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7 places with scenic views in Essex County

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    Essex County is an area that is becoming more and more popular among people. This area is full of houses and opportunities for raising kids. Everybody can find a place that is going to fit their needs. Some are looking for a big house for their family, some are looking for a small place but with a big garden to enjoy. Essex is also full of amazing things to see, and we are going to mention some places with scenic views in Essex County. Whatever the reason is for moving, hire movers. They are professionals that will help you with your move. Hiring moving companies NJ is a smart idea because of their experience and knowledge about this place. Always ask them about everything you need to know.

    You should visit these 7 places with scenic views in Essex County

    We mentioned that Essex County is becoming more and more popular among people. And there are a lot of other things than houses that attract them to live here.  Here are the 7 pearls of Essex County:

    • Eagle rock reservation – 408.33 acre of wooded land. The mountain was named in the early 19th century. Bald eagles used to nest in the rocky cliffs and the view from there is phenomenal.
    • Hemlock Falls – 25-foot falls will bring the most beautiful landscape. It is located in the South Mountain Reservation. You need to hike 2 miles after the parking area.
    • Branch Brook Park – there you will see the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the whole country.
    • Richard W. DeKorte Park – panoramic view and 3.5 miles of walking paths. Nature lovers will enjoy the magnificent view.
    • Van Saun County Park – with 146 acres this park offers a wide range of activities that will please all the people visiting
    • Field Station: Dinosaurs – this one has maybe the most scenic view in Essex County among the 7 mentioned places. Family and youngsters will enjoy it.
    • Waterloo village – this 19th-century village offers educational, cultural, and environmental education.

    If you think about relocating near some of these places contact Essex county movers.

    One of the places with scenic views in Essex County - Court house Essex County
    Essex county has to offer a lot

    Cedar Grove has a lot to offer

    As part of Essex County, this is definitely a place to consider when moving. Cedar Grove is located in north-central Essex County. This place is near these 7 fabulous views in Essex County that we mentioned, and the houses are incredible. When you decide that is time to move, call movers in Cedar Grove NJ, and arrange with them. Find out everything that you need to know about moving with experts.

    A place that has everything

    Near Cedar Grove, another place with spectacular houses appears. Caldwell is very popular nowadays. There are a lot of houses with beautiful gardens. Some of these gardens are so nice that we can classify them as another place with scenic views in Essex county. Choose carefully and be aware of everything. Deciding which house is the best for you can be a hard decision. If you have questions about moving, houses, packing, and things like that, you should call movers in Caldwell NJ, and talk to them.

    Pink roses in a basket
    You will enjoy every day in the garden of your new house


    Essex is a fast-growing market for houses. A big area with opportunities and great for raising children. Deciding to move is a difficult decision. A lot of things will change, and a transition period is required. Nevertheless, when you see these places with scenic views in Essex County that we mentioned, you will adjust to the new environment very quickly. And if you want your moving to go smooth and easy, call movers!


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