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10 cities in NJ to start your new career

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    Looking for a fresh start and choosing a place where you will start a new career can be overwhelming. Most people give up after a few days, just because they lack time or patience. But if you are determined enough and you want to make some changes in your life, sticking it through is the most important part of the process. By exploring the cities in NJ to start your new career, you will not only find that place. You will see that this place has so much to offer. People of all ages come here and find their piece under the sky. That is why you should check if these places are a match for you too. And once you find the one you like, movers NJ will be happy to help you with the relocation.

    How to determine which place is the best for a new career?

    The first thing you should do when choosing among the best cities in NJ for a new career is to explore every one of them. By narrowing down your choice, you will be able to find a place that suits you. Also, one of the things you need to know is your criteria. What is it that you want in a new city? Is the unemployment rate the biggest concern you have? After doing some studies with people who have used the help from some of the best commercial movers NJ has, we have gathered the list of criteria people have before the relocation.

    • Unemployment rate,
    • Recent job growth,
    • Future job growth,
    • Median income,
    • The costs of living.
    laptop glasses and hands
    List important factors that will help you determine the criteria when choosing a new hometown

    Of course, there are some other stuff people have been searching for in a place. But this choice is a personal one. And you should not be looking at other people’s choices as one of your own. Make sure you have explored everything you need to know about a certain palace. Do not hesitate to ask for help from people who had a similar experience. You should also keep in mind that visiting a certain place is a whole different thing than living there. Therefore, the experience of the resident of a certain place is also very important. Especially if you are moving from another state with the help of some of the best interstate movers NJ is offering.

    10 cities in NJ to start your new career

    1. Ridgewood
    2. West Windsor Township
    3. Hoboken
    4. Westfield
    5. Rockleigh
    6. Caldwell
    7. Summit
    8. Jersey City
    9. Montclair
    10. Upper Saddle River


    As we have listed the criteria for studies that we have done, we will use them to guide you through these listed cities. When it comes to Ridgewood, this lovely place is not so famous. Most people who are not residents of NJ have not even heard about this place. This can make you think about how can this unfamiliar place be good for starting a new career. Well, even if you have not heard of it, there are so many job opportunities and chances you will get. It is important to know where to look at. Moving here with some of the best long distance moving companies NJ has will mean you are living in the city that has next:

    • A population of 25,000, gives you a chance to live in a small but very nice environment
    • The unemployment rate is 3 percent. Which makes this place to be on third place on the unemployment rate.
    • The median house income is around $150,000. This is ranked to be in the top 5 percent of the most expensive places.

    NJ is a state where people are really rich. It might be because of the best job opportunities you can find in its cities. But no matter what is the reason for this, it is a perfect chance for you to become one of the richest people in your environment.

    West Windsor Township

    This is the second best place to speak for new and better job opportunities. People here have developed the local business and it is on a high level. It is also known as the second-best prospect for future job growth. The main reason for this is more and more people moving here with some of the best household movers NJ has. They have been looking for a peaceful and quiet environment where they can work on developing their career. It is also great for families to raise their kids. The low crime rate is making this place a heaven for raising a family. Among these, you should know:

    • The population of West Windsor Township is 27,300
    • The unemployment rate is lower than in the previously listed place, and it is below 3%,
    • And most importantly, the median household income s $150,500.
    woman raising hands
    A low unemployment rate is one of the criteria when searching for a new place to start a career

    Another one of the best cities in NJ to start your new career is a city of Hoboken

    This well-known place is a perfect one for young professionals looking for their way to the top. Most of the residents here are younger than 40. This means that after University, you can start playing your journey here. Starting a new career in a well-known place is a really important part of your life. Plus, you will have more opportunities and chances to meet new partners and colleagues, than in smaller places. Things you need to know about Hoboken before moving:

    • The population is 50,000, which is among the biggest cities in this part of the state,
    • The unemployment rate is the lowest one, and it is around 2,90 percent,
    • The median household income is $109,000.


