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10 destinations for a serene escape in NJ

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    From time to time everyone needs some tranquil place to escape from the hustle of today’s life. The speed and stress have made us yearn for at the least some peace we can spend alone or with our dear people in a beautiful place. You must wonder where that place is. Well, indeed everyone can find some. It may even be very close to your new home. Thus, let your NJ movers and packers handle your move carefully. What you can do is discover all the places that will make you feel great. We are here to present some of the best destinations for a serene escape in NJ.

    What can destinations for a serene escape in NJ offer?

    Basically, if you are to live in NJ numerous job and entertainment opportunities, and cultural and sports activities are at your disposal. There’s no reason to be dissatisfied with your life here since it offers everything you need. Nevertheless, sometimes you may get tired of the crowd, noise, traffic jams, and constant rush to complete everyday obligations. Hence, what you can do to feel satisfaction again is to find a place where you can spend a day or two, maybe even more to relax and feel like a new person.

    Rest assured that you don’t have to go far away since NJ has a variety of great places for a serene escape. Just make sure to hire some of the best moving companies Hudson County NJ relies on and have no worries about anything else. The beautiful places in NJ we are to present will offer you peace, a lot of greenery, fresh air, and a lot of lovely sights you can enjoy. Hence, all you need is to surrender to the beauty of these places and forget all the problems.

    Make sure to visit the following destinations and revel in their beauty

    Among so many locations for a serene escape in NJ, we have chosen several ones in Hudson County and Essex County that will surely fulfill all your expectations. Your local movers NJ has to offer will surely be able to provide the information you need about those places. Hence, pay attention to the following cities.

    • Jersey CityThough an urban part of NJ you can still find places to enjoy a lot of greenery, wildflowers, and water in some of the best public parks here.
    • Maplewood – Hikers and people who love picnics find Maplewood perfect for their new life. As a matter of fact, this is a place where you will feel like on vacation every single day.
    • Secaucus In case you have children, Secaucus is the perfect location for the entire family.
    • Union CityJust like in Jersey City, this place will give you an urban feel with numerous bars and restaurants. Still, a lot of parks are proof of what you can truly find here. Believe us, peace is guaranteed if that’s what you are looking for.

    Liberty State Park, Jersey City

    This 36-acre park is one of the famous weekend retreats for many people, especially families with children. Have no doubts that by coming here you will find the peace you need. Therefore, why wait? Contact some of the best long distance moving companies NJ trusts and arrange your move to Jersy City. The energy you need is easy to get at the Liberty State Park playground. So many fun activities for your kids while you can rest.

    Moreover, the playground is so close to other attractions in the park which makes it quite easy to enjoy every part of it during the rest of the day. In case you think a picnic would be the right solution then remember to bring some favorite food from home and find the perfect place on a lawn. Of course, there’s no need to reserve the space since there is tons of lawn space at your disposal.

    sightseeing binoculars in Liberty State Park
    Enjoy wonderful views and use the best of some of the greatest destinations for a serene escape in NJ.

    Explore some of the most beautiful destinations for a serene escape in NJ

    On the other hand, enjoy hiking the Hudson River Estuary wildlife trails and observing the unique wildlife habitat. Moreover, take a walk along some of the promenades while your kids may run along so many open spaces. Also, don’t forget to visit the Azalea Garden and have a look at the pool filled with beautiful pink flowering lotus and lily pads. If water has a positive impact on you make sure to take a ferry ride tour across the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. By using one ticket you will have the access to both islands.

    Is this enough? Well, believe us there are many more things to see and enjoy in Liberty State Park. Therefore, hiring movers Jersey City NJ residents trust is the best decision you can make. Whenever you get tired go to Liberty State Park and return to your home full of positive energy.

    Exchange Waterfront, Jersey City

    What can we say about this amazing place in Jersey City? Maybe not so many actual places to see or things to do but this gives the true charm to the place. No wonder this is known as the right destination for a peaceful escape in NJ. As a result, opt for adequate moving services NJ offers and embrace a new adventure. Therefore, all you need to do is to enjoy the magnificent view. Just clear up the mind and relax. Whenever you need this, Exchange Waterfront is here, whether it’s night or day.

    Exchange Place in Jersey City as one of the top destinations for a serene escape in Nj
    Enjoy the nice views and feel the serenity all around you. Spend unforgettable moments in Jersey City.

    Thus, have a nice relaxing walk during the day. Sit on one of the numerous benches, take a deep breath, and relax. Also, sit with a family member or friends and have a cup of coffee or lunch in some of the restaurants nearby. What makes this place so amazing is the breathtaking view of the NYC skyline, especially at night. Also, the view of the Hudson River gives you the peace and calmness you need. As a matter of fact, it makes you feel like you’re in the river itself.

