of jobs that can provide you with enough money to support your life here. Let’s talk numbers.

    Houses and apartments for sale

    Because this part of the USA is attractive to many, it is expensive. And the fact that NYC is on the opposite side of the river raises the price even more. Houses are especially expensive! They are 300% higher than the average. You’d be hard-pressed to find an apartment under $300,000 that is for sale. Property taxes are also more expensive, on average $8,300 a year.

    Renting houses and apartments

    It may seem that the prices are like in New York City, but you will get fewer square feet for the same money in NYC. Have that in mind when you see the prices for the first time. The median rental price for a one-bedroom is $1,980 and a 2 bedroom is $2,360. When you read one bedroom, that means kitchen, toilet, living room, and a real bedroom. In NYC, one bedroom is often only a living room with a kitchen and toilet.

    Sign that says house for rent
    Renting a house can be an issue in Hoboken

    Crime rate

    The crime rate is low in Hoboken. That means a safe environment for raising children and having a peaceful life. The most common crime is property crime. People are rarely attacked on the street. Insurance of your apartment will probably be a good idea for these things. This is indeed another expense to your life, but it will save you a lot of money later if something happens. $1,187 is the average price a year.


    Groceries are also more expensive. By 10%. Groceries take a lot of money from our wallets. But, there is always a solution. You can always sit in your car and by in Bergen County which is close. The groceries are cheaper there and it is close. This is part of an extensive guide to life in Hoboken on how to save money on groceries.

    Everyday life in this city

    This city is busy. People behave in a similar way as people in New York, but, some things are different. This is the smaller place people are more relaxed than the people in NYC. Everybody is chasing around making deals, making money, and things like that, but, people are more relaxed. And you can tell by visiting Hoboken’s restaurants. For that small place, there are a lot of restaurants that are always full. People like to talk, hang out and relax from time to time. NYC is so fast that people don’t notice others on the street when they are passing by. If you are moving from NY to NJ, this can be a good thing. Living in a place that is more relaxed and working in NYC.

    Things to do in Hoboken

    There are a lot of things to do here, and there are a lot of possibilities. Here are some suggestions:

    • Hoboken Historical Museum – Here you can learn about Hoboken’s past
    • Public library of Hoboken – A lot of books that you can rent
    • Guitar bar – Do you want to learn to play the guitar?
    • Hoboken Cave Community Boathouse – You can take views of Hudson from uptown

    This is part of an extensive guide to life in Hoboken about places to see, but there is much more to see than this. Small Hudson, but fun! There are also a lot of possibilities to start something on your own. A lot of possibilities to start a business. If you already have a business and you just want to relocate it here, commercial movers NJ is there to help with that.

    Public transportation

    This is the key to a successful life in Hoboken. Hoboken is overcrowded with cars and there are no parking spaces. To get where you want, especially to NYC, using the metro is the best thing to do. There are a lot of buses too. Owning a car is a big expense, mostly because of the high cost of parking spaces. Unfortunately, this is one big flaw. But, people are used to this.

    They accepted this and they mostly use public transportation! The prices for public transportation are $3 for the train and $1.5 for the bus. Everything is linked to NYC, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Because the traffic is busy all the time and you can get a parking ticket in a matter of minutes, it is wise to use the household movers NJ when you are moving your apartment. They are fast and they will do that much faster than you.

    Hoboken has every season

    Hoboken has hot summers and cold winters. The autumn is also present, and in the spring you can feel the sun, can experience the flowers and leaves appearing. The spring and fall are relatively similar in temperature. Daily averages in the 60s and 70s, This is the best time to enjoy the beautiful landscaping around the city. Summer is from June to September, with an average high temperature of around 76 degrees. Winter can be cold and sometimes freezing. But freezing temperatures are not so common. Furniture movers NJ is well capable of bringing on freezing temperatures, regular people are not prepared for that. Be smart and use their services if you choose cold weather.

    Pros and cons of living in Hoboken

    There are a lot of pros and cons to living in this city. People who live in this city say that there are some issues living here, but when you compare everything, Hoboken is still a wonderful place to live in.


    • Easy transportation – We mentioned that Hoboken is well connected
    • Lots of things to do – Restaurants, clubs, art galleries…
    • Quiet – People respect the peace and it is quiet at night compared to NYC
    • Big job market – You can earn serious money here


    • Expensive – It is an attractive place and that dictates the price
    • Cold winters – This is not such a big deal. Warm clothes will warm you.
    • Highly populated for a small city – There is no room to expand and people are more and more interested
    • Young demographic – It can be a problem for seniors and people who are retired.

    When we are talking about the pros and cons, there is something else that we want to mention. One of the biggest pros when moving is to use packing services NJ and make everything easier! Movers will do that for you, you just need to coordinate what goes where and what are you planning on bringing with you.

    Winter in a city
    Winters can be hard in Hoboken

    Festivals, fairs, and events

    Hoboken is full of different events. This city is never going to surprise us. It offers so much. Here are some events that you should put on your calendar.

    Mutzfest – January

    Local restaurants compete for the best mozzarella in Mile Square. Owners and employees take this seriously. This competition gets the restaurant prestige over the year. This means more customers! Visit and try an excellent taste of mozzarella.

    Chili Cook-Off and Craft Beer Contest – March

    This is an opportunity for brewmasters and chilly chefs to test their skills, while simultaneously fundraising for non-profit organizations. People like to come to these events because they are fun, people are happy and satisfied with their tastes and it is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and share experiences.

    A wing – March

    More than 300 chicken wing connoisseurs will gather.  Their task is to gobble up more than 5,000 wings at this annual competition. The point is to raise money for the St. Francis Food Pantry.

    Chicken wings and chilly papers festivals are part of an extensive guide to life in Hoboken
    Visit events, tastes are amazing!

    Hoboken Arts and Music Festival – May and September

    Over 300 artists will show their work alongside Washington street, all while patrons can enjoy great food. We made an extensive guide to life in Hoboken full of amazing things to try and see.

    Hoboken House Tour – October

    Every October Historical Museum takes you through the scenes and looks at some of the best-designed homes.

    Hoboken Italian Festival – September

    This festival has been around for over eight decades and has derived from 600 year old festival in Italy. The festival is well known for traditional Italian food. You should visit this event and try out great Italian food.

    Enjoy your life here and make moving easier

    We are sure that you will make a great living here. With this extensive guide to life in Hoboken, we are sure that you will have fun! To make everything easier when you decide to relocate here, use packing services NJ to make your moving easier. You will experience less stress and you will be happier.

    Woman and daughter packing stuff in boxes after reading an extensive guide to life in Hoboken
    Use packing services that movers provide and spare your nerves

    Hoboken is the place where dreams can come true

    Hoboken is a perfect example of how people can both be happy and at the same time chase a successful career. Life can be a little expensive here, but you will have a chance to earn money to support your life here. We made an extensive guide to life in Hoboken that will help you make your life better and happier.


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