    With some of the nicest bars and restaurants, you will love working here and meeting new people every day. You will enjoy the great nightlife. This is important for those looking for a place to start their career very young. If you are a young professional, who has nothing to lose, his place might be the perfect one for you. With a population of 30,300, you will make some friends and lovers here. It is a great chance for you to search for some jobs in big companies, that are growing here as we speak. Few important details:

    • The unemployment rate is 3,93%, which is a little higher than in the previously listed places,
    • Median household income is around $130,000

    It might sound like this place is not worth any of your attention. But what happens after we tell you that most of the CEO of some of the biggest companies in the world have started here? Will this change your mind?

    man signing the papers
    Sign a contract with some of the biggest companies you can reach


    This incredibly small place in NJ gives you more opportunities than it has residents. Small local and family businesses here are blooming No to mention the gratefulness you will feel the moment you step foot here. With only 500 residents, Rockleigh has one of the lowest living costs in this part of the state. People here are representing the leaders in small and family businesses. Most of them have started here, in their small hometown, and spread all over the States. That is why if you are dreaming big, try coming here and starting your new career. You should also know:

    • The median household income here is around $200,000. This makes Rockleigh one of the biggest rivals to the big corporate cities in the world.
    • The unemployment rate is 5 %. But it is not so big considering the fact and how many people are living here currently.

    Montclair is one of the cities in NJ to start your new career

    Known for its historic architecture, Montclair is also home to six historic districts. And has over 90 individually listed landmarks. So, if anyone one of you is looking for a job in the history department, archeology, or similar, you might look for your chance here. You will be delighted to meet and see people with the same interests and hobbies. Speaking of hobbies, you should know that here you can find numerous places where your passion for history will be accepted. There is no reason why you should contact some of the best movers Montclair NJ has and relive your passion for history here, by starting your career in the best city in NJ.

    • The unemployment rate is just above 5 percent,
    • The median household income is around $134,000.
    man showing blank card in one of the best cities in NJ to start a new career
    Grab your chance in one of the best cities in NJ


    This little suburban character will give you access to some tree-lined streets, very distinguished houses, and most importantly, a place where you can have long walks. This can be convenient for someone who spends most of their days at a desk. You can enjoy some of the nicest bars and drink the most delicious coffee. However, Summit is way more than just a nice place to spend your free time.

    • Population 22,000 and a little above
    • The unemployment rate is around 7 percent. This might be the highest unemployment rate we have been listing, but there is a good reason.

    For all of you who have been looking for a job as a teacher, or who love working with kids, Summit is the best place for you. It has some of the highly ranked public schools you will find in this part of the state. A lot of families use the help from moving companies in Summit to relocate here and give their kids some of the best education possible. If you have a dream of helping kids find their ways in these hard times, think about starting a new career here.

    Jersey City is calling!

    Being one of the biggest places listed here, Jersey City, logically, has the most opportunities for people looking for a place to start a new career. If you chose to move here with the best moving company Jersey City NJ has, you are in a treat. There are job openings the minute we speak. Being in the center of this city, you have a chance to find a job in almost every field. It is important to determine whether you like living in a busy and loud environment. Or you are more the type of person who likes to live in a small and close county.

    There is more chance to find a place for yourself when you are in the city where most of the companies have their offices. However, do not let the lights of the big town seduce you. Think about how many people have already applied for job opportunities here. However, if you decide on moving here you should know:

    • The population is 283.500, which is way more than the previously listed places,
    • The unemployment rate is 6.5 percent.
    woman smiling
    Being one of the biggest cities here, Jersey City is one of the best cities in NJ to start your new career

    It is time to check Caldwell, one of the best cities in NJ to start your new career

    Joining a community where people take care of each other is a privilege. Relocating here with some of the best movers Caldwell NJ has to offer will mean that you are ready to step your foot into working with some of the most dedicated workers ever. You will have no trouble finding a job right after graduation. Caldwell is known to be the only place in this part of the state to welcome and hire young people who have no experience. Before moving here, know next:

    • The unemployment rate here is only 3.8 percent,
    • The median household income is $130,900, which makes this lovely place a very comfortable living place.

    The last one on our list is a place called Upper Saddle River

    It has a strong unemployment rate, over 5 %. But the good news about this place s that the unemployment rate is decreasing as we speak. The reason for this is that residents of this lovely place have decided to invest in tourism. It is a great way of using the best of what nature gave to this place. Some of the most beautiful landscapes and views, trails, and parks are waiting for you. You can walk to almost every side of the town within 15 minutes. So no matter where you settle your office in the place of Upper Saddle River, you will not have to spend any money on gas or transportation. Even though the unemployment rate is higher than a previously listed place, you should know:

    • The median household income is $175,000
    • 8, 200 residents care about its community and environment. You can find some of the smallest but most effective recycling companies located right here.
    river and buildings
    The world is waiting for you!

    Moving to any of these cities in NJ to start your new career means that you have already made up your mind. You are looking for an investment in your future. This means that you are ready for something new, unknown, and most importantly, ready to give your maximum. It is really important to mention that in every job interview. Or just to remember it from time to time. To remind yourself why you want to start a new career in the first place. Good luck!

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