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7 Things You Should Do After Buying a New Home in NJ

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    One of the most important moments in life is when you become a homeowner. It’s been quite a journey until you reach your first purchased property. Moving and storage NJ professionally performed the relocation and unloading of the items. When you are done with all the paperwork, real estate agents, and mortgage applications, you think it is finally time to relax. However, that’s not the end of it, there are other things you should do after buying a new home in New Jersey. You should take more steps to protect yourself and your home in the years to come. If this is your first real estate purchase, consider the following seven things you should do after buying a new home in NJ.

    Stay informed about your mortgage statement

    The mortgage statement contains a lot of information that you need to review. Pay particular attention to the amount of debt and its due date. Follow this information to ensure that all your debts are paid within the stipulated time. If you have any ambiguities regarding the home loan, you can always contact them. Your credit service provider’s contact information can be found on your account statement. Also, when it comes to your mortgage, your lender may sell it to a mortgage servicing company. This happens because many lenders do not have the resources to service all loans. This is a common practice that will not affect you. You will only pay the monthly payments to the new servicer. The terms of the loan will not change.

    a man holding a key
    One of the things you should do after buying a new home in NJ is to ensure your property and valuables

    Home insurance and inventory of valuables

    With the transfer of the property into your hands, the home insurance also takes effect. The next step is to list all the valuables in your home. You can do this manually or by taking pictures of them. In the case of burglary, damage, or loss of any of these valuables, your insurance company can compensate you for the damage. This way, you secure your property and its movable assets.

    One of the things you should do after buying a new home in NJ is to secure your home

    Your new home needs to be secured as soon as possible. So, one of the first things to keep in mind after moving in with help of movers North Bergen NJ is to replace the code locks on the garage door. You don’t have to wonder who has the keys to your new home. Below is a checklist you should do to secure your home:

    • Change the locks
    • Reset codes on garage doors and other coded doors
    • If you have an alarm system, you will need to reconnect the service or choose a new provider
    • Check motion lights and make sure bulbs are correct
    • Provide fire extinguishers in the kitchen and on each floor
    one of the things you should do after buying a new home in NJ is to connect the utilities
    It would be wise to connect all necessary utilities before moving into a new home.

    Plug your utilities

    Before the interstate movers NJ start packing you up for your move, there are some utilities you need to register for. One of them is the Internet. These days, it’s simply impossible to imagine not having access to the web for a week. Ideally, it’s a good idea to schedule your internet/cable connection in advance when you know the closing date. It is a good idea to check if the previous owners have any debts to the utility companies. One of the things you need to do is transfer gas, water, and electric bills to your name. Additional utilities may include garbage and recycling.

    Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

    Smoke detectors can be the cheapest and most effective way to protect your family and your home from fire. Be sure to change the batteries and check the age and working order of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Experts recommend changing the batteries every six months. In most cases, smoke detectors are reliable for about ten years. Replace complete detector units as necessary. Smoke detectors should be installed in your kitchen and laundry room. If your home is on several floors, it is a good idea to have a detector on each floor. The fire department can inspect your detectors free of charge. For the safety of you and your family, be sure to take care of this issue.

    wiper on brown floor
    Clean your new home deeply before you bring your belongings in.

    Thoroughly clean your new home

    Plan to clean your new home from floor to ceiling before you move in. It’s much easier to do this while the home is empty. Whether you’re moving into a newly built home or not, one of the things you should do after buying a new home in NJ is a deep clean. It’s likely that an army of people went through it while it was on the market or while it was being built. You can do the cleaning yourself or hire a cleaning agency. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom.
    As well as the yard, gutters, and chimneys will probably need to be cleaned. Some things you won’t even notice need cleaning, like a dryer. They are mostly filled with fibers that can often clog the drain. If you need a deep carpet cleaning, do it before the moving services NJ unpack your stuff.

    Changing your address

    When you bought a new home and moved into it, there are plenty of changes. One of the things you should do after buying a new home in NJ is to change your home’s address. Be sure to inform your friends and family of the change of address, you wouldn’t want the holiday cards to slip through your fingers. Inform your employer in time to update records. Also, don’t forget your creditors. The loan won’t disappear, it will just arrive at the wrong address. Then update your driver’s license, and the tax authorities, and inform the voter registration. Update your new address with the doctor’s office, insurance company, as well as online retailers/e-commerce. By buying a home, you’ve done some of the work and made your dreams come true. We’ve tried to make some of the things that await you as a homeowner easier with this list. Good luck!


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