    Van Vorst Park, Jersy City

    One thing is certain, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend a relaxing day among birds, flowers, and trees in Van Vorst Park. It is a 2-acre space full of trees and ample seating perfect for everyday relaxation. Hence, you can go for a nice walk along a paved walkway or you can make a picnic on green grass. If you are here with your kids they will most certainly enjoy two playgrounds, big swings, a sandbox, and a summer splash pad that children simply adore. Moreover, there is a large gazebo at the center of the park so you can sit, enjoy and relax on a sunny day. Furthermore, what is it that makes this park different from others? Football and other competitive sports are forbidden in the parking area. With this in mind, people love coming here to enjoy quiet walks and fun spaces for young ones.

    Memorial Park, Maplewood

    In the center of the town, you will discover your oasis of peace and nature. People like to gather in Memorial Park for both active and passive recreation. What can you enjoy here in Memorial park? We must point out a picnic area, playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, softball fields, and an amphitheater. Thus, practically you have everything you need. It all depends on what type of escape you need in NJ. Furthermore, Memorial Park is a host to the Fourth of July celebration and Maplewoodstock. Thus, make sure to contact movers Maplewood NJ relies on, and find a home in a downtown area. Be that as it may, your new home would then be within walking distance from your new retreat called Memorial Park.

    a woman sitting on a picnic blanket and reading a book
    Relax by lying on the grass, eating your favorite food, and reading a book.

    South Mountain Reservation, near Maplewood

    First of all, you should know that South Mountain Reservation is located in Millburn, quite near Maplewood. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy 2,110 acres of land along the Rahway River. Also, you can revel in 20 miles of walking and hiking trails. In case you are just eager to spend a relaxing time without too much trouble hiking then you may choose an easy one-mile path, such as the Rahway and Maple Falls Trail. What makes this Rahway Trail so interesting is that you will see miniature homes created by local artists. In case you take your kids along they will be delighted.

    a woman hiking with her baby on her back
    Go hiking with your family and friends and revel in scenic views.

    Washington Park, Union City

    Whether you are looking for active or passive recreation Washington Park is offering everything you need. Your movers Union City NJ has, will relocate your belongings to Union City and you are left to enjoy. In case you need a destination for an escape to calmness in NJ Washington Park is right here providing the best place for your peace of mind. Thus, enjoy green spaces, walking trails, a variety of sports, and other activities. As for sports, there are 4 baseball diamonds, 10 tennis courts, a volleyball court, and one whole and three half-basketball courts. Moreover, someone enjoys jogging, walking, and biking along the 3.8 miles of trails.

    What makes this park quite interesting is that it lies between two cities, Union City and Jersy City. Hence, residents of both cities may find their peace in this lovely park.

    Weehawken & Union City Reservoir Park, Union City

    Those who truly need rest from all the bustle of everyday life will find this park is becoming their favorite place. Thus, come here for a walk since jogging is not allowed. Enjoy wildlife by seeing ducks, seagulls, turtles, and other animals. Weehawken and Union City Reservoir Park is a 14-acre park with numerous trails, paths, and benches. Are you eager to enjoy the lovely view of the Manhattan skyline? Well, come here and experience the beauty and peace of this space that is shared by the two cities, Union City and Weehawken. Thus, wherever you decide to settle you’ll be able to explore Weehawken and Union City Reservoir Park knowing your belongings are safe since you will be using storage services NJ offers and they will make sure to have your things in excellent condition.

    Bowl-Rite Lanes, Union City

    Maybe not so peaceful, but not everyone searches for peace and quiet to get rid of all negative emotions and stress. As a matter of fact, this is a place where a lot of family members and friends gather to spend a great time together. Bowl-Rite Lanes has two levels and around 16 lanes on each level. Thus, go bowling and order delicious food. Sports fans may rent ping pong and pool tables and compete with friends.

    Mill Creek Marsh, Secaucus

    Some people describe this place as very serene and beautiful. Is there a need to go any further? No matter how tired you are peace is what you will get by coming here. Be certain that by making movers Secaucus NJ your partner you will make the right decision since by coming here you will accomplish everything, both success in work and relaxation. Find time for yourself and visit Mill Creek Marsh. Go for a walk, and enjoy the fresh air, vegetation, and wildlife.

    Battle Creek Dog Park, Secaucus

    One of the best regional parks in New Jersey is definitely Battle Creek Dog Park. With so many trees and being so isolated it gives you the impression you are somewhere far away instead of being in the middle of a very populated residential area. Your dogs will simply love it. But it’s not just a paradise for your pets, but for the owners as well. A 35-acre space full of trails, ponds, and open spaces offers tremendous moments for everyone who decides to spend a day here.

    a man enjoying the destinations for a serene escape in NJ
    Find the place where you and your pet will enjoy some peace away from the crowd. Explore all the destinations for a serene escape in NJ for your next vacation!

    Enjoy the beauty of the best destinations for a serene escape in NJ

    Altogether, there are numerous destinations for a serene escape in NJ. You’ve had the chance to see some of them, but there are many more. Just be patient and explore. Find the place that suits you most, that will make you feel peaceful and satisfied. Leave the worries behind for at least a day. Feel reunited with nature. After all, nature will take all the negative emotions and make you completely happy.


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