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5 Ways to make moving green in Alpine, NJ

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    It is time to move your home. A demanding process that will ask for your time and money. More importantly, patience to form a proper plan, pack accordingly and find affordable movers in NJ. And in such a hectic environment, it is not easy to keep up with all the details and steps along the way. One that might concern you is the environment and how we affect it while moving. Therefore, we bring a small guide on ways to make moving green. It is not hard to complete your relocation successfully and stay green while doing it. Let us show you how.

    There are many ways to make moving green, you should start with decluttering

    You will pay close attention when searching for long distance moving companies in NJ. You want to be sure that your movers respect the environment and they use and apply appropriate measures to keep your move green. But when we draw the line, it all comes to the packing process. How much materials we purchase, the number of leftovers, and how we do it generally. So, the first step on this journey is to inspect your environment thoroughly. Start with your front/back yard, basement, attic, shed, garage, etc. Then inspect all rooms and areas inside your home. The goal is to remove all the trash and unused items from your home.

    A room that should be decluttered as one of the ways to make moving green.
    Start by removing clutter from your home and your relocation will be much easier.

    You will surely find a few pieces of furniture, and a few random household items that have no use whatsoever. Or maybe you finally decided to get rid of the hoard you were keeping for sentimental reasons. Whatever is the case, it is one of the ways to make moving green. You should do it thoroughly and this way you will have fewer items to move, lower moving costs, and a fresh and clean start. You can recycle, sell, donate, or give to your friends and neighbors. Choose the most suitable option.

    You are surrounded by green solutions

    Now, there is an extremely useful alternative when it comes to packing materials. Instead of buying brand new, you can use some you already have at home. Simply by using all boxes, bins, crates, duffel bags, suitcases, you can pack most of your stuff. Also, you can use all blankets, sheets, or any clothes as a cushion for your boxes. Garbage bags are useful for robust items like pillows and plushies. And you can always ask your friends if they have a box to spare. Some might have leftover packing materials from their previous move. This way you are not putting additional packing materials in the circulation but recycling the old ones.

    But if the whole packing process is too complicated and time-consuming for you, simply order the whole batch of required packing materials from your Alpine NJ movers. Movers will bring anything you need and pack you swiftly and safely. Although, think about it before you make any decisions. There are many ways to make moving green, and this one will make your move green as it can get. Think about it.

    Used cardboard moving boxes.
    Re-use your old moving boxes and get this show on the road!

    Re-using old packing supplies is among the ways to make moving green

    We briefly mentioned this tactic before. If possible, you should re-use old packing supplies completely. Note that packing tape is not re-usable because it already lost its bonding power if used before. Everything else is a fair game. For the packing process, you need cardboard boxes, packing paper, blister packs, and labels. If you have any of those, use it again. If not, these are a few solutions.

    • Boxes – You can use any kind of cardboard box, wooden crate, plastic bin, or metal container. Whatever you have at home. Also, note that all your clothes can be wrapped in sheets and blankets and carried over easily.
    • Cushion – If you have no blister packs or Styrofoam, use any towels, blankets, old clothes, t-shirts, etc. Make a base inside your box and place your items on top of it.
    • Packing paper – You can use old newspapers and magazines for this occasion. They usually accumulate over time and you will easily obtain a batch you need for packing.
    • Labels – A simple note with the box content should be taped to a box and you are good to go. You do not have to buy new ones but simply use blank paper you already have at home. Be creative, we know you can do it.

    Recycling is the key to keeping the environment safe

    You should strongly reconsider the items you are bringing with you. Some are outdated for sure, while others ready to be thrown away. But how you do it matters greatly. Keep in mind that some of it might end up in an ocean, woods, or meadows. To keep those items out of the landfill cycle, you should recycle it. Therefore, make a designated pile with all those items you wish to get rid of. And if possible take them personally to a recycling center to be sure that they are discarded properly. Keep an eye out for hazardous materials, liquids, or any dangerous items you might have. You should dispose of hazardous materials in the proper way. Handle it with care and ensure they won’t end up in someone’s backyard.

    Nicely stacked recycled garbage.
    Do your share. Recycle everything you can and you’ll secure a green relocation.

    Get rid of the moving supplies

    The moving supplies you used can be re-used again, and not only for moving. You can use them for various crafts or science projects. Or make a fort, landslide, or a dollhouse for your kids. Also, you can use your moving boxes to store stuff in your garage, attic, or the basement. If you are donating monthly, you can carry clothes and other goods to a local shelter in those boxes. And maybe the best solution is to stack it all and keep it for the next relocation. You never know when you or your friends might need it.

    And as you can see there are many ways to make moving green and most of them involve packing. We use a lot of materials for our relocation and if not handled properly, we can leave a lot of garbage behind us. Clean it up nicely and keep the environment safe. Also, do not create a new one when moving in. Be a good neighbor on moving day and your old and new neighbors will appreciate it. Now all that is left is to create your green moving plan and relocate successfully. Good luck!